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boarding ship troubles

Dec 23, 2012
I am experiencing troubles in getting on my ships helm when I teleport from a dock.
I wind up on the leave ship sigil.
I wonder what it is I am doing wrong?
I have tried these things: signed out of the game, gone to character selection screen.
If I sign out I have to wait a considerable amount of time to get back and get onto ship.
Anyone have any advice?


Mar 18, 2022
Sorry if this a dumb followup -- when you get to the "leave ship" sigil are you onboard the ship?

Dread Pirate
May 27, 2009
I suspect that you are possible boarding the ship of another Pirate when this happens. Are you playing at a very crowded dock?

Look for your emblem matching your sails, and the correct boarding icon for your own ship will be brighter than another icon for a neighboring vessel.