Blackbeard History Facts


Blackbeard, the famous Pirate!

Blackbeard wasn’t his real name! Blackbeard the Pirate was actually born Edward Teach.

He learned the ways of Piracy under legendary Pirate Benjamin Hornigold. Hornigold thought highly of Blackbeard, and eventually promoted him to lead his own crew and ship.

Blackbeard stole his famous ship, Queen Anne’s Revenge, from the French. The Pirate ship was formerly a French slave vessel named La Concorde, and Blackbeard renamed it after adding 40 cannons to the ship.

When Blackbeard knew he was going into a fight, he would dress in all black and look as fierce as possible.

Wearing several pistols strapped to his chest, he would put slow burning fuses in his hat, hair and beard to surround him in smoke. Most of his opponents were so scared, that they gave up without a fight.

Blackbeard may have been one of the scariest Pirates, but he wasn’t the most successful. Pirates like Henry Avery and “Black Bart” Roberts took a lot more expensive treasure than Blackbeard and his crew did.


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