Make some new friends!

Now through Sunday, February 5th, save up to 25% OFF select pets and mounts in the Crown Shop!

Pets on sale include:

  • Lil' Labor Golem
  • Mechanical Owl

Mounts on sale include:
  • Clockwork Wings (PERM)
  • Buccaneer's Clockwork Steed (PERM)
  • Musketeer's Clockwork Steed (PERM)
  • Privateer's Clockwork Steed (PERM)
  • Swashbuckler's Clockwork Steed (PERM)
  • Witchdoctor's Clockwork Steed (PERM)
  • Valencian Clockwork Steed (PERM)

Mounts that have been added to the Crown Shop at original price for the duration of the sale include:
  • Transport Golem (PERM)
  • Mechanical Wings (PERM)
  • Powered Pogo (PERM)

Take advantage while you can!