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The new Figureheads

Sep 04, 2013
I am surprised nobody has brought this up yet, the powers on the new figureheads are severely under leveled compared to the powers on figureheads from Marleybone and Aquila. In Marleybone and Aquila figureheads will do either 2x damage every 11 or 12 seconds or 3.5 damage every 18 seconds. The new figureheads in Valencia all seem to do 1x damage every 11 seconds, making them a bit useless.

Nov 18, 2013
I noticed that myself. They are technically worse than the "noob" fire arrows that you get from the RAFT, which fire 4 seconds faster, I guess. And a lot of other examples exist, too. Like with MooShu ships, a certain figurehead (With Ymir's Hammer) does double the damage of these "barrage" figureheads, with the same time. Unless there is an unmentioned statistic, they are worse than the old figureheads. And a wheel in Valencia I noticed also had the old "Hammer and Nails" healing, which by 99.9% of pirates, will have better wheels, with more rewarding heals. Is the game trying to put us back in the "Skull Island" days, when ships had basic equipment?

Curiously wondering,
Honest Morgan Morgan, level 65, yet likely not to remain so.

Gunner's Mate
Feb 22, 2011
I wouldn't call this a bug- I'm pretty sure this is just to encourage farming and gathering. Plus, in case you hadn't noticed, the hull repair rates on the new figureheads is incredibly high. If you're trying to improve your ship stat-wise, these are great, but power-wise useless.