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From “Spooky Fun” to “Thanks a Ton”

Halloween has passed and now our thoughts are turning from “spooky fun” to “thanks a ton” as November and Thanksgiving arrive in the Spiral. We’ll be throwing a few great sales this month and bringing back your favorite Harvest items in November. Also in November is Veteran’s Day—a holiday that is near and dear to our hearts at KingsIsle.

October was a great month for Pirate101 as we celebrated our 5th birthday and Halloween. There were special presents, new mounts and pets, and even a new party room doorway for your house. We hope you’re enjoying the recent update and all that came along with it. Hopefully you’re having fun earning your new Team up Ledger Badges and Practice Ship PvP badges as well!

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Rogue's Gallery: Bat Masterson

Continuing on with our recent fascination with the magnificent seven, this month’s spotlight (or maybe . . . moonlight?) falls upon Bat Masterson. Witchdoctors will know Bat Masterson well as he joins their crew during Cool Ranch. Just like all Magnificent Seven companions, Bat also unlocks in the Crown Shop for purchase for all other classes. Read on for more information about this interesting immigrant from Darkmoor!

Subject: Bat Masterson

Home: Cool Ranch (by way of Darkmoor)

Weapon of choice: Vampiric Fangs and Dark Magic

Occupation: Lawman

The vampire that would come to be known as Bat Masterson was born Barklementizov Masterson in distant Darkmoor. He came from a vampire clan who had spent centuries serving a powerful elder vampire (they were quite literally the "Master's Sons"). A junior member of the clan, young Barklementizov's life was one of service and drudgery. All that changed when The Master started a feud with the dreaded Shane von Shane – The Master lost the battle, and his servants scattered to the four winds.

Barklementizov made his way Back East, where the locals had no patience for his tongue-twisting name and simply called him "Bat." His Darkmoor origins left Bat shunned and even persecuted by the local fowl, so Bat made his way to Cool Ranch to try and build a new life in solitude.

He tried his hand at Buffaloon hunting, and found his magical talents and fearsome nature made him an ideal bounty hunter. But he gave up that career when he met legendary lawman Wyatt Chirp, who was the first bird who happily called bat by his proper name (a “five dollar name,” as Wyatt put it). Wyatt recruited Bat in the Magnificent Seven, where he made quite a name for himself. By the time the Seven broke up, Bat tried his hand as a businessman – a career he quickly abandoned when he met a young pirate...



Puppet Pirates

Gandry: “He isn’t over here here captain....”
Boochbeard: “hmmm.... I have a feline he’s nearby.”
Gandry: “This is a real head scratcher!”
~ Clever Klaus

Who will caption the next Puppet Pirates? Stay tuned to our Facebook page to enter your caption on the next Puppet Pirates.


Screenshot of the Month!

We’re on the hunt for more screenshots! We love to see your great moments in game, so please don’t forget to send them our way. A great moment is just a PrtScn button away.

This month’s screenshot of the month was a spooky offering from Loud Lawrence Lanyard. A haunted ship, spooky pet, nefarious eyes, and creepy night-time setting . . . *INSERT CHILLS HERE*!

Thanks for the great screenshot, Loud Lawrence! As a reminder, please only send us your best three screenshots every month to community@pirate101.com if you’d like to participate. For more tips, check out this blog post with helpful screen shot hints. Don’t forget to press Control+G before you snap your picture!


Fan Art Spotlight!

Our Pirate101 fans never cease to amaze us with how creative and fun they are. We have some of the best artists, illustrators, and passionate painters around. Thank you for using our games to fuel your creativity!

This month’s fan art spotlight comes from Mia, aka Dearly Doodles from Twitter! Mia is a stalwart fan of KingsIsle’s games: “I've been playing Wizard101 ever since 2009, and I always look forward to new updates, and new characters added to the game. The artwork and animations for Wizard101, as well as Pirate101, are very inspiring to me, giving myself more motivation to finish more paintings.”

This picture is stunning . . . and a bit frightening as well! Mia really captured the creepiness of the souless armada preparing for battle.


Five Years Strong As the Community Forges On

We’re always happy to hear from our fans and friends on the official Pirate101 Message Boards. Thanks for entertaining us and sharing your thoughts. Here are a few threads that caught our “one good eye” last month:

  • Think you have some lofty Pirate101 Goals? Share ‘em here, mates!
  • If you’re looking for a helping hand, the “Messageboard Marauders” are a great place to start. Get to know everyone and share your in-game name here.
  • Which companion do you use for healing? Leave your thoughts here.
  • What member benefits would you add to Pirate101? Feel free to share your ideas on this thread.
  • Do you have a theme song for your pirate? Think one up and post it on this thread!
  • If you have your badges from using the Team Up Ledger, this thread might be a good place to brag about it (and spread a bit of good information).
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Flash33 was busy as he recreated an Armada costume in real life!

Pirates showed their gratitude for the game after five years:
There are a selection of new class boat mounts in the Crown Shop! It’s time to pick yours!

Blaze LifeHammer and Emily DragonHorn reviewed the many new updates and new crown shop items.