Explore the Crown Shop!


Get cool gear, amazing pets, mounts & more!

Have you been to the Pirate101 Crown Shop lately? We've been busy stocking it full with all kinds of items to help you on your quest to defeat the Armada.

Whether you're interested in having the perfect Pirate ship, want a cool pet to help you in battle or need some powerful gear to beat a tough boss - the Crown Shop is for you.


What is the Crown Shop?

The Crown Shop is a store to get special items to customize your Pirate and your Pirate101 game experience. Most of the items in the Crown Shop are exclusively available for Crowns, but some can be purchased for gold as well. To access the Crown Shop, just click on the Crown Shop icon in the upper left side of your screen or the green Crowns icon on your top Pirate101 menu and then choose the Crown Shop button from the dropdown list.


What Can I Get?

The Crown Shop is more than just flashy, powerful gear - although we definitely have that! Are you in the middle of battling a really tough boss by yourself? In the Crown Shop you can hire a high leveled Henchman Pirate from any class to come to your aid! That's just one of the great premium additions the Crown Shop has in store for you - below see each type of item we keep in stock.



If you're running low on gold, you can buy more in the Crown Shop.



There are all kinds of mounts for your Pirate! You can either rent a mount for temporary use, or buy permanent transportation. Mounts come in various sizes and speeds, so pick out your favorite!



Premium pets can be found in the Crown Shop! Special seasonal pets, limited time offers and powerful companions are here for your Pirate.



Add some power to your Crew! The Crown Shop has powerful companions to help your Pirate on quests and in battle.


Ships & Ship Equipment

Upgrade your current Pirate ship with premium ship equipment, or buy an entirely new ship. Either way, you'll find success in ship to ship combat.


Houses & Housing Items

The Crown Shop has a variety of home inspired goods. There are cool Pirate hideaways and special housing items to be found here.

Pirate Life


Whether you're looking to get upgraded stats or just some really cool looking gear that will help your Pirate in combat - the Crown Shop clothing has something for you!



Powerful & fierce, these Crown Shop weapons come in a variety of looks with different tough stats to back them up.



Choose from a variety of Pirate jewelry including eye patches and powerful tokens. Jewelry can boost your Pirate's stats for combat.



Do you need some extra health or mojo for a tough dungeon? Or maybe your Pirate needs a combat boost? Elixirs last for a limited time, and greatly boost your Pirate in a variety of ways.



Up against some harsh baddies in a tough battle? Hire a henchman to help your Pirate defeat the enemies. Choose from a variety of levels and classes.



Load up on the coolest items for your Pirate! We have a variety of packs from snack packs for your pet to gear pack with rare offerings.