Admiral's Bundle


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The Naval Outfit gives your Pirate a classy appearance along with cool special powers!


The Bulldog Companion is always at your side with his musket and sword... even if his legs are a little short for running!


The Marleybone Warship's powerful cannons blast enemy ships out of the Skyway.


Sail the Marleybone Warship through the worlds of the Skyway!


The Crow's Nest housing item gives you a bird's eye look of the sky surrounding your Pirate house.


Up to Level 60 Gear Available

Want to save some powerful gear for your Pirate character when you're at a higher level? You can redeem the Admiral Bundle in-game items whenever you want. Use them now to give your character boost or wait until you're at a higher level - your choice!


The Admiral's Bundle Includes

  • Marleybone Warship
  • Bulldog Companion
  • Naval Outfit
  • Military Sabre Weapon
  • Crow's Nest Housing Add-On
  • 5,000 Crowns
After purchasing the Admiral's Bundle, the next time you login to Pirate101, look for the Gift button to appear in the game. Click on the Gift button to claim your items on any characters on your account.