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Who should I level up next?

Dec 11, 2010
So guys with my Witchdoctor almost at the end (or really current end before Valencia part 2 comes out) I been thinking which of my little baby characters should get to the end next.

Recap on my characters with names and class
Those who have already proven themselves worthy
Dead-Eye Tyler Collins 65
Lazy Rachel Webb 64

The baby characters
Funny Krystal Hawkins 15 (A true sharpshooter and a lover of birds everywhere)
Lazy Krystal Webb 7 (The adopted child of Funny Krystal and Lazy Rachel. Some people mistaken her to be the twin of Funny Krystal Hawkins.)
Daring Destiny Dove 10 (The one who lets her companions do all the work! )
Dead-Eye Tyler Collins 45 (He has a lot of potential, he has an axe of minotaur lords just waiting to be wielded! You may say why is he on this list, well he is still in Mooshu so he hasn't matured fully yet. He is still so young in my eyes.)
Which one should reach the ranks next? Should Dove be it because Privy characters will be in high demand in Valencia Part 2?

Nov 23, 2011
I tend to rotate between a character from one of the two melee classes (swashie or bucky) to one from the three "rear oriented" classes (muskies, privies, and witchies). So that way I play someone who likes to run up and put the boot in for a while and then I play someone who hangs back to the rear of the fight dropping bombs, spells and the occasional hamster on the enemies' heads.

So if I were just finishing up with Rachel (who seems to be a high achiever for someone reputed to be "lazy"), I would probably go with Krystal W., or Tyler before Kyrstal H or Destiny. Since you already have a maxed swashie, maybe go with Tyler? Then Destiny.


Petty Officer
Feb 06, 2016
I always level whoever's closest to the max level first, I'd reccomend doing that

Jun 09, 2016
It's best to start with the lowest level pirate, that way you'll get a bit of breathing space before you have to repeat the same adventure in Valencia three times.

Pirate Overlord
Mar 16, 2012
Go with Funny Krystal, you'll be surprised how easily a musketeer handles the battles, and besides, you want those bombs, right? I recommend to have one melee on the Musket team, just in case an enemy runs at you.