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Ahoy, Pirates!

See that? On the horizon? It's AN UPDATE! HOP ON, PIRATES, THE HYPE TRAIN (or boat, as it were) IS TAKING OFF! The month of May will be one to remember. We've got a new program rolling out for content creators, a fanmade Spiral Cup style competition, a Snack Showdown, and the first of many updates to come. All of that is a treasure worth getting excited for! Enjoy the bonus memes and art at the end of the newsletter as a little treat from the community to you.

Now, on to the news!

Teasers For Sinbad Part 2

Sinbad part 2 in barreling towards us! This update signals the start of multiple small-medium sized updates coming out this year and we cannot WAIT to see what you all think. The cherry on top of all this is our upcoming release on Steam! This upcoming update has a fair bit of good content, but do keep in mind that this is the first of many. Here's a link to the steam page.

Extra Credits Program

Extra Credits is all about bringing together dedicated content creators and providing them with fun initiatives for the community. For example, we may ask participants to create a guide with their Top 5 tips in completing a world, teaching a friend a new game mechanic, or covering the game's birthday in some way.
Fansite leaders and similar community contributors that are part of our other influencer programs are of course welcome and encouraged to sign up.

Here's a link to the program.

The Snack Showdown

In a world of over 500 snacks, the Spiral must be a host of culinary treasures. So why have we never made their food? We are now! You have the chance to vote on the 2 snack items the Community makes IRL. Will something delicious like cake win, or will something evil like Lava Soup win? That's up to you!

Make sure to follow us on Twitter so you can take part in the voting!Here's a link!

Summer Battle Royale

The event of the Summer is happening, and the contest is heating up! Six communities are all competing for a large Crown prize pool, and the winners will certainly be going into the next Spiral Cup with their heads held high.

Who will win? Who will falter? Find out next time on Dragon Ball Z! Wait. Pirate101! Find out next time on Pirate101! Check out updates to the event here!


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Here is some fanart that absolutely blew our socks clean off. Also a host of memes that'll have you doing a good giggle. Here goes! From BAVV#2630

From Zapter/rainbowthefox#4299

From NightshadeTea#5752

From maxxwellsilver#6452

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