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Can't get into p101 bug

Aug 17, 2014
I am really annoyed about a new bug I incountered. On the page with the p101 flag it doesn't show the words ''click a key to start p101''. It just stays as a flag but i can't get into p101 even though i logged in. Please fix this bug asap, its extremely annoying.

This sounds like an isolated issue to your account. Please contact Pirate101 Customer Support and ask for them to assist. They should be able to help you with this stuck account.


*One-Eyed Jack, Your Pirate101 Community Manager*
Jun 20, 2013
i sometimes have this kind of problem too. if you dont have a way to go back to your desktop screen, then you have to restart. its just mildly annoying and usually a pirate101 reboot can fix that.