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Swashbuckler Info.

Jul 23, 2010
You have the right person to ask about Swashbucklers.
Here is story form for you :
Swashbucklers are a perfect example of a friend thats always there for you. If someone is pushing you around, your friend Swashy has no problem giving them a knock on the head and telling the big bully on. Dont matter if that bully tries to beat him up, Swashy here is a swift little fellow.... Before you know it, he takes a suprise attack on that bully like he was fighting a first grader. Than he takes a quick, intellegent, backstab with his dagger - like hands. He then just gives you a soft going smile follow by a respectful wink. He runs off leaving two things that fell from his backpack... A carved wooden stick imaging as an Assasian's Dagger of Consistancy along with a bloomed beautiful rose laying on the dagger.
Did this seem to make sense? It shows how a Swashbuckler's personality came to be on just a normal day at school and how those two items Swashy dropped there went a long way to become the Swashbuckler Logo. I gurentee you this will be the best explaination you'll ever find... Have a happy New Year everyone!
Sincerly, Swashy the Savior
P.S: Yes, that was me!