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Pirate101 Game Reviews

Everyone is talking about Pirate101! We at KingsIsle are honored each time someone takes the time to review our Pirate game. Browse the game review excerpts below or click the link to read the full review - either way we hope they give you an idea about the family friendly entertainment that is Pirate101!


MMORPG Pirate101 Review

"While geared to a family-friendly audience, there is a lot to like about Pirate101 for adults. It’s definitely not just a “kids’ game” and true MMO fanatics will be missing out if they choose to skip this one." Read MMORPG Review »

MMO Play Pirate101 Review

"It’s a gambit that works. Pirate101 can be quite the charmer with its polished visuals, from the authentic pirate costumes to the kung-fu action sequences when a character hits a critical blow to the memorable quest NPCs that could have been plucked from the zany Pirates of the Caribbean movies." Read MMO Play Review »

Gamezebo Pirate101 Review

"It would be easy enough Pirate101 as a good kids game, but that would be selling it short. It's a good game, period, and one that manages to get a lot of things right that even expensive MMOs sometimes manage to bungle. If the setting and subject matter sound like your cup of tea, leave your preconceptions behind and set sail with the free download, savvy? " Read Gamezebo Review »

MMO Games Pirate101 Review

"So, in essence, you’ve got a full-featured MMORPG dripping with polish and quality at every turn, an awesome combat system that takes the time to show each epic attack in slow-motion cutscenes, while still providing a simple, tactical gameplay experience that’s great for kids, and fun for everyone else, that also creates a social dynamic allowing players to work together to survive – not to mention the chance to pilot your own pirate ship, alongside a bunch of addictive little mini games – and all that’s before you reach level 5. " Read MMO Games Review »

Devils MMO Pirate101 Review

"Pirate 101 offers 3 distinct styles of play, all of which could make up a game of their own (and have, in other titles). This is a game that offers sailing and boat combat, RPG exploration and tactical RPG battle. With so much variety, it’s going to take you a while to get bored. This is made even more impressive by the fact that multiplayer combat and social options are so plentiful that no battle is ever the same twice." Read Devils MMO Game Review »