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Your pirate's flag

Sep 29, 2010
What symbol did you pick? What background did you pick? What colors are the symbol? What color is the background.

All my pirates have the same flag. A wolf head icon. The base is white. The trim is red. The background is the one with the solid square middle with the left and right ends being different colors. The base of the background is black with burgundy trim.

Now why did you pick your flag? Was it completely random, or did you actually make it for some specific or special reason?

My flag was specifically made. I love black and burgundy, I think they are great pirate colors. And I chose the wolf head because its my favorite animal and my doppelganger/other self is an anthropomorphic Timber wolf. I made it white with red trim because my doppelganger has white fur and long, blood-red hair. Anyway, that's my flag and the story behind it. Do you have a story about your flag? I'd love to hear it.

~Bloody Wolf Freeman~

Gunner's Mate
Oct 05, 2012
I chose an owl with mechanical circle with a wire wave background, all of my pirates have the same one cause they are brothers, plus I made it their family symbol. The colors are different, but Quentin's flag is the lead flag, which is yellow and grey (steam punk colors). It was specific, because the owl represents knowledge, so all of my pirates come from Valencia, and their Knowledge comes from a long line of Valencian geniuses. That's my flag, as well as its story.

Aug 29, 2009
My flag is pretty simple with no meaning what-so-ever.

It's a Red and Black skull coffin. And the background is split diagonally. It's all red and black.
My Privateers' is the same colors, but different logo. I wish it would've been Blue and Gold though, red and black aren't much Privateer colors.

Community Leader
For my main Pirate
I have the Black cat with a Blue crescent moon. Background is the circle purple and black. There was a reason behind me choosing this Flag. I am a cat person for one and I love the moonlight
Black cat and once in a blue moon sounded purrfect to me. My favorite colors are Purple and black.

My other Pirates I tried to make their flags match their name. Much like my Nervous Neville actually has a great big red and white target. ;)

Owner of Paige's Page Perilous Paige. "Honorary Black Cat of the entire Pirate 101 Fleet"
Community Leader
Each of my Pirates has a different flag, with the colors for the uniforms I wanted on their Companions. I thought color-coding the crews would help me remember which character I'm playing, and I couldn't stand looking at the same colors all the time.

Going in the order they were created...

Witchdoctor - My absolute favorite color is orange, so that's her main. I tried a bunch of combinations before I finally settled on dark blue trim, that seemed to go together the best. It was autumn so I gave her a tree in fall colors, flaming yellow leaves and a burgundy trunk, over an orange V on blue.

Privateer - My high school team was the Pirates, so he's got their team colors of red & black in two big blocks side by side, with the Privateer's ship's wheel in gold and brown across it.

Buccaneer - My kids' school colors are Green & Gold so he's got those in 4 triangles. He was raised in Grizzleheim so he's using a bear's head in brown & gold on it.

Swashbuckler - She seemed like an extra girly-girl to me, so her flag's purple & white with magenta (bright purplish-pink) crossed swords on a purple skiff.

Musketeer - I'm a Firefly fan so I had to have at least one Browncoat, and that's my gunner Zoe Windlass. In the show, Zoe's husband has a line about being a leaf on the wind, so her flag's a brown square with dark blue edges and a big green leaf in the middle. (I'm considering re-starting her with brown & cyan trim instead, because the darker blue doesn't go as well with the brown on her crew's clothes as I'd thought it would.)

Chatroom Moderator - Pieces of Eight Radio
Dec 19, 2012
I went with a Black and Gold or Yellow (looks gold to me) on my flag with a diagonally background (black on top part gold at the bottom)

used the dragon that has its wings spread and made it black and gold also so the top wing which covers the black part of the flag is in gold and the bottom wing that covers the gold part of the flag is in black.

Picked this setup cuz i took and since both a witchdoctor doesnt really cast magic in real life nor do dragons exist it made sense to put 2 mythical things together.

as for the colors my char name is Crual Darius Blake so black had to be picked plus the witchdoctor casts dark magic and as for gold red would have been better but i figured everyone would use red so i went with gold just to stand out a tad bit

Aug 23, 2011
I used that background with a lot of stars with a hawk. Black sky white stars, and a brown eagle with green trim. Did this because the hawk is a bird (my pirates name is Kestrel) and it is a pretty efficient hunter. Black star background was just because it looked nice.

May 02, 2009
I did the same thing StarsongKY did:
  • Buccaneer- I choose a red background brightly reflecting off the blue 'X' (or cross) on the field with a yellow knife bravely flaming with the red fire piracy.
  • Musketeer-I choose the orang of a musketeer's pride surronded by a sea of green to show the colors of a musketeer all while a white and red target stands out in the middle.
  • Privateer- I went a little more royal pirate with him. A blue back ground being slashed into two sections by a '\' of yellow whilst a blue and yellow Pirate royal banner shows with crossed swords at the bottom signifying the unity of a captain and his crew.
  • Swashbuckler-I have a sea of magenta just floating there, a gold beach surrounds the magenta sea. In the middle lies a white skull with a magenta rose hanging from its mouth.
  • Witchdoctor-With green so ever lying in the top cornor, always higher than the lower magenta half. A green triangle with emerald wings signifies that this flag is owned by a witchdoctor.