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pvp chambers

Feb 14, 2010
please add another less hidden spar house so I can play there always full or empty or make it like wizards where it pairs you up automatically so it is less frustrating.

Jan 19, 2014
Well there's another less frequent PVP Chamber near the mount and furniture shop.

An update to PvP is on Pirate 101's radar but it's not a big priority for them currently.

Meanwhile, you have to wait for your chance to jump on the sigil to have a PvP duel.

Petty Officer
Nov 23, 2012
you know you can switch realms on pirate 101 avery realm is always crowded and full but the other ones are empty or frequently less people there i hope i was a help here

May 25, 2011
can we have a pvp health gauge to watch fighter's health/stat's and it tell's who's winning