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September 2019

Septembarrr Pre-Birthday Celebrations

Yarr! While Arrrgust was a relatively quiet month, Septembarrr is sure to be much livelier with pre-birthday celebrations happening across the skyways and here at KingsIsle.

That’s right, Pirate101’s upcoming 7th birthday is on October 15th! What will you be doing to celebrate next month? If you spot a fansite running a contest, let us know and we’ll pay a visit or maybe even participate in the event. We want to hear from all Pirates over the next couple of months what you have been having the most fun exploring in the game.

To keep ye in the know, here’s a quick review of our August activity...

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Read on for more fun with our community and their Spiral activities.

KI Live Livestream with Bat Masterson & Professor Falmea

For all Pirate fans that enjoy a good old celebration, on this month’s KI Live we celebrated Wizard101’s 11th birthday! Hot on the heels of Wizard101 will soon be Pirate101’s birthday. Stay tuned for the next newsletter to celebrate with the community.

Meanwhile, you can watch last month’s show below:

A great Pirate101 tip from this month’s KI Live comes from community member Anecorbie:

“Don't forget to bind to a life fountain at the docks. You don't want to repeat a long sail if something goes wrong.” - Anecorbie

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Zone of the Month: Scurvy Dog Hideout

Our Lead Creative Designer, Sam Johnson, has worked on Pirate101 for a long time and has much to say about the world's history. He continues his series of spotlights that dive deeper into the lore and history behind Pirate101’s characters and locations.

Sam has been eager to provide more of this content since you’ve expressed interest in it. Several of you suggested something in Monquista, so we’ll go there next time after we explore one more area in Tradewinds Skyway... Scurvy Dog Hideout!

Name: Scurvy Dog Hideout

Location: Tradewinds skyway, in the world of Skull Island.


This small island in the eastern reaches of Tradewinds Skyway was one of the first places Monquistan explorers made landfall after reaching Skull Island. The Monquistadors searched the ancient ruins there and plundered them for gold, but their desecration of the ruins angered the local troggy tribes, who drove the Monquistans away. The island was ignored by the inhabitants of Skull Island for decades, until the Scurvy Dogs arrived.

The Scurvy Dogs are a gang of pirates, most deserters from the Marleybonean Royal Navy, led by the infamous buccaneer Captain Dan. The Scurvy Dogs amassed a small squadron of ships and made quite a name for themselves plundering Monquistan shipping bearing gold back to Monquista. The Monquistans set Count Brass the task of eradicating the pirates – he sought out Dan's flagship and engaged him in a running battle that ranged across the entire skyway. Desperate to escape, Dan made for the stormgates, but Monquistan cannon fire shattered his rudder and left his ship spinning out of control. He plowed into the small island at full speed, and his ship remains there today.

Captain Dan and his pirates have used the isle as their hideout ever since, doing their best to avoid the troggies and the wrath evil creatures that lurk in the extensive tunnels beneath the ruins.

Don't Miss That Side Quest!

On Old Scratch's first promotion quest, we learn that Scratch's mentor in black magic, Papa Legbones, lived in a cave on the secluded island.

Behind the Dev Process:

The theft of the indigo windstone from the hold of the wrecked ship was one of the early set piece moments in Pirate101, and a lot of effort went into making that fight and environment work. Captain Dan and Bosun Moon are references to the 80s pirate spoof Yellowbeard, which also provided the inspiration for Blind Mew's character.

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Puppet Pirates

Congrats to Samuel W. on your quote being chosen for Puppet Pirates #82 this month!

Gandry: “I forgot to wash my feet again!”
Boochbeard: "Arrr, that what be putting the yum in the yum yum."
~ Trustworthy Tyler Kidd.

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Fan Screenshot of the Month

This screenshot is from Napoleguin. He captured this image of the Arc de Triopmhe, which he built to celebrate 1,000 3v3 victories as a trio screener!

Fan Art Spotlight

For this month’s spotlight, we are showcasing a neat drawing from Stormy Seth Evans of their companion, Marchioness:

"I really love her appearance, personality, and fighting style. She was so fun to draw, so I had a blast!" - Stormy Seth Evans

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Thanks, Pirates!

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