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Welcome to the Game Update Notes section! Every time we update the online Pirate game, Pirate101, we like to let our players know what changes have been made and what's new with the game. Update Notes explain what's been changed and improved.

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Monquista King

October 2019 Update Notes



Black Annie Rackham and Verminius Blightbeard (Evil Bonnie Anne and Evil Ratbeard) are being unleashed!


The Nightmare Doors that the evil version of Old Scratch opened from the Realm of Dreams are opening again, and beyond them wait a Fox and Rat who aren't the compatriots you know: they're the infamous scallywags Black Annie Rackham and Vernimius Blightbeard! They’re ready to fight with evil fervor – and they’re guarding some new and shiny treasure.

These obsidian skeleton key fights are a suitable challenge for a full group of our most seasoned Pirates. Should you happen to defeat either of these fearsome foes 25 times, you’ll gain the opportunity to persuade them to join you in your voyages… that’s right, you can unlock both new companions in the Crown Shop! That’s not all – there’s some other new spoils to earn by besting these new adversaries! Challenge them often to discover what treasure they keep.

FTUD! (First Time User Difficulty)


That’s not just the sound of a ship docking a little too quickly in the harbor - it stands for First Time User Difficulty. Here’s what we’ve tackled this update to make a Pirate’s life much more enjoyable:

  • Bent the enemy health curve downward from levels 1-40. Everything from the lowest of minions to the most difficult of bosses should be easier to defeat.
  • Reduced nautical XP requirements to level across the board – it now takes HALF the experience to gain a level. Go earn some nautical XP (sink a ship), and your nautical level will be recalculated.
  • Adjusted some particularly tedious quests that had required a LOT of drops, had particularly RARE drops, or both.
  • Tweaked enemy ship health and damage down a bit. Solo combat should be a little easier and raiding parties should be REALLY effective now!
September 2019’s Producer’s Letter has more details on our changes to the FTUD.

DRINK ME! New Elixirs


It's time to introduce Enhanced Elixirs! They all have a duration of 3 hours, up from the maximum of 1 hour of the previous Improved versions. Plus, they’re more effective!

  • Enhanced Gold Boost Elixir - 20% more gold (improved from 15%)
  • Enhanced Nautical XP Boost Elixir - 20% more nautical XP (improved from 15%)
  • Enhanced XP Boost Elixir - 20% more XP (improved from 15%)
  • Enhanced Guardian Elixir - 20% to AC and Resist (improved from 15%), 20 to Dodge (improved from 15)
  • Enhanced Onslaught Elixir - 20% to Damage (improved from 15%), +20 to Accuracy (improved from +15) +2 to movement (improved from +1)
  • Enhanced Prime Elixir - 20% to Agility, Strength, Will, and Max HP (improved from 15%)
We’ve also added a new Hyper Elixir. It combines all Enhanced elixir effects and has a duration of 12 hours! These are all available in the Crown Shop now!


  • Privateer Dark Sea weapon now boosts Will instead of Agility.
  • Stop and Render Aid quest can now be completed in the Brawlin Hall from the crates.
  • Jackrabbit Juju Doubloon now gives a Haste boost to all classes/attack types. It also now procs properly on spellcasters with Double Cast.
  • Obsidian Death Dealers now deal the proper damage for Level 70.
  • Quarry Cave and Machine Core now have Team Up options.
  • Silent Duelist set can now be stitched.
  • Enhanced Guardian Elixir and Enhanced Onslaught Elixir now give the proper 20% increase.
  • Ambassador Party Barge now gives rewards to Privateers properly.
  • Retribution ability (Rank 2) now procs.
  • Various performance and stability fixes.


There are a few more surprises coming as the month goes on, including our first simultaneous Pack launch in both MMOs. As we’re motivated to get this update out for Pirate101's birthday month, we’ve decided to skip Test Realm this time and bring this update directly to Live Servers!

Also check out the September 2019 Producer’s Letter for details on some of these updates and more.