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An Update on Pirate101

Sep 20, 2009
anecorbie on May 11, 2021 wrote:
I fully support your wish for those spelling changes, it must be a hassle to try to remember U.S. spelling as well as your native tongue! I know I would sometimes be at a loss as to whether to add that "u" in honour or colour, for example.
It is a hassle, because it's how we think when we spell.
Adding the U to colour is a pretty common spelling difference, but there's also swapping out 's' and 'c' in some words, like defence, switching the placement of 'er' like in metre or centre.

Apr 11, 2015
i'm going to be honest with you professor, you and the team have done a wonderful job making this game and expanding what you could give out most, but, wizard101 has allot more to offer in this case, that you, would ditch pirate101 for that reason, expanding wizard101 makes it really unfair to us, who still care about pirate101 because this game has a lot of potential, the commercials drove me to participate in this new world expansion, and every world was better than the other, and became harder as you moved on to your levels, i want to see that again, but frankly i get where you are going at with, "no longer expanding the game, by new worlds but with something else", if you so ever plan to expand this game differently, i may have a few suggestions, side quests are a good lead to that expansion, sometimes even areas at the same grounds, but in different places that could be put to better use, mostly areas that are most famous for farming, my suggestion is weapons, gear, but not just any gear, gear that looks really good to wear status and appearance, mostly captian swings gear but you can change the color, i really feel anyone would farm 100 times for that gear and soon be lucky, this game has allot of work to come back equally, as wizard101 is if you really want to bring, pirate101 and wizard101 equally you have to at least try, and its better than nothing, i am on your side and the staffs side, with this, i am aware it takes time and money to come up with one story or even many, i'm not a producer myself but i would love to be apart of a team such as this, one day because its a passion i want to have, because gaming is something i love. i hope you guys do well in the future, and please, keep this game around more allot of people love this game!!!!!!

Nov 23, 2011
Ahoy - an update with some bug fixes and a new adventure. Thanks, KI - a good start.