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Things to add in Future Pirate101 Updates

May 30, 2009
First of all, I'd like to celebrate with everyone for the release of the latest Pirate101 Update that was on Test Realm earlier to the Live Realm yesterday and thank The Pirate101 Team for this big update compared to the last 2 updates of the last year, Content wise and quality wise, This update was fantastic so far and proved that Kingsisle still cares about Pirate101.

While we're happy to see this update is now in the Live Realm, Here's a list of things that Pirate101 really needs for the next update(s) :

1- A new World

While it has been a year and 3 months now ever since the release of Book 15, I think this is the time to push the story of the second arc out there to the light with at least a Preview Quest of ''Getting There is Half the Fun'' (Like the Celestia Preview side quest for Wizard back in 2010) or with at least a part 1 of the world and the next part to be seen later at the year after

2- Crafting

While it saddens me how Pirate101 is turning 5 years old next month without crafting introduced yet, I'd like to see crafting a thing in Pirate101. Crafted gears or ships could enhance PvP for both now with better grants or stats to help out more

3- Backpack Item Locking

Who didn't trash or sell a special item or loot on accident before? Pretty sure we all did, But to avoid this to happen again, We DO really need Backpack Items locking for the next update at least. It'll help save the loot and items that we'd like to keep in our backpack without the worry or fear of trashing them or selling them on accident

4- Quick Selling

Quick selling from your backpack like in Wizard101 could help a LOT and save time and efforts while you're in the middle of a dungeon without to worry about your backpack being overflowed in a Tower of Moo run or something

5- Music Player

Ever since the game started, Our houses are kinda dead with no music, Just sound effects. I'd like to have the ability to play the Party Barge Theme inside my home while i'm training a pet or decorating my house. Music Players would be a great addition to enjoy in game

6- PvP Spectator System and Tournaments

It would be great to see this coming anytime soon. I'd like to spectate ranked PvP Matches or race over the 1st place in tournaments to earn some rare loot, Lots of Scrip and more. That'd make things more fun and there'll be more of a competition between the Ranked PvP Players

7- Mannequins

While this one has been in the forums for years, We haven't gotten the chance to see mannequins to show my rare gear to my friends in my home there. Would also save lots of space for Backpack and bank

8- Increased Backpack Space from 120 to 150 for Members and Member Benefits

Both of these could make so many Players to keep their membership active just to go for the Member Benefits. Double Pet XP could help. Or how about Free tournaments (Once there's a tournament system for PvP) or Free Practice Points buyback for our Pirates?

Thank you once again for the update and I hope you consider my ideas.