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a controversial boss idea

Sep 01, 2013
hello, this is noble valkoor hawkins back with another idea!

this boss would be either an undead or clockwork, its class would be privateer and would be located in valencia 2 in an area that hasnt been accessed yet, the way to access it would be to get your kraken skulls companion to level 65.

it would be the loremaster of pirate101, giving a chance to get the pack companions or (for now) the following creatures as companions:

skeletal pirate/warrior
undead pirate lord (floating dutchman, smoke color would be based on flag color)
technomancer (bishop but not bishop)
gingerbread warrior (christmas only)
ninja pig star thrower (or whatever it was called)
thresher cannoneer
prawn mastermind
troggy hunter

the boss-based companions would be nerfed, the pirate lord would have blazing berm and vicious charge while the technomancer would have gunnery and two summons of those turret things, prawn mastermind gets regroup, jobu's kiss and rouse.

and thats all i have, leave other companion ideas here for this boss!

Jan 11, 2013
This is a really really really cool idea for a boss, especially to give content for endgame players. I honestly don't see any major difficulties with this being added, aside from companions as "drops" being a new mechanic. I would only hope that if KI were to use this idea it wouldn't be a skeleton key boss and would be easily farmable, since there's already been soooo many key bosses added over the last 3 years.

It'd be cool to have a minotaur companion, as Aquila seems very under-represented on the mythology side for companions.