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Going Back To Valencia after Aquila?

Gunner's Mate
May 08, 2010
Sneaky George Quar... on Feb 25, 2014 wrote:
you will get the chance one day... one day... and bishop will regret that one day...
Then ill take his head to vadima for hexing practice

Apr 06, 2014
Oh yea baby prepare for the battle of kane the most smartest most fastest and most dead foulest clockwork no one can defeat kane there is only one valencian that knows how to defeat kane the toy maker the one who made the clockwork birds. but its an update coming soon be prepared for kane!

Apr 06, 2014
Remember compleat the game so you understand. Will when the update comes out your mission is to kill Kane. But there's something we all wonder what about the queen it is a mystery

Pirate Overlord
Mar 16, 2012
Sneaky George Quar... on Feb 6, 2014 wrote:
out of all the mentioned clockworks (excluding queen, who is only seen once and never mentioned), kane is the only one we havent battled or even seen yet

phule sent his troops to fight us
deacon is destroyed
rooke is destroyed
bishop is driven away
kane is still hiding from us... coward
Phule sent his troops to fight us
Doesn't that make him a ? And we haven't battled him, yet.
You don't mention the Lady, My speculation: she's the
Bishop survived to make his report to Kane as to our activities
Kane isn't hiding - he's plotting - WATCH OUT

Mar 24, 2013
Prior to our pirate's return visit to Valencia, our pirate must venture to other worlds in the spiral.This will be an interesting return visit.My pirate(s) will say to Bonnie Ann " Are you sure you had enough of Valencia, Bonnie ? I had too little of Valencia in our last visit." It's more likely Florenza to probably solve the mystery of the toy maker who ever he/she is, and much more.I know some say Cadiz,but this zone is very challenging even to our current max leveled pirate(s). I don't even want to think about this challenging zone right now, . It's too over whelming for me,what our pirate(s) will discover in Cadiz ....eventually.

Gunner's Mate
Feb 22, 2011
Hahahahaha, thou art who hast not looked thine eyes upon the Valencia world screenshot in the Pirate's World button underneath the "See the Game" tab is a fool. Not calling anybody a fool, but you should definitely do that- I'll just say... who likes Venice?

Jul 13, 2014
Bengalstar on Jun 27, 2013 wrote:
I've heard lots of pirates say that the next place that we go to is Valencia, which is quite boring in my opinion. What would we do there? Is there a boss that we have to defeat? Will we have to defeat more high orders of the Armada Empire?
I don't really know what will happen there, so explain what you think will happen when we get there
Yeah i think so too. I think next we fight that female clockwork. Can't wait if true.

Jul 13, 2014
Ethan the baron on Jun 27, 2013 wrote:
Not trying to be mean here but you should pay attention to the storyline so you will know what we will be doing in Valencia. To inform you we are going to Valencia because we need to find caligistro g. because he knows how to defeat Kane which is very important he is the leader of the armada after all. Plus blind mew said their is a high chance of an elite encounter. Will it be a battle? Who will be the armada elite? Those are the questions that are yet to be answered.
I think the elite is the female clockwork!!!

Sep 09, 2010
I think we are it said so in the storyline I forgot where though

Apr 14, 2012
I think we might go for Valencia Part 2!