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Looking for Hatch - any grants.

Dec 22, 2015
Currently, my pet situation can be summed up as such: A good swashbuckler pet, and absolutely nothing else.

If anyone has a pet with grants overwatch in the gene pool, could you please hatch with me? Really trying to set up overwatch 5. So far for musketeer I've got a pet with grants burst fire and grants soulreaver (level 40).

Any pet with witchdoctor epics works as well. I've got nothing for mine!

Also, random question, but I heard that there were 2 different forms of grants turn the tide. Is this true?

Apr 08, 2017
I think I have a pet with overwatch in the genes on my musketeer Peachy Pilar Ashburn. I have three different first generation pets that has the turn the tide grant in the genes.