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Who is your Favorite Companion?

Oct 10, 2012
Mine is Gaspard de vole, Guinea pig mercenary, level 47.

Nov 24, 2012
I tend to swap the position of first mate around as I level up my companions. I usually choose the companion that deals the highest damage or has useful epics .

Mar 21, 2009
My favorite companion would have to be Sarah Steele, the mouse fencer. She has been my first mate for quite sometime then I switched her to second mate after I completed the Presidio Job.

Sarah's attacks are awesomesauce in my opnion and how she's a swashbuckler just like my pirate. Her stats were top notch compared to my other two companions after leveling her up a few times.

Loyal Roslyn Dove- Level 8 Swashbuckler

Dec 04, 2008
My favourite right now in Ratbeard i just love the epic talents i gave him :)

Level 15 Witchdocter

Sep 08, 2008
MentalRetreat on Dec 1, 2012 wrote:
I tend to swap the position of first mate around as I level up my companions. I usually choose the companion that deals the highest damage or has useful epics .
You know, technically, that is how you play your best lol. Nothing wrong with that.

I still have my goat monk as my first mate. Massive damage, but nowhere near the survival capability that my crane companion has, nor my buccaneers, for that matter. I am still mentally at struggle, trying to decide whether I want my crane, my goose, or my goat monk as my first mate. All three of them look absolutely epic.

I believe though, just for survival reasons, I will place my crane as my first mate, once I hit Mooshu. That way I know that I have at least one companion that can survive a good deal of pirating before he gets knocked out.

Jul 28, 2010
Mine would be Bonnie Anne. I got her a promotion and it helps out a bunch getting her new "Epic Talents". I also like the way she looks after the promotion.

Cruel Gabriel Bowman Lvl 12 Witchdoctor

Feb 18, 2011
of course,Sarah Steele.she's my first mate with the third highest level.(not my choice!)

Sep 19, 2012
I also enjoy switching my first mate around, it keeps it competitive between the companions, they have to keep impressing me, or they will get demoted! for a long time my favorite was el toro (dat da da daa), I like his talent, espirit de corps, extra accuracy and dodge for all, not just for me but for everyone else in the game, and it doesnt matter where you are on the board. then I got monkey king and he is awesome!!! he did just over 800 damage once, in one hit, he is great! and its amusing when he says "I'm crazy". now I have a new favorite, ju hao, inoshishi chief! I love the sound he makes when he is attacking! its like his weapon is too heavy for him to swing. it makes me laugh! I thought I had found all my companions, until I started catching up on my side quests for mooshu, and found the quest for another surprise companion. ju hao is great and he makes me laugh! not sure if he is swashbuckler specific or if everyone gets him though.

Nov 26, 2012
Hmm. My favorite companion would have to be the goat student (Kan Po, I believe is his name.) This is because he is currently my highest leveled companion, and I think he just looks cool in general. But out of the lower level companions I have (and this is simply due to not as much training, as you guys know) I would pick... Ah, I totally forget his name. He is one of those platypus guys. You meet him early on in the tavern. I think he looks cool, I love his voice, and he has a cool attack.

Petty Officer
Jun 01, 2009
Hands down, Ratbeard.

I love his critical attack animations, and his class talents perfectly compliment my musketeer. He can keep melee at bay, dish it and take it.

Additionally, I am always happy to team up with fellow parents/adults.

Sleepy Cedric Holbrook

May 28, 2009
I like Bonie Anne the best, both because of her cool moves and the fact that she's one of the few main characters [the 6 who talk and appear after their main quest and are promoted by quests] who has a power other than an automatic critical. I also like scratch for that reason, and Louie Le Bisque's harpoon gun is also very cool.

Sep 02, 2011
I only have 6 companions, I love them all in some way, but my favorite is obviously Old Scratch. You get an epic boss as a companion? That right there is EPIC.

Oct 01, 2010
I'm currently still lvl 13 and have not gotten past the world of Skull Island yet. I currently have 7 companions right now (2 Buccaneers, 2 Musketteers, 1 Privateer, 1 Swashbuckler, and 1 Witchdoctor).

My favorite companion combat wise is Ratbeard and Bonnie Anne (both after 1st promotion). I like how Bonnie Anne is so helpful in combat after her promotion. I tought her Quick Draw and Burst Fire for her new talents, and they are just dominating enemy troops. Ratbeard I tought First Strike and Repel Boarders for his new talents. I really enjoy his 3rd critical where he spins around on his peg leg, slashing the enemy in a tornado like form.

My favorite companion non-combat wise would be Old Scratch. I'm not sure why, but I like hearing him say "Captain my captain." It just sounds really familiar and a bit cool too.

See ye all in the Spiral and Skyways:
Pirate101: Humble Jack Jackson, lvl 13 Buccaneer
Wizard101: Paul Legenddreamer, lvl 79 death
Jack Legenddreamer, lvl 53 balance
Aedan Legenddreamer, lvl 37 fire

Aug 29, 2010
my favorites are rat beard and wing chun

Apr 15, 2012
Hmm, that must be Fa Yao (L45). He is pretty awesome. I have learn him Mojo Rising that is a bonus attack and Mojo Echo so he can hit twice. (Btw, he is a necromancer)

I like El Toro to, but he has become to weak now...

- Stormy Anna Everret

Jun 30, 2012
I like a lot of them.One I like is duck holliday ( I just got him) and another is ratbeard at the rank "rat captain". then theres bonnie anne at the tirle of "fox sniper". -Cunnig Thomas Orleans, captain of musketeers

Dec 03, 2011
i say its Kan Po disciple he is ze bomb

Sarcastic digby maxwell ( hoodoo )

Gunner's Mate
Dec 16, 2009
Definitely El Toro: the stat boost to dodge and accuracy makes my swash almost untouchable. His promotion quest is enjoyable and his swordplay is beautiful. His snarky remarks and obvious arrogance have made me laugh numerous times. Plus he has a cant go wrong with a cape.

Nov 02, 2012
Darth JT on Oct 18, 2012 wrote:
My most favorite companion in the game currently is Kobe YoJimbo!

He is an awesome Bull Samoori, his Crown Brother Wagyu or as I call him WagE is a very worthy purchase from the crown shop. He starts with First strike and later on, I train him in relentless twice, then riposte!

My second favorite companion is Kan Po, who is also a very worthy companion as well as his crown counterpart. He starts with Riposte, which I later get riposte 2 and Relentless twice, and he gets a heal.

What is your favorite companion and why?
Dead mike what else is there to say HE's A ZOMBIE FOR PETE SAKE

Aug 29, 2010
My favorite is the unicorn you get in valencia.

Nov 23, 2011
Probably Bonnie Anne for me too: she looks good and she is extremely effective. And I love the cat companion as well - he is just so cool, and I think he has the best victory moves.

For appearances, I favor the more "Piratical" looking companions than the cowboy ones. They are nicely done, but wild west types on a pirate ship just seems wrong to me (not, I admit, a prejudice I can defend logically, since I don't mind the MooShoo types at all).

The monkeys are mid-range in terms of how effective they are, but they are monkeys and thus very cool and they see a fair amount of action on my crews. Actually, Martin the undead monkey captain is quite effective in melee, and he remains the first mate for my witch doctor.

I think the diversity of companions and how they help make each battle different is one of the best design features of the game.

Nov 12, 2012
Wow my favorite topic :D
ok I like...

Ratbeard, He is totally awesome in the story line

Milo Greytail, Idk he is just cool I like his attitude plus his storyline comments XD

Lucy Sterling, I like her because her swords are epic and she is stronger then a normal mouse fencer because she is store bought(Couldn't get Sarah Steele because I'm a musky)

Nekeeta, I think I spelt it wrong but I like her because I don't feel like I'm a pirate without her because every pirate needs a bird of some sorts XD

Wing Chun, I like him because he thinks he knows everything in the storyline but he is actually clueless.

I'm going to count my mount and pet too XD

Big Ned, He's a dragon pet that came with the walmart gift card I like him because he gets all huge when he attacks sometimes

Crocogator, Ok he's just epic because he's half gator and half Croc and those are two of the most epic animals in real life

Petty Officer
Jun 01, 2009
Well now...

With the current promotion and new epics of my Wing Chun, he has catapulted past Ratbeard for my favorite companion. Relentless and blade storm are crazy effective.


Oct 15, 2012
Subodai, totally subotai, especially when he got relentless lvl 2 i SOO wish he was a swash buckler

Sep 19, 2012
Sierra Starsong on Oct 24, 2012 wrote:
I love the constant bickering back and forth between Ratbeard & Bonnie Anne. I have to put Bonnie's keen eyes up in the crows nest and Ratbeard below decks manning the cannons just to keep from yelling "Knock it off, you two, or I swear I'll turn this ship right back around to Puerto Mico!" You'd think they were brother and sister as much as they love to argue with each other.

Favorite "victory move" so far - Kobe Yojimbo dropping to one knee for a Tebow-esque moment of prayer.

Thank you, KingsIsle, for giving each and every Companion large and small a distinct personality, for making them all so much more than just units and stats, and for not forgetting the "role-playing" in MMORPG.
What? I have never heard any banter between any of the characters. Is this for real? Because I thought it would add so much to the game.