Pirate101 Monthly Newsletter


June 2020



Music is the true beating heart of the Spiral and makes all the magic come alive!

In this developer diary we invited Nelson Everhart, Musician and Composer, to the studio (official visit was in late 2019) to talk about the early days of developing music for Wizard101 and Pirate101.

Listen in as he has a truly unique tale to tell about how he contributed to the game's success.


We sent out a survey to the community last month asking everyone what you thought of KI Lives and how they can be improved. Your ideas are always worth considering and this time was no different. This is the first KI Live that implements some of those ideas!

While the show will overall feel the same, here are some of the changes we made for this first update:
  • Shortened the introduction
  • Increased focus on developer guest appearances
  • Moved the giveaway code to mid-show and revealed the prizes in the beginning
  • Spread questions throughout the show with the most important answered in the beginning
  • Increased the amount of questions answered
  • Removed the community screenshot feature (this will now be its own social initiative)
  • Some thinning of gameplay segments, depending on the month

Secret Reader Bonus - As of this newsletter's announcement, for those who didn't get a chance to redeem the KI Live giveaway code yet, we opened it up again (ILOVEDRAGONS2020) for another 500 redemptions!

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A great Pirate101 tip from KI Live comes from community member Ash:

“When purchasing ship equipment in the bazaar, ensure you have the ship unbottled if you are sorting the equipment by 'Usable', otherwise the equipment you could be using may not show up. Happy Pirating!” - Ash


The community fansite Final Bastion and streamer The Craft Box have stepped up to lead us into battle with the first Nautical XP Party of 2020! Get yer ships ready, as this is going to be one big fight!

What’s a Nautical XP Party? Well, my friends, it is an amazing gathering of Pirate101 players to take on the biggest and baddest vessels in the skyways no matter your level! If you’re looking for a fast way to level up, then you’re definitely going to want to attend these events and watch your nautical experience bar overflow!

It’s not a strange occurrence to hear one of our great fan sites advertising a nautical XP party, and you’re going to want to listen up! Being in the right place at the right time is your first key to success.

A simple rule to sinking ships in a group is that if you’re in a ship that doesn’t have a lot of health, it’s best to let someone else take the lead. If you’re in a ship with a lot of health but not a lot of fire power, it’s best to take the hits for the group!

As soon as you see a ship firing on another, use bracket keys to target it and click powers to activate them. At these parties, you might want to use powers that do damage or debuff quickly to be sure you’ll get the nautical experience you’re after.

Keep watch on @Pirate101 for the start announcement at 4pm CT on June 5. The action can be fast and furious so try to keep up and enjoy the strength in numbers!


Direct from the community, the Sixth Annual @FansiteFest for both Wizard101 and Pirate101 will be taking place Saturday 6th June and Sunday 7th June! Stay tuned for more announcements on hosts and events on their website, fansitefestival.com!


Congrats Taylor Taylor, the community chose your quote for Puppet Pirates #91!

Guard: "Hey! That bath is for our legendary heroes!”

Gandry: "But we are lejendary! We 'ave been through coun-tellz advéntuairs!"

Guard: "Not around here you're not!"

~ Taylor Taylor

Join in on the fun by watching Twitter and Facebook for the next Puppet Pirate reveal!


From The Craft Box once again, they continue their walkthrough of their Privateer in episode #84 - Kane!


For this month’s fan art spotlight, we are showcasing a unique drawing by Blade of Night!

“I decided to do a P101 sketch since I haven't previously finished any drawings for it. This sketch took ~11 days to complete at a pace of about 5hrs/d. There are ~10 references to the gameー which ones can you see?” ~ Blade of Night

Capture an amazing screenshot like a magnificent sunset or a monster about to eat your ship and send it to us at community@pirate101.com. We’re always interested in showing off more art, gameplay guides, and other content!

Thanks, Pirates!


Final Bastion recently completed their Grand Pirate Championship 2020 tournament event.

TheFearsomeRubberDucky has a great (an ultimate!) guide on the Buccaneer.

If you have an upcoming event, blog post or other pieces of news you wish to share with the community, send it to community@pirate101.com. Include a link on social media if you have one and we may share it on social and here in future newsletters!

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