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Ban these people

Aug 01, 2011
Please report Crazy Leo Collins, Virtuous Heather Silver, and Crafty Tristan Collins, I just started talking to them about gifting THEN they say I killed people because I have a shovel as a weapon in the game. Then I took them all on in pvp. Leo came in and started following along. Then they said '' It was a joke its the internet DUH '' You don't joke about killing people. You know how many people die everyday? Plus they kept picking on me and harassing me. They kept saying swears kind of. Just ban these people. Or mute them. They are annoying and mean. Seriously.

Sneaky Jonathan

Aug 01, 2011
The other post I made about banning the people. That was a little too forceful. I am just asking to mute them now so they don't bother anyone else. It's a little much just to ban someone for harassment.

Mar 09, 2011
I know exactly what you mean. On the internet, people can choose to be anything they want to be; It's strange that so many people choose to be stupid. I hope that there's some way we can filter those people out of family friendly games like these.

Petty Officer
Jan 18, 2013
why don't you just press the ignore button for them?