Community Guides

Welcome to the official repository of community created gameplay guides! These guides are not created by our team but by you the community. As you can see below, many of our official fansites have contributed dozens of guides over the years. Take a look for the guide you need on your adventures across the Spiral!

Let us know if you know about a great gameplay guide that we should add to the list, or an idea for a guide that someone in the community could create for players.

With a few exceptions, all guides placed here must be more than a simple list of facts about a topic. They must include commentary such as tips and suggestions for how to acquire or best use an item.


TheFearsomeRubberDucky has yet another awesome walkthrough of the Privateer for you this month. He talks about complete gear sets, how to train, deck setup, and even some tips on PvP combat. It's all here folks:






There are many more guides over at Final Bastion, Secrets of the Spiral and Stars of the Spiral!

You can also find a ton of other useful information about the game over at