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Which Class did you chose?

Aug 01, 2011
MasterOfSteel on Nov 2, 2012 wrote:
So guys which class did you chose? leave the story you picked below
I picked Swasbuckler because I love dodging and being able to be all fancy with attacks and I never knew this but you do a ton of damage.

This is his story. He lost his parents due to being shipwrecked. Then suddenly a bear clan took him and raised him in Grizzleheim there he learned to play instruments and become a warrior. One day when he left for the skyway he found the person who destroyed his best friend's honor so he battled him but then he lost and the armada captured him.

Thats his story hope you enjoyed it.

Sneaky Jonathan L15

Dec 23, 2012
I chose witchdoctors because there hexes to help them in battle, they also get a move called "shadow step" which lets them go anywhere on the board. they also get really cool moves that drain health, like jobu's breath, jobu's kiss,ect. kan po is pretty strong, considering he's a swashbuckler and a great starter compaion. i feel witchdoctors are a great class.

Nov 23, 2011
Well, all of them actually. And I am enjoying playing them all. The two highest are my witchdoctor, at the current max of 50th level (she always runs with my wife's privateer). Next is my swashbuckler, who just hit 48. My musketeer is in the high 20s, my privateer is 16th level (but is about to become much more active since she is about to team up with my wife's swashbuckler); tail-end at the moment is my buccaneer, who is only level 9. He and the swashbuckler seemed the most similar in play style early on, so his tardy advance is largely because the swashbuckler has been hogging his time, I think.

I really have enjoyed all of the classes. I am not sure I have a favorite... maybe the swashbuckler, but that might just be that he has been running a lot recently.


Oct 16, 2012
I made 1 pirate of each class, but my main Pirate is a Musketeer, and I don't regret choosing it!

Oct 01, 2011
madmanthekiller on Jan 7, 2013 wrote:
I picked privateer because I think its original
P.S. commen sense privateer-pirateer
Hiya this is my pirate101 backstory (insert random flashback ripple here)

My parents were killed by a freak storm i was washed up in grizzleheim where the bears took me in as a child when i was old enough i said goodbye to my friends and left for piracy in hope to find fame and fortune for those who saved me when i was young.

Fearless Caleb Hawkins Lvl 25 Die Hard Buccaneer.

Feb 27, 2009
I'm Jacob Freeman and here's my story and I'm a Musketeer. Backstory: I was on my parent's ship sailing to go and get some fur from they 13 original colonies when ever they're was a attack by the Ameicuns (Refrencing to America) and they did a munity and man i seen them come so I called for one of my crew members, Old Mike (before he was dead, he was called old, lol!) and he heard me and we got into a light boat and went for a island. We were stranded and I didn't know what happened to my family. I was really worried and then one day day we saw a ship, it was called the Dead Destroyer, and I was l like yea for some help then Old Mike said NO! It was then to late. I was on a ship, a Armada one and with my skill and cunning I asked Wing Chung for help. I didn't know his time so I said hey Crane, can you help me get out of here? Sure. We got out then we seen a clockwork fiend then ran and I seen Wing Chung's boat so we got in and sailed away. That was when I became a pirate. I went to find my family's ship, the Fancy Westminster and I didn't find it. I heard it sunk. NO! I'll have my revenge so I went to a island called Port Regal. I knew it was a island that the Marleybonian's lived in so I was there. They told me to sink some ships so they provided me with my own ship, The Great Manchester and we sailed and took out some crates, smuggling it for the Resistance and then I was held captive on the same ship. NO! I knew the crane's name now and then I was took away to get my head cut off in Valencia and then some Old fella and a Monkey saved me so that's my backstory and this is where my real story began. Hope you like it!

Dec 21, 2009
I chose privateer because I heard they could get massive crews and were good at healing and supporting in battle.

My parents were killed by the armada in cold circutry and was sent to Mooshu and learned how to inflict more damage. At age twelve (no kidding) I was captured by the armada but save by Booch and Gandry with them i learned in a few minutes how to steer and fight armada clockworks. Now I've killed Deacon, one of the head clockworks, command a powerful fleet, and have made a fortune.

See you!

Nov 16, 2012
I choose witch doctor I like it because it can attack from a far range and close up and it can teleport in battle

Petty Officer
Apr 04, 2011
when i was little, i always told my mom that i wanted to be privateer, like my father. but while i was tell her that, a swarm of armadas came and blew up my parents ship. lost in the see for many years, i thought i wasn't going to make it. that when i ended up in a strange place called Grizzleheim. from there, he met some really strange bears. they raised me, and also how to be tough. but they also taught me more. they taught me how to caring for your families and watch over them and yourself. so i decide to become a privateer: to find El dorado not for me, but for my parents too.

Gunner's Mate
Sep 29, 2012
this is the story of a pirate, long long time ago....

a kid decided to fight the kracken on his own to prove to his parents that he was a man and didnt need them. things went out of control after a long fight and the parents showed up to the rescue just to be eaten... the kid found him self stranded on a desert island until cuttroath pirates came to rescue him and brought him to skull island! he was given to a really old warf rats who trained him the art of piracy and showed him some healing spells and boosts spells for him to fight the kracken in the future. now the young pirate is out to see to find the cracken :)

the end!

did you like my story!
i know right its pretty awsome ;)

Feb 26, 2013
I chose Witchdoctor because they have the best range, and the most spells. And Kan Po is Awsome!

Impolite William blake

Dec 02, 2011
I chose privateer because all my friends chose the other classes.

My parents were blasted by an Armada ship on the shores of MooShu. I swam there and was taken up by a band of ninja pigs. I was captured in a fight against some Armada goons, but eventually rescued by Boochbeard and Mr. Gandry.

Silent Austin Higgens lvl.16

Sly Austin Higgens lvl. 10

Petty Officer
Jan 18, 2013
I chose Musketeer. it was either musketeer or swash and my gut told me musketeer. now that i play the game a lot i realize that swashbuckler is too overpowering, and almost everyone chooses it. i for one would like to see more privateers, for enemies, companions, and players.

Name: Arthur Lanyard
Level: 50

Gunner's Mate
Apr 01, 2013
Mark Laveer's parents were shot down by Bishop onboard their ship, the Bronze Hunter. On a lifeboat, him and their firstmate, Muffin the Mander, went to Krokotopia and Mark learned in the way of the spear and axe. Many years later, he made an unfortunate visit to the marketplace. It was overrun by the Armada. He tried to fight off the troops, but was arrested. A few years later, he was broken out by Boochbeard and Gandry and met one of his most valued bodyguards, Kobe Yojimbo!

Feb 29, 2012
Lemme try this... I selected Musketeer as my main class. Who doesn't love guns and explosions?

Sneaky Emma Everhart lost her parents to their own crew... Most of it anyway. She had led her life without piracy in Santo Pollo, Cool Ranch, but ended up in Grizzleheim somehow. She hated the cold, so after a year she left, but with a little bit of melee weapon skill. She went to Marleybone where she learned to be a Sniper and joined the Royal Navy, but still led her life as a pirate.

See ya in the Skyways!
Sneaky Emma Everhart

Oct 15, 2010
I chose Swashbuckler because the dual blades and the hiding in the shadows really impressed me. By the way, I made that decision a long time ago: 4/25/12.

Gunner's Mate
Jun 15, 2009
CaptainAureus on Nov 4, 2012 wrote:
I chose swashbuckler because I heard they did most damage and I love doing flips with swords.

The story of my pirate is this. His parents were killed by the Armada. I thought making him want revenge for their death would add greatly to the story.

I chose he was raised in Grizzlehiem because allot of my family heritage is Nordic European, such as Vikings and stuff like that.

That's my character's story. Get revenge and get rich.

~Bloody Wolf Freeman~

Nov 11, 2011
I was born and raised in Mooshu,my parents were killed in a armada raid, my great grandparents were fabled wizards and I was raised by goat monks. I also had a very close childhood friend, Kobe Yojimbo, a cow samurai who later became one of my best crewmates(ahem, unlike old scratch), one day out in the rice paddies, I thought about my parents who were killed, I immediately thought of one thing, revenge, so I took Kobe to the docks and donned some heavy armor(take that heavy armor requirement), grabbed a spear, and Kobe said that I looked just like a buccaneer, I then thought of becoming one, but a raft brought my attention and Kobe and I hopped on it and set sail for Deacon, the armada leader who slaughtered my parents, I got on board his ship after hours of searching and killed quite a few of his masked uglies along with Kobe's excellent katana wielding skills until we were overpowered and put to jail, you probably know the rest.

Fiery Kenneth Strong level 15

Nov 17, 2012
I chose Buccaneer. I thought they were strong.

My pirate was born in Mooshu and lost her parents in search of buried treasure.
And, as usual, she was prisoned for brawling.

Pretty Cheryl Walker

Wonder what my fate is...

Mar 30, 2011
I Choosed witchdocter first because i have a death mage in wizard101 2 the somion minons here my story

ok so my parents got killed by a squid attack trying to get to El Dorado so I will find El Dorado for them

I was raised in krokotopia so i could learn ancient sercrets and magic and learn to fight i also helped the manders there

yarrrrrr see ya in the skyways

Aug 08, 2012
I chose Swashbuckler because I loved duel swords. Dreaming Jill Underwood's parents was lost in a treasure hunt and got shipwrecked. Raised in Skull Island (I think) she was very sneaky.

Dreaming Jill Underwood level 13

May 09, 2012
I chose Musketeer and here is my back story. When I was a young lad I lost my parents while we were in Krokotopia searching for Biti Nirini's treasure. For a two years my home was the Balance school where Alhazred mentored me in Balance Magic. Then during the Marleybonian excavation a Redcoat adopted me and raised me to have keen eyes. I took up archery when I was 8 and then learned how to fire at age 10. I spent the following years helping the resistance by sending weaponry that I had crafted from monquistan steel and Aztecosaur power from the icy forges of Polaris. The armada eventually took me captive and stayed ( quote-unquote)"locked in this brig" ever since.

Please excuse me altering the original storyline.

Dec 09, 2012
I chose witchdocter because i dont like to hide in the shadows like swashbucklers do. It just seems weak to me so i am not a fan of that school. Anyways, when i started playing i was just messing around looking for a perfect class for me. You see i was a life person back in w101 so i wanted a healing class, so i chose witchdocter. (I probably should of taken the hint by the name that i chose the wrong class) but i chose it anyways. I thought it was a healing class at first but later figured out that privateer was the healing class. I wanted to give up and go on pirvateer but i didnt, I have so much fun being a witchdocter i decided not to change XD Anyways, my pirates life is this:
When she was little her parents were killed by a giant squid in aq so she was raised as a orphan in krokatopia (i think thats how its spelled) they were going to train her as a warrior but one day during practice she accidently cursed her instructer. The shamans uncursed him and saw potential in her. They taught her the ways of the shaman and they said she was a natural :D Well one day the armada came to krokatopia and wanted to take over the land. They had fought for 4 years and in the 3 years of the war she was old enough to join the war. She fought bravely but she got captured and was taken prisoner, she escaped but she hopes that one day she could see her folks again.
Krystal Everhart lvl.65

Petty Officer
Dec 04, 2011
my's parents were captured by the armada and was raised in grizzelheim which made him tough and gave him a mind for revenge against the armada

Petty Officer
Jun 10, 2013
I chose Privateer because I heard about the healing. The healing is good, but I very much like The Commodore. His quest are cool. I like that he was in the Marleybone Navy. I also like Ensign Emmett (I promoted him to Lieutenant Emmett). His promotion quest was very fun. You go to The Commodore (don't read if you are a Privateer who doesn't like spoilers) and he tells Emmett to go to a shipwreck with a bunch of frogs and when you get there he stars commanding them like a baws.