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2022 September Newsletter

Ahoy, Pirates!

If you’ve been itching for a plate full of delicious Pirate101 news, wait no longer. This past month saw the start of the BIGGEST tournament in Pirate101 history, the start of Pirate101Central’s revival, and a whole host of hilarious memes from the official Discord server. Anchors away for this sail-filling gust of news!

The Community Spiral Cup

Welcome, Pirates, to the first official Community Spiral Cup! Communities from all around the Spiral will compete for the Ultimate Prize: We’re making mount variants based on the winning communities! Sign-ups end September 9th and helping your community win the 2-week long challenges is easy. Learn more about the Community Spiral Cup at the link below.

Click here for more info!

KI Live Lite

We hope everyone enjoyed KI Live Lite again! This rare KI Live format is a casual setup that focuses more on fun & shenanigans. While we did not have much Pirate101 related news, there was plenty of silliness and developer Q&A to watch. Let us know what you think!

Answers from the King of Pirate Data

Pirates! Meet Uriyah, our Product Analyst. He has treasure-loads of secrets on things like how many Blood Flames have been deleted in Pirate101. Here are some answers to your questions!

Q. How many times has Captain Blood's Jacket been discarded?
A. **2,171** times from 157 characters.

Q. Which companions are the most popular/used the most?
A. Excluding the required tutorial companions, the companions that are made "Firstmate" in order of popularity are: Bonnie Anne, Sarah Steele, and Mormo

Do you have a question for Uriyah? DM us on Twitter @Pirate101 and we might post the answer on our page!

Best Gear Guide

Just as the sun is sure to rise, so too is Final Bastion sure to make amazing guides. This guide for PvE Best in Slot Gear for all classes showcases all the best non-Crown items for maximum power! Some configurations of gear may be better for certain fights, so be clever about what configuration you bring into soloing fights like Kane.

Secrets to the perfect build can be found here!


Pirates, watch out for all the commotion! #PuppetPirates #117 is a storm of claws! Keep an eye out for a chance to win 5K Crowns the next time we post Puppet Pirates. The winner of the Retweet Caption Contest is @SirMiaz (congratulations on winning 5K Crowns!) with their caption:

"Gandry: Who woulda thought these scratchy fellas could do such a damage?
Boochbeard: Whoops! We better leave now that the cat’s out of the box."

Here is the original post with all the other submitted captions!

Community Memes Spotlight

This month we’re looking at memes again! Before we get to the visual memes though, take a look through this list of joke-items that Reddit user goozer326 put together!

General Tso's Fake Yeezys
Buck Bronco's AirPods
Rooke's Homework Folder
Gortez's iPhone With Flappy Bird Downloaded
Captain Fowl's 30'' Apple Monitor His Rich Brother Gave Him That Still Totally Works Except Sometimes It Flickers Until You Unplug It And Plug It Back In

Luckyy#3078 put together the music video of the year in this glorious upload.

Do you have a meme or other art piece to share? Let us know and it may make an appearance in a future newsletter!


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