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Welcome to the Game Update Notes section! Every time we update the online Pirate game, Pirate101, we like to let our players know what changes have been made and what's new with the game. Update Notes explain what's been changed and improved.

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Monquista King

Enter the World of Dreams!

Upon reaching level 70, and promoting Old Scratch to an Undead Houngan, there’s an exciting new quest available that takes you to the World of Dreams! Old Scratch will summon you to a tavern to begin your journey. Speaking of Old Scratch, you will notice that the introduction to the World of Dreams also comes with an upgrade for this spooky companion... if you’re lucky enough to make it through the battle successfully.

There are four old bosses who have been powered up to now be skeleton key bosses!
  • Captain Blood
  • Brass Monkey
  • Duck of Death
  • Old Scratch
These are meant for our most powerful Pirates, so bring your best crew and your exceptional fighting skills to the battle!


Protect Your Booty!

Next up on the most wanted list is a very nifty and quite useful feature - Item Locking! You’ll notice a new icon in your inventory that looks like a doubloon, this will toggle item locking on and off.

Fun Facts:

  • You can transfer a locked item between inventory, bank, attic, and shared bank freely.
  • If you want to sell or delete an item, you will need to unlock it first.


Quest Finder, Quest Finder, Find me a Quest...

For quality of life updates, this has been our #1 request for quite a while, and we’re excited to introduce Quest Finder with this update!

Having trouble finding what quest you need to do next? Looking for something new to do? Now you can simply press a button and find a nearby quest!

When you press the Quest Finder Button in your Journal (it's on the last page of your quests) The Quest Helper arrow will now point to the nearest available quest. It will start with the current zone you are in, and then expand to the current world you are in. If it doesn't find any quests in that world, you will need to move to another world and press Quest Finder again.

When you use Quest Finder, a window will appear telling you where to go and who to talk to, and the Quest Helper arrow will now point to that location.


More Space Please!

We know that after years of adventuring through the skyway, you have accumulated a lot of loot. We’ve heard your requests for more space in your inventory, bank, and friends lists. To that end, we’ve added some ways to expand these precious storage systems!

We’re granting everyone (yes, ALL Pirates) 20 more bank spaces for free!

In the Crown Shop, we’ve added some various elixirs that can expand things even more:
  • The Expand Backpack Elixir will add 40 slots of backpack space (max 2 per Pirate)
  • The Expand Bank Elixir will add 40 slots of bank space (max 2 per Pirate)
  • The Expand Friends List Elixir will add 25 more friends list spaces (max 2 per Pirate)


Member Benefits

It’s good to be a member! We will be introducing limited time membership benefits as thanks for being a member of Pirate101. These will turn on occasionally for special events. Please stay tuned to our social media for announcements on when they’ll be available on the Test Realm, but here’s what you can expect to see:

  • Double companion orders – Double the loot when companions bring back their haul of goods.
  • Double pet XP – Double your pet experience from training and snacks!
  • Free player/companion respec – Change how your pirates and companies are trained without cost.
  • Free Miracle Mitch prices – Wounded companions are healed for free!
Note: When a member benefit is active, you’ll see a new icon below the member chat menu option.


Pets and Mounts

  • More pet names! On a previous Falmea Friday, we asked for suggestions and implemented some of our favorites. We’re eager to see which names you choose for your pets!
  • By popular demand, we’ve allowed the Tiger Claws to be visible on MOST mounts (though we will not let our faithful steeds be impaled by these claws, so not ALL of them).
  • Sea Dragon and Chupacabra pets now properly show 10 talents
  • Some new hybrids can be found hiding in Bestia


Extra Additions

  • Frosted Dragon Bowsprit is now visible on ships
  • Switched Holly Jolly Roger's talent of Cheap Shot to Parting Shot
  • Adjusted the radius of the Readied Spell
  • Various stability and performance improvements
  • Quest Finder now more accurately locates quests
  • Better matched skeleton key drops with the difficulty of the fight
  • Added new badges for obsidian skeleton key bosses!
  • Updated the voiceover for Mark Clemens
  • Fixed a graphical issue with Captain Blood's fight
  • Adjusted Old Scracthe's new talent icon, Doom Mojo!, to be more clear when it's available to use
  • Fixed some misc. grammatical errors

1.100.1 Hotfix

  • New badge for an Old Scratch promotion
  • Made Mojo Doom PvE only. It can no longer be cast in PvP. Updated its description also.
  • Fixed a case where players and enemies show up completely black when in the Obsidian Key dungeon fight
  • You can now bring up the map in the Obsidian Key dungeon area
  • You can get the Brass Monkey Quest from Captain Dan again
  • Several enemy loot table updates, now with 100% less picnic baskets!
  • Additional UI and stability tweaks made


  • Several Hydra fight fixes! Please run through this fight on Test Realm and let us know if you can get stuck in any way...
  • Improved the quest finder to ensure it locates all available quests
  • Increased the drop rate of Obsidian Keys
  • Readjusted the drop rate of Skeleton Keys
  • Skeleton Keys are now available for 1 Crown in the Crown Shop (for Test Realm ONLY)
  • Miscellaneous audio, visual, and movement improvements

Companions, Mounts, and Pets

  • Prevent companion's talent points from being reset (effective on Live servers once updated)
  • Old Scratch's new radial ability card now displays capabilities (but still needs a name).
  • 1-day and 7-day rental mounts that were bugged before can no longer be placed in housing.
  • A few rental mount requirements changed so they should work properly now.