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April 2021


Aquilian Palace is introducing to pirates across the skyways The Aquilian Friendship 3v3 Tournament! Having already begun on Monday, April 5th, rounds will proceed for the following several weeks up to May 17th (unless there’s a tiebreaker round needed). Signups are currently open for level 70 pirates!

We’re excited to see so many new Pirate101 events popping up by fansites and livestreamers over the past few months. We’ve certainly taken notice (and participated in many of them!) and will continue to support these activities in any way that we can. Be sure to reach out to our community team if you have an upcoming event to share!


We had another fun KI Live with the community! We answered many of your great questions and gave away some exclusive Pirate101 swag. There were also some pretty amazing tips for new pirates that we haven’t seen before.

Tune into the show, now available on YouTube:

Secret Reader Bonus - The giveaway code was also changed up a bit with an exclusive Pirate101 code provided this time. As of this newsletter's announcement, for those who didn't get a chance to redeem the KI Live giveaway code yet, we opened it up again (P101SPRINGSHOWERS) for another 500 redemptions!

For more videos and livestreams, be sure to subscribe to KingsIsle's YouTube channel.

A great gameplay tip submitted to KI Live comes from Arlden Moonblood: “When you're helping other pirates from the Team Up Ledger, make sure not to rush into battle, let them read the dialogue and enjoy the story as they're questing. Questing is half the fun after all!” - Arlden Moonblood


Congrats CarlaG, your quote was chosen for Puppet Pirates #100!

Boochbeard: "Quick! We need to get out of here before they spot us!"

Gandry: "Don’t worry, Mr. Sparkle will teleport us in no time. Onward Mr. Sparkle..."

Boochbeard: "WAIT FOR MEEE!!"

~ CarlaG


Just a few days after Employee Appreciation Day, our team celebrated International Women’s Day! Here are some of their stories as posted on KingsIsle's Twitter and Facebook pages between March 8th and March 12th.


From Adventures of the Spiral, in February you all got to meet Humble Misty Morgan, and now you get a chance to meet her little sister, Loveable Melody Morgan!

“Humble Misty Morgan was reminiscing about her little sister that she hadn’t seen in many years. Her sister’s name was Loveable Melody Morgan and was also taken in by the Dogs of Marleybone. When their parents were lost, Melody was very little, so when Misty started her adventure, she stayed with the Dogs of Marleybone.

Even though Loveable Melody Morgan had learned to be a proud soldier, becoming a privateer, she actually loved to stay behind the scenes and sneak around below ground finding hidden information and treasures. Instead of a privateer, others called her a spelunker! Melody decided it was time to venture out, away from the Dogs, and wanted to start her own adventure into the underground. Her favorite places to explore would include temples, tunnels, and sewers.”

Also follow their adventure as they find Wilhelmina’s Ring and Rescue Captain Gordon!


For this month’s art spotlight, Mia draws this picture of a ship on the majestic skyways! Many of you may know that Mia was even contracted by KingsIsle for a short time to create some art for our Wizard101 game and the recent Karamelle update.

Thanks again Mia for your wonderful contributions!

“I was practicing creating different landscapes, and I wanted to create a skyway. The location is unknown but I think it turned out alright!” ~ Mia

Capture an amazing screenshot or artwork like a magnificent sunset or a monster about to eat your ship and send it to us at community@kingsisle.com. We’re always interested in showing off more art, gameplay guides, and other content!


Genevieve Moongarden put together a complete Puppet Pirates #1-100 celebration video! If you’ve been following this series, we started Puppet Pirates all the way back in 2012!

Follow Boochbeard and Gandry on their journey from the beginning:

Keep updated on what’s happening in the community right here in our community news section! For every newsletter, we receive direct from the community links to new gameplay guides, exciting upcoming contests, and much more. Thanks to the following fansites and other community leaders for their contributions this month!

The 7th annual Wizard101 and Pirate101 Fansite Festival is set for April 17-18th! This is naturally one of our favorite events of the year as it brings together so many fansites, including of course all those that participate in our official fansite program.

Keep watch in the days ahead for more from the Fansite Festival and how we may be participating!

Reminder! Weekend Pet Morph Giveaways by TheFearsomeRubberDucky

"Pet Morph GiveAways are a chance for everyone to morph with amazing pets. I farm for maximum gold on all 4 of my accounts and try to morph it all out to you guys in 2 hours or less. Make sure to tune into the stream and show up at the morphing tent realm one Eye Jack. I'm there every Friday and Saturday at 4-6 pm CT" - TheFearsomeRubberDucky

Reminder! Companion Wars on Twitch - Sundays at 4 pm CT - 6 pm CT

"Companion wars is a companion only combat at my Smuggler's Cove arena. Viewers redeem 'quack points' to ban and unban companions, and they can also make wagers on who will win using the new "/predictions" feature on twitch. Packs are awarded to the winners of each round, and a free membership can be redeemed if you have enough' quack points' for it. The beauty of this game mod is that it forces you to use companions you wouldn't normally have to use and that makes things especially fun for the companion collectors out there." - TheFearsomeRubberDucky

Battlefy Tournaments

TheFearsomeRubberDucky also has a tournament for PvP folks that started on April 5th! Participation details on Battlefy.

Have an upcoming event, article or other news you wish to share with the community? Send it to community@pirate101.com. Include a link on social media if you have one and we may share it on social and here in future newsletters!

And congrats to rrrrzzzz for surpassing 1,000 followers on his Twitch channel! He celebrated the occasion with an interview of another fellow Pirate101 livestreamer:

I interviewed BenSciandGames. Ben is a science focused Twitch streamer, who is a Pirate101 newbie. I wanted to hear the perspective of a new player on the current state of the game and thoughts on what Kingsisle under MGI's new ownership should do to make Pirate101 better.” - rrrrzzzz

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