Pirate101 Monthly Newsletter


Shocking Recent Chain of Events

Pirates everywhere have been slowed to a crawl! The Armada is really taking this pirating business very seriously in April. Send help!

Maybe this recent “chain of events” has to do with our Pirate101 fans having way too much fun in March! Here’s a few of the things that happened:

  • Following through with a promise made on the previous KI Live, pirates everywhere took part in our 2018 Pillow Fight! We had a great run and more than doubled the typical amount of pillows that we normally see dropped for players. SO MANY PILLOWS. Congrats to Lail Laveer the Musketeer for winning with a total of 178 pillows. The full list of winners can be seen on our KingsIsle Blog.
  • Two new flying snake pets flew into the game: The Mara and Asmodeus Poisonteeth.
  • We held a festive save Green on Green sale.
  • A couple new springtime items entered the Pirate101 Crown Shop.
  • The Chupacabra PvP pets left when the first day of spring arrived and the new Sea Dragon PvP pets arrived!

Thanks for playing Pirate101! Read on for more fun with fans and our regular articles.


Rogue's Gallery: Handsome Dan

If you’ve been following along with our past couple of Rogue’s Gallery spotlights, then you know we’ve been adding a little more flair to our Bundle Companions. First was Nausica, next was Hoodoo Cornelius, and now we’re focusing in on Handsome Dan—a bulldog companion found on the Admiral’s Bundle. Read on for a glimpse into the untold past of this amazing (and very charismatic) companion.

Name: Handsome Dan

Profession: Royal Navy Captain

Home: Marleybone

Weapon of Choice: Cutlass and Pistol

Dan grew up on the streets of the Isle of Dogs, a penniless beggar who turned bully and thug as he got older. Though seemingly destined for a life of crime, his fortunes changed forever one night when he was abducted by a press gang and forced into the Royal Navy. His shipmates gave him the nickname "Handsome Dan," which he carries to this day.

Dan's will was as strong as his body: he took all the toils and travails the life of a jack tar could offer and laughed. A burgeoning love of sky ships and sailing bloomed in his heart, and he found himself rising through the ranks to the position of Boatswain.

Dan's life changed forever during the Napoleguinic Wars, while serving on the HMS Indefatigable. During a surprise attack by a Polarian flagship, the captain and most of the senior officers were incapacitated by the enemy's brutal barrage. Dan took command of the ship, rammed the "Indy" into the enemy ship, and led a boarding party to take the ship. Dan earned a promotion for his quick thinking and bold action, and soon found himself a captain in the Royal Navy, where he served with distinction.



Puppet Pirates

Boochbeard: “I’m gunna tell the mom you gave him chocolate.” Gandry: “Don't be such a rattle-tail Boochbeard!”
~ Grace


Screenshot of the Month!

Thank you for continuing to send us screenshots from Pirate101. We could always use MORE! If you catch a great moment (or even a not-so-great moment) in game, attach it in an email to community@pirate101.com and it could end up being featured as our Screenshot of the month.

This month’s screenshot comes from Fearless Zenobia Nightingale, who’s been faithfully sending us fan art and screenshots since 2014!

Gotta’ love those big eared Fennec Fox pets! Great shot, Zenobia! For more tips, check out this blog post with helpful screen shot hints. Don’t forget to press Control+G before you snap your picture!


Fan Art Spotlight

We simply can’t get enough fan art of Pirate101! Send us your latest creations to community@pirate101.com and you may see it shown off here in our Pirate101 Newsletter.

This month’s spotlight goes to Silver Katherine Underwood, a witchdoctor about to start summoning up some magic and looking great in a clothing design of her own make.

Katherine adds, “I'm an old (or one of the old) Pirate101 player. I've played Pirate101 since 2014 and fell in love with the game. I've always loved to make artwork since I was young, and I always enjoy vectors and illustrations artwork.” Great work, Katherine!


A “Which World” and a “Would you Rather”

The Pirate101 community is alive and well on our official Message Boards! Come read the latest topics and join in the discussion:

  • Have some interesting items you’d like to see in Menu Chat? Add them here!
  • What kind of mini-game would you add to Pirate101? Falmea wants to know.
  • Time to play “would you rather” with Gollume! Pet or companion, which would you want to come to life?
  • Hope you were one of the lucky ones that got an old “Ninja Pig Map” from SXSW!
  • Congratulations to The Weather Man for obtaining the rare Brain Thief Ring from the Tower of Moo Manchu.
  • Taylor Daisy Flame asks: Which world would you want to be born and raised in?
  • Anecorbie reached an astounding 8,000 post milestone on the Pirate101 Message Boards! Come say congrats!

Also, the unaffiliated-with-KingsIsle “Community Newsletter” had a great selection of Pirate101-related links this month from around the web. NOTE: Be sure to visit and follow their Twitter page for more information. To subscribe to their newsletter, send a Direct Message to them over Twitter inquiring to be added or email them at community.newsletter.101@gmail.com. You can unsubscribe at any time by sending them an email with the phrase “UNSUB”

  • Don’t miss the Fansite Festival being hosted on April 15th! Wizards and Pirates all around the Spiral will be participating.
  • Flash33 showcased his Princess Peach costume and what gear was used to accomplish it.