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Revive Pirate101

Aug 18, 2010
i been playing since beta i have put alot of time into the game i play wizard too but my love is pirate why cant you see that the phone games are a bad investment you need to show love were it is given i am disabled and i stock trade on the side you need to put in better then you getting out. if you had some i would buy stocks of pirate. wizard is going good Give people a reason to stay with pirate i see new people starting everyday but when asked about updates when told no they do not get membership sincerly Spunknott

Jul 15, 2009
The lack of attention to this thread from developers really breaks my heart. I've literally been playing Pirate101 basically since its launch, I can't even count how many years I've had this membership. I'm over halfway through college and I've been playing this game since elementary school. I treasure this game so dearly; it was so obviously once deeply cared for. I love this game so much more than Wizard101 because the characters feel so much more real, the worlds are so much more stunning, the fight style is, in my opinion, much more preferable to Wizard101's. There's so many aspects about this game that just make it astronomically better than Wizard101; I played both as children, obviously, but Pirate101 is the one that stayed consistently more enjoyable, and the world- and character-building is just something that I find close to unmatched. The sheer amount of effort and time and thought that was so obviously put into this game makes me so confused as to why KingsIsle won't put forward just the tiniest bit more to keep their fans interested.

Bat keeps saying that "they're at the same stage" as 2019, in which they simply said they weren't planning on anything. This just feels like a blatant admission that nothing will continue to get done except for the same seasonal updates we've been getting for years. Why? There was so much put into this game; it almost feels it was more cared for than Wizard101. Or, at least, it certainly did before Wizard101 started getting such a disproportionate amount of updates and developments. There were clearly so many people who put so much love and thought into Pirate101, and there was such a loyal and loving fanbase. I still probably won't get rid of my subscription even yet; I love this game so much, I wish so deeply it would be updated.

I just ask why? Are there not enough resources? Are there not enough players? I beg of KI to just be honest about why they're neglecting Pirate101. Please just be honest if it will ever even be touched again. People who continue to pay and hold out hope deserve to know if Pirate101 is going to continue to just rot on its servers. :(

Nov 23, 2011
It is an awesome game. I hope that some day they may remember to feed it.


Sep 20, 2014
My Comment was a long time ago but I still haven't seen any updates once I max up I'm gonna leave unless there is an update i'm gone. I hope they realize they are losing members. I have been playing this game since I was 6 I remember devoting every hour on this game but I stopped for about a year because I knew what was gonna happen because I did the Kane dungeon for coins and I'm almost maxed now. Unless they update this game which has a much more graphics and storyline then other games I'm gone. Also, even Pirates has Wizard inferences and the couch potato screen has Wizard101 commercials on the TV screen It's gotten out of hand.
Thanks to Tara Morris for making this topic because it gives you a place to speak out.

Daft E Cormac 68

Sep 20, 2014
Lookit Light on Apr 30, 2020 wrote:
I want to specify that this may be Kingsisle's last chance. We are quite literally the very last of your playerbase on these message boards, and people are leaving. Waddledede left a while back, Willowydream is no longer subscribed, I haven't heard anything from Calamity Finch, Helpful Aurora Parker, or RRRRZZZZ419 in MONTHS, and Anecorbie is threatening to leave in June. I am nothing short of disappointed by such a long delay from Kingsisle.

Have your Spring Update KI Live for Wizard, they deserve a stream about their new features.

But I am putting an ultimatum on this game. This is the last patience that I, as a faithful player since Pirate101's Beta, am willing to give, and I hope Captain Avery himself is listening. The deadline is the middle of July of this year. By then, I want to have proof that a decent, good-quality update is on its way. And no pointless things like more Skeleton Key bosses, I want the REAL CONTENT THAT WE DESERVE. If at least this is not fulfilled, then I have no reason to trust Kingsisle's decisions like I used to.

Please, Kingsisle, I am begging you for at least this. I have loved this game since I was a child, and you are breaking my love and trust. Prove to me, PROVE to me that you are the loving game I want to know.
It's true I am in 2021 but it's important we look back and appreciate our gone a lingering masters I hope we are good students

Daft 68

Feb 12, 2015
DaftE on Apr 3, 2021 wrote:
It's true I am in 2021 but it's important we look back and appreciate our gone a lingering masters I hope we are good students

Daft 68
There is hope for this game now, though. Since I made that... statement... you quoted a year ago, Kingsisle has been purchased by Gamigo. They have expressed a genuine interest in Pirate101's future, and it has been confirmed that an update addressing several bugs is coming in future. I have regained hope in the company and am eagerly anticipating the future.

Pirate Overlord
Mar 16, 2012
Lookit Light on Apr 5, 2021 wrote:
There is hope for this game now, though. Since I made that... statement... you quoted a year ago, Kingsisle has been purchased by Gamigo. They have expressed a genuine interest in Pirate101's future, and it has been confirmed that an update addressing several bugs is coming in future. I have regained hope in the company and am eagerly anticipating the future.
I wish I could be more hopeful; bug fixes are necessary but aren't enough to keep the game alive. We need more news of what is being planned; something more specific than bug fixes (which they should have addressed years ago.)

Feb 18, 2017
Tara Morris on Apr 25, 2020 wrote:
So I’ve only been playing Pirate101 for a number of months now. Absolutely love the game and am deeply invested in it. I’m sure I can speak for a lot of people when I say that. However doing some not so very deep research I found that the game is grossly underdeveloped and uncared for. The game is many years old now, I remember seeing the launch trailers as a kid but never got around to playing the game. Now under current circumstances, I have the time to sit at home and play. Finished the story and max leveled my musketeer and was expecting so much more. I was ready to see what more the game had to offer and was surprised to see that there isn’t much else to do. The Haywire Dreadnaught, Tower of Moo Manchu and replaying Kane’s court are the only things max level players have left to do. The game is very deep into its lifespan and has yet to receive a story update. While community management reassured the player base that they have not “forgotten” about the game, they don’t seem to have any substance to support those claims. While reading many reviews about the game studio many claim it to be “directionless” and “mismanaged”. But you don’t need to read reviews to find that to be the case. The company’s flagship game Wizard101 is constantly evolving and updated understandably so, Pirate101 sits in its shadow dying. Horrible business practice for any game developer, however something that can be fixed rather easily. A dedicated group of developers appointed to work on the game could breathe new life into what is an already fantastic game, that still has a very dedicated and loyal fan base still around. With a project lead the give the developers direction and guidance, and a steady stream of content releases I’m sure the player base would grow and make the game more profitable to Kingsisle. Which would actually encourage more and more people to play the game and make Kingsisle have a reason to keep development of the game rolling. As it stands Kingsisle has no care for the game as it is not profitable or not as much as they’d like due to a sore lack of a comparable player base to Wizard101. This is as stated before attributed to lack of content for players of the game to enjoy.
As we all know not all player requested content can make its way into a game. This much is true, however such a thing as a main story questline update can happen. Not only can it happen, it should happen. After defeating Kane the main storyline is left completed but open ended. I’m sure that the “The End?” after that fight was meant to segway into another line of quests. However development was halted or cut altogether and the game has been left in the state it is in. While true small content drops have been made such as last years Halloween update with Black Annie Rackham and Blightbeard was implemented into the game it’s not enough to holdover players indefinitely. Especially when the biggest reward; both bosses unlocked as companions. Is stuck behind a paywall. As well as the Pirate Nightmare Packs (Which also was released as a pack for Wizard101) was released, players aren’t going to jump for joy at Kingsisle’s rendition of a lootbox. Which as we’ve seen in the media had a huge uproar in the gaming community, leading games such as Battlefront 2 to scrap the idea altogether as a whole. But Kingsisle still persists after unsavory and outdated methods of micro transactions to pull money from the game. Going as far as to make their two game memberships separate entities.
My solution is simple. Make your voices heard in the message boards as well as any other media so that Kingsisle can see the support for this game is still here. But it’ll soon wane and waver much like so many of that of others if we are not given what is so rightfully ours. Game developers who make millions of dollars off of constant updates and developments of their games such as Bungie with Destiny 2. Blizzard with Overwatch and numerous other games, WoW being a very big example. Even Undead Labs with State of Decay even though content is slow to release still listen to their community and deliver content to the best of their ability. Re-releasing seasonal content year after year, recycling content from Wizard101 and overall neglecting a game will NOT make it profitable in any sense. If dollar signs are all Kingsisle cares about then the clear way to profit from your assets is to nurture them. Especially one that has as much promise as Pirate101. Someone with very limited business background such as myself can understand that. However, limitation of employee creativity and input. High employee turnover rate. Directionless company goals and development. And lack of understanding and willingness to listen to your target market is financial and business suicide.
That was a very quality, well written post. Thank you for sharing your honest opinion on the current state of the game. I, and pretty much everybody here agrees with your statement. Pirate101 does need good quality updates. Not just recycled mounts from Wizard101, not just new skeleton key bosses, something actually good! I remember the October 2019 "Update" with the new skeleton key bosses. Guess how many times I have done them? 1 time each. It was pathetic. When we got that so called "Update" I didn't even bother to log on to the game. Why? because it was such a low quality update? Also it was the 1st, maybe 2nd update of the year. It really upset me on how there was such a lack of content there. Also the fact that we haven't had a storyline expansion since 2016, the fact that there was not a single update in the year 2020. How about the storyline update gap between 2013 and 2016. As a lot, if not most of you know, Wizard101 got a storyline update just last year. Making the level cap 140. DOUBLE, yes, double of what Pirate101's level cap is. By the way, the last time Wizard101 got a storyline expansion before Karamelle was Empyrea Part 2. Before that? Part 1 of Empyrea. I looked at the others and continued seeing worlds being added to the game around November every year. In 2013, Marleybone and Aquila were added to Pirate101. The 1st multi world update Kingsisle has done, and if I am right, the only one. Now, that was probably, or should I say definitely, The best update Pirate101 got. I believe if Kingsisle decided to just add Marleybone, (Maybe Aquila after MooShu instead.) and not both at the same time, would have been much better. Spacing out the updates more instead of just releasing a big bulk would have been a much better choice. It would have just made more sense. If Aquila was added later, it would have been much less of a gap between the storyline updates, not to mention, quite a lot of players, myself included were expecting another super big update to come in the next 1 to 2 years. But no, we had to wait 3 years! Really disappointed me! Also the quality of the next story update (Valencia 2) was just... disappointing. It was such a short world, There are a lot of places in Calabria Skyway that you never end up getting to go to. What about Valencia City? Why didn't we go there? I have also seen many pictures of the Armada and the cool places we expected to go in that update. If you search up "Pirate101 armada" and go to Images, you will see some cool concepts, and thing that we were going to get in Valencia Part 2. But, we never got them. Why? Because it costed too much money for them to produce it. They were too focused on Wizard101. They still are. In the last KI live, the only thing they said about Pirate101 was that they were doing "some early planning". Really disappoints me. Angers me too. I have played this game ever since December 2012. I started Wizard101 in 2011 but switched to Pirate when I discovered it. Ever since I went on it, I was attached. I loved it. I have 2 max pirates, one in this account and one on my brother's (The one I used until I made this one in 2017) and I am currently doing a 3rd playthrough. To see my favourite game treated and neglected the way it was, and still is, truly disappoints me. Kingsisle stopped updating it, and players left because they stopped updating it. despite them knowing they have a dedicated fanbase that wants quality updates, and still not giving them to us is completely disgusting. I don't want to discredit the developers, it is not their fault. It is the management. I am glad there will be, or there already is new management for Kingsisle. This management recognises the fact Pirate101 needs updates! And we do! Very much do. It was like KI tried to fix a drought (The lack of updates) with a drop of water (The latest October 2019 ''update'') Very poor management and decisions. I am glad that the whole acquisition happened. Some people may think differently. But my point is that, the only reason Pirate101 will get updates in the future, quality updates mind you (Or I hope so, and think so.) is because of the recent acquisition that happened. So please improve Kingsisle. This game could very easily stay in the same state it is in, and has been for quite a while if not treated correctly. I could go on about all the problems with Pirate101, and it's management, but I will move on to my ideas for the game.

Now on to some ideas that I have for the game.

Pirate101 had lots of unused potential, and still does. With new updates, for example, storyline expansions, new side systems (Like crafting in W101) will be very good and beneficial for the game and it's fanbase. I believe the next world will be Polaris. There is quite a lot of evidence that there will be Polaris next, and if not next, surely at some point, As most of you would know, there is a stormgate to Polaris in Calabria Skyway. (Valencia Part 2). Also I think that there will be a Valencia Part 3. In Port Regal Skyway, there is a stormgate leading to Valencia. I went to it and it said "STORMGATE TO VALENCIA, REQUIRES RED WINDSTONE". This surprised me actually, despite the cinematic of Queen getting back up after you defeat Kane. (Sorry for the spoiler if you haven't yet finished the game) Something else I do want to see is a world based of Indigenous Australia. Having that would be pretty cool as I am an Australian, and would be something unique for the story line. There could be something like a Marleybonian invasion of the world, and maybe the pirate tries to help stop it, and help the indigenous owners of the land. Or possibly it could be the pirate's next encounter with the Armada. As an alternative for the path of the story, it could be the resurrected Armada (Lead by the Queen) that attack the indigenous people and maybe you could have another epic battle with the queen and her revived soldiers. Another idea I have is multiple storyline pathways. Maybe it could be multiple options that lead you to different pathways throughout the story. (Of course still ending up with the same final ending of the world). That would be a really cool feature to have in the game. But, I am sure many people would disagree with that, since it wouldn't be like the original game.

Thank you for reading this, if you did actually read it all. I really do hope that Pirate101 is updated in the future and thrives like how it could of.

Mar 28, 2009
Lots of great comments in this thread - I can never fault the players for supporting this game to the utmost. As for Kingsisle and the new owners -- I'll believe it when I see it happening.

Planning -- again? When will y'all stop starting back at Square One here?