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Trading Companions

Jul 25, 2010
I want to trade companions in your shared bank! I like my companions but I like the the other starter companions as well. It's really annoying that Subodai is so slow and Kan Po is so fast. And I know some of you are gonna say, "Just buy from the Crown Shop!" Well I did buy some companions but seriously you don't even get to test them out or refund them! It's so annoying that I, and a lot of other people, waste 5,995, or 4,995 crowns for some weak, slow, and low health companions. So please KI, please let us trade our companions, or at least let us refund these "crown bought companions" for the exact amount we bought them.

Thank You,
Sneaky Jaques Nightingale,
Level 40 Swashbuckler

Aug 29, 2011