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Sailing a Whale

Petty Officer
May 25, 2012
I've been tinkering with a design concept and am curious to see other people's feedback for this idea for a new ship: a sfiff version of Jonah Town. Basically it's a sort of Flotsam-themed skiff-sized platform attached to the back of a skywhale. The platform itself would look not unlike the pirate raft, though bigger and more refined, but with a row of barrels running its length as placement for cannons and anchors.

As for ship equipment, this new ship would use a mix of existing gear - Bison Skiff sails (because I like them and they accomodate the design), Samoorai skiff figureheads (because they don't require a typical ship hull and can be simply tacked onto a flat platform), and Eagle skiff rudders (for similar desgn reasons). Anchors would probably drop just ahead of the whale's fins.

Ship armor would be the new item for this. Rather than getting some sort of armor plating for your whale from other ships, you get barnacles from the creatures between the worlds. We get some indication that some wierd barnacles exist between the worlds, so while you're fighting these monsters, you have a chance of barnacles attaching to your hull and then showing up as a ship item after you finish your battle.

Effectively, the ship would be a "skiff", though would likely be a bit bigger then most simply because of the whale beneath it.

I welcome any thoughts, especially if you would yourself want a ship like this.

Dec 31, 2012
All I can think of is that you'd get the environmentalists and anti-whale-hunting groups on your tail pretty darn quickly for attacking a whale with a ship...

Fair Winds and Following Skies,
~~Aeolian Dust

Jun 23, 2013
I was thinking just last night about how it might be nice to see some giant creatures as future ships that we can use. I was thinking about what kind of ship some of the more tribal groups might use and I was thinking about ships on the backs of birds and whales and the like.

I think it would be a fun design concept to be quite honest and it adds some fun variety to ships. The main problem I would see is working out different parts to fit on the creatures but while I think that they have to fill the same roles I don't know that they have to be exactly the same.

For a rudder you might instead see reigns to turn the animal the way you want. The figure head could be jewelry or paint on the creatures. I don't really have an idea to replace the sail but I'm sure something could be done.

It'd be fun to go sailing across the skies on the back of a giant bird or something to that effect.

Petty Officer
May 25, 2012
Just to reply to both of the above responses:

You wouldn't be hunting a whale, you'd be sailing one. With the exception of Jonah Town there'd be no other sky whales. In fact, part of the reason for using existing ship gear is to avoid just that - you don't need to hunt other whale ships to get ship equipment for yours.

Secondly, I considered reins as well in the rudder slot, but similarly, part of the deal with this ship (as I envisioned it) is that it doesn't introduce many new items - only the armor, and that you get from normal battles anyway.