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Ahoy, Pirates!

Welcome to another thrilling edition of the Pirate101 newsletter, where we bring you all the latest news and updates from the high seas of our beloved MMO world. On this very page you will encounter articles and content creators that could blow your very socks off, so strap in!

Assist the Kingsisle team in putting together the perfect Thanksgiving dinner! Install your new favorite chill mobile game! Get your thinking cap out and share your opinions about potential changes to Pirate101! Pull up your comfy chair and watch some of the best Pirate101 content available to us mere mortals! Last, but certainly not least, enjoy a glass of Yum while gazing at artwork that'll blow your replacement pair of socks that were blown off previously!

Fair winds and smooth seas, me hearties! Yo-ho-ho!

The Great Dinner Debate


It’s time to put together the ultimate Thanksgiving dinner for both Wizard101 and Pirate101. We need your help to decide which eight snacks would make the ultimate dinner. Pirates, board our Twitter account and cast your vote! There will be eight in total over the course of this month that will end with the greatest Spiral Thanksgiving dinner EVER! This is purely for fun. We do have other November plans though!

Here is the link to our Twitter page.

Plunder Hunt


A sister game studio of ours released a small mobile game! It’s a very casual dungeon crawler with some art from your favorite Pirate themed video game. Find them on your app store under Pirate101 Plunder Hunt. This active experiment is just that, an experiment. The Plunder team has already made a LOT of excellent changes to the game since it first released. We're happy to work with them in giving Pirates more content to enjoy.

We have an open letter about the game and a link to it here.

We Want Your Opinion


Pirate101 developers would like to hear your feedback about potential HUD changes. We’re looking at moving the menu around, so please hop on our Discord to give your opinions. On this issue and many more we are actively listening to your feedback! This temporary Discord channel will leave once we get enough feedback, but if you have more than please drop it in #p101-suggestions. There is a bird whose entire job is listening to the community. Give the Son of Zeus some work!

Link to the Discord server here!

Based Content Creator

Kukki is a multiplatform content creator that absolutely deserves a highlight. Not just for making a video about why they love Pirate101 (we’re a little biased in agreement there), but for making consistent quality content! Kukki is a goofy personality that is always keen to commit to a challenge for the sake of content. If you're looking to have a fun buddy to watch while playing Pirate101, this is the streamer for you! He also hosts giveaways occasionally, so give him a follow.

Go follow him on Twitch!

Full Companion Tier List


TheFearsomeRubberDucky is a man. A myth. A legend. Trees whisper his name. Rocks tremble when he approaches. This titan of Pirate101 has curated a tier list for our mere mortal selves to enjoy. If you're looking for a compendium of knowledge regarding the mechanics, small details, and meta of Pirate101, you would be hard pressed to find a better person for the job. We're lucky to have a content creator as cool as THE FearsomeRubberDucky.

Watch the video here!


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This is a art takeover! The art legend _Persistence_ of the 101 universe is creating FAR too much OUTSTANDING work to continue without a riot of applause. Please join us in enjoying thier beautiful works.





ART!!! Come join in on the fun at the Pirate101 Discord server! Discord.gg/pirate101

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