Player's Guide

Learn how to play the free Pirate101 game!


Beat Bad Guys & Win Pirate Treasure

If you win combat, your enemies may drop treasure chests for you to loot! Run around the area and press “X” to open each of the treasure chests before time runs out. During this time you’re untouchable—no enemy will attack you and you’ll be transparent.

Each enemy you defeat in combat has a chance to drop some loot. If you want to see more treasure, consider grouping with another player. Bigger combats will have more enemies to fight and you’ll earn treasure faster.

If you decide to group with other players, don’t worry—everyone receives an equal share of the treasure no matter who opens the treasure chest. Sometimes you may find a Multiplayer Chest, which can only be opened if you have other players in combat with you. Multiplayer Chests contain special rewards!