Player's Guide

Learn how to play the free Pirate101 game!


Find Your Way Through the Game Worlds

Pirate101 contains a zone map which will allow you to see all available areas in a given location. The overhead zone map is displayed by pressing the ”M” key.

A view of a typical zone map:

The large pulsing green arrow on the zone map is your character’s current location within the zone. Through the course of your journeys, you will also see several other icons on the zone map, which are explained below:


Class Trainers

This icon represents a Buccaneer class trainer location. All classes will have their own icon representation.


Mini Game Location

This icon represents a mini-game location. Mini-games can be found within Taverns and other locations throughout the game.


Vendor Location

This icon represents a vendor location. Vendors contain many items for sale such as weapons, armor and ship parts.


Explore Goal Location

This icon represents an explore goal location. This will provide you with a general location on where your quest is hinting for you to explore.


Tavern Location

This icon represents a tavern location. Taverns offer mini-games, quests and a basement where you will train your Companions.


NPC Location

This icon represents an NPC location. NPCs provide new quests to players and also act as a quest turn in location.


Quest Item

This icon represents a quest item. Should you be asked to hunt for a specific quest item, an icon of the item you are searching will be shown on the zone map.