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second class

Nov 04, 2012
im a privateer and im wondering wt 2nd class i should learn from...
buccaneer or witchdoctor? wts your guys opinion 4 me?

Petty Officer
Jun 06, 2009
I'd do witchdoctor or musketeer on any melee class because you can get ranged spells.

May 13, 2011
second classes dont matter as much in P101 they do in W101. some classes are best to learn a few skills from. i would recommend learning ghostvail and rouse

Feb 07, 2010
I'd go train a few points into Swashbuckler for the extra damage. (I'm not sure if this is effective) Maybe train Vicious Charge. Witchdoctor I'd say isn't too great for other classes. I'd prefer Musketeer instead of Witchdoctor... (If you are going to go for Musketeer, use a Slashy/Shooty weapon that does damage from Strength [Then again, not many of those weapons are boosted through strength]). Hope this helped!

Dead-Eye Jeremy Wright Level 50
Dead-Eye Jeremy Wright Level 50