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Petty Officer
Jan 18, 2013
There should be towers. Towers that you could summon in battle to use for shooting. Towers in the skyways that will shoot at you. And, optional towers that will let you unlock things.

Feb 27, 2009
Umm ... no. We're to summon spells from Wizard101 and some other mythical beings of the Spiral; not TOWERS!

Oct 27, 2009
So, a tower in a battle board battle that you use for shooting? When you get on the tower would it expand ranged attacks? Would it just put you out of range of melee attacks? Would the enemy have to break the tower in order to hit you with melee attacks? Could the enemy get there first and use it to attack you? It's an interesting idea for a high level musketeer power.
There are some towers in the skyways that shoot at you. In Cool Ranch, Mooshu and Marleybone, some small fortresses were added that can attack up to 4 ships at once.
Could you give some more details about your optional towers idea? Is it a dungeon with a sigil? What kind of things would it unlock?

Nov 26, 2012
I kinda like the idea of towers IN the skyway. Like if your on your ship and you pass the tower, it starts shooting at you. It would definitely be a challenge to get pass but that would give you a reason to be cautious in the skyway! I think it's a creative idea.
-The Heart of Lacey ()