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Who is your Favorite Companion?

Jun 05, 2009
my favorite is lucky jack russel becase i just like him

Mar 07, 2009
I really like bonnie ann because she is kinda OP

Nov 11, 2012
Well, i actually really like Bonnie Anne not just cause she is really powerful but when i gave it a lot of burst fire epics which gives the ability for Bonnie to shoot lots of times which is pretty good i suggest.

these are the abilities and epics i got for Bonnie Anne:

Burst Fire 3x Double Tap 1x

Rough 4x-3x? Tough 2x-3x?

Did anyone else get these talents, epics for Bonnie Anne

Nov 27, 2013
I feel like the Raptor is my favorite comp he's worth the packs
Lvl65brandon Quinn

Petty Officer
Feb 29, 2012
Wing Chun! He's my first mate. He does so much damage on critical, then blade storms and relentless string. Killing MACHINE! Heal and call to arms are useful too!
-Noble John Parker, Level 56 and crew:
-Wing Chun
-Gracie Conrad
-Shiruku Neko

Oct 13, 2010
For me, it's a toss up between Wagyu (Kobe), El Toro, and Bonnie Anne. All of them are such bosses, lol

First Mate
Sep 13, 2010
Carcarius Grimtooth for his Will boost, Ratbeard for his epics, damage, defense, and powers, and El Toro for his accuracy and dodge boost and his damage. I am a melee witch and I use Carcarius's Will boost to make me critical on assassin's strike and back stab. Ratbeard and El Toro are on their own in fights, I use Ratbeard's buccaneer smash to lower agility and make El Toro critical.

1 Companion Fight: Ratbeard
2 Companion Fight: Carcarius Grimtooth and Ratbeard
3 Companion Fight: Carcarius Grimtooth, Ratbeard, and El Toro

Stick with Ratbeard guys he's got higher strength, accuracy, dodge, and weapon power than Goronado. The bad thing about Ratbeard, though, is that his base armor at lvl 65 is only 33, while Goronado's is 78. That's the only thing that Goronado is better at though.

First Mate
Nov 01, 2012
I love El toro! I would definatley go though the whole cool ranch again just to get a duplicate of him.
I trained him with relentless 2 and first strike and he comes with riposte.

Fearless Finnagan lvl 45

Sep 25, 2010
Well my favorite companion is El Toro or Gracie Conrad. (I'm in marleybone currently.)

Sep 06, 2014
I love any 3-4 epic swashbucklers. My favorite though would be toro, iago, and ridolfo. The unicorns look cool after their promotions too.

Clever Wolf Freeman
cunning griffin freeman

Nov 04, 2009
Jul 09, 2012
I will tell you the best companion for each class

Buccaneer: Kobe or Peter Quint
Swashbuckler: Sarah Steele
Witchdoctor: Kan Po or Mormo or Princess Augur
Musketeer: Chantal or Chicken Ranger
Privateer: Egg Shen or Jim Masterson
Best companion for every class: Ratbeard

These are just my opinions of course, but please reply if you disagree with any.

Vanessa Mainstay Lvl 59

Jul 09, 2012
Oran of Urz on Oct 18, 2012 wrote:
Ratbeard. He tells it how it is.

The storyline wouldn't be the same without him.
I totally agree. Ratbeard has great damage and health and is just flawless. I haven't seen one person in P101 using him on his last promo. He becomes a beast!

Mar 23, 2014
Petty Officer
Feb 27, 2009
I gotta say, Hawkules, Zeena and Goranado make a pretty fierce PVP team.

Quentin Davenport, lvl 65

Marcus Davenport, lvl 22

Jun 22, 2014
My favorite companion is Subodai -

Once when I was in a jail,
Trying to bail.
I stumbled across
A fellow horse.
He said "Let me free,"
And ill fight by your knee.

Silly Noah Underwood - Level 56

Gunner's Mate
Feb 05, 2015
Remember Justice wears a mask in Santo Pollo. My favorite companion is El Toro! He is very good and had a accuracy and dodge buff. He is always good for me and is my favorite.

Apr 17, 2010
I have always loved Rooster Cogburn! He is such a great companion, his voice is epic, and the quests to get him are so fun!

Insincere David Dodger Level 65
Silver Blaze Mainstay Level 48

May 20, 2012
My favorite companion would be:
Kobe Yojimbo, because he has cool animations, nice attacks, and he can be comepletley customized with talents and epics, since you start with him.

Dec 12, 2014
I have to say Dead Mike, he is so sarcarstic and funny, and I love his voice, he is also a pretty good Companion.

Dec 11, 2011
I love El Toro for the utility and he damage and that critical! Or...Gracie War Golem & Proximity Mines go "boom boom" is also fantastic

May 10, 2009
I'd have to go with my Ninja Pig Shionbi, and also Kobe

Feb 17, 2009
So farrr I'm really Loving Peter Quint! He's newer correct? Love his accent too lol

Sep 12, 2014
I'd probably have to say Fan Flanders, who I call Fantastic Fan, due to her good stats, damage, and her agility buffs. Her epic options are also really good, as I love relentless, second chance, riposte and first strike. She is also awesome as she is a frog who is not a musketeer, which is unusual. However, a bit more on her backstory would be nice.

May 30, 2010
1. Laarn the privateer beastmaster for just having an overpowered ability
2.Duck Holliday as a storyline character
3. Louis Le Bisque for having a sweet list of traps and abilities he can use, I hope he gets another promotion