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Thank You Pirate101 for Expansion Proof

Sep 19, 2012
Ijjob on Apr 22, 2016 wrote:
Uh, it's apparent and obvious that KI pays more attention to W101 than P101; and it also makes more money than P101. This has been known for quite awhile. The last actual update(I'm talking story continuation, not small add-ons) was May 23rd, 2013.

Let me know of any other MMO that can do that and survive. Trust me, you won't find one. KI is taking advantage of the fact that this is primarily a kids game. Hence the lack of communication from devs and lack of updates. Next month will mark 3 years since a world was introduced. Nobody can/should argue that it takes that long to develop more content.

Just wish KI would quit keeping us in the dark and actually communicate with us what's going on. Keeping things from your customers isn't a great way to run a business, let alone a MMO.
there is only one piece of your statement I'd like to point out that I agree with 100%.. I'll quote it "Let me know of any other MMO that can do that and survive. Trust me, you won't find one. "
thats because this game has so much more potential than others most especially those in similar themes.. the devs that primarily work on it play it so they know its good..the player fanbase is made up of the best of the best personalities out there.. these people.. the vets.. this community are loyal strong courageous ingenious intelligeant lovable hugs and cookies kind of people.. when one cries we all rush to them.. sure we dont always agree but you'll see this isnt just any old mmo might not be as flashy as gw2 etc but the people that play this all know that it takes more than flashiness to make a great game.. even more than that, it takes a community like this to make it survive.. we're pirates but we aint hoisting sail, we dropping anchor and going down with the ship before we even think of letting go of this game!
though I am a marauder I'm nowhere near "vet" status.. cant wait until you meet some of them..truly meet them..they are the heart of this game they keep us all afloat.
stormy jen silver

Dec 06, 2012
WOOHOO *Song 2 starts playing*