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Post all housing furniture requests here!

Jul 17, 2014
Maybe some class specific one like in wiz. For Example

- War Plans...

- Targets, Amanda dummies

- Voodoo, Caldrons, Wands..

- Trophies, Barbells...

- Racks of swords, Fake gauntlets

{ Tall Caleb Pace Level 70 }

Nov 23, 2011
This is not really about a new furniture, it is more about item count

So I've bought the Privateer House and yes, it is very good, but maybe you could make the item count just a bit higher for the inside. The outside is find and all, but it's the inside. You see, on the inside you have the big house, the sewer, the small house and the other small house. That's 20 rooms ( and a lot are big ones ) that you have to fill with an item count of 200 That's very hard considering you have to add decorations and wall hangings. I struggle, but I seem to manage. If you could make it a bit higher that would be great! Thanks!

Nov 23, 2011
FlamingApollo on Aug 8, 2013 wrote:
It would be nice to see a strategic table like the ones in the War Room.

Silver Luis Cog L65 (At leisure)
Griffin Kidd L18
There are- one in the Privateer House and one in the crown shop

Feb 04, 2014
some thing I think would make good furniture are.

1. a starry sky themed wall paper

2. a bed with a flower canopy

3. a unicorn stuffed animal

4. a bunny stuffed animal

5. gemstone statues

6. Pegasus stuffed animals

7. food you can put on tables

8. a fashion runway so you can show off your gear to your bff

9. a giant game of checkers

10.a working obstacle course that you can challenge your friends to

Feb 04, 2014
howdy all here is another list of items I think would be super awesome

a chair made from sword painful but cool lol

a machine that allows you to access all shops you have visited before and allows you to purchase some item from those shops then the are delivered in chests to your pirates place lol pirate UPS.

an automatic clothing randomizer machine

a pirate photo booth so you can take screen shots of your pirate with cool background and things...

a piano that you can play by pressing different keys on your keyboard

merry-go-round that you can ride with friends in your house

a chest that gives paid players 5 crowns a day

bye all

Feb 16, 2017
More food. There is not nearly enough food variations. I want a colossal table brimming with food of every kind. Not just turkey

Oct 08, 2016
Hi fellow pirates!!!

for a list of furniture ideas i think would be nice i put this.

a pool table that you can play in your house

a sunken bath tub and shower

a barbers chair where you can sit in it and change the color and style of your pirates hair

a swimming pool that you can swim in

a stable for you to display your pets and mounts in

and finally a chest that will give you crowns

Sep 29, 2013
Hey there,

We need mannequins to hang items we are thinking about stitching or if we just like to collect certain outfits and done want to wear them all. Wizard101 has this, and it's time for Pirate101 to have it too.

~The Law.

Pirate Overlord
Mar 16, 2012
Hope Dove the Pira... on Mar 28, 2017 wrote:
Hey there,

We need mannequins to hang items we are thinking about stitching or if we just like to collect certain outfits and done want to wear them all. Wizard101 has this, and it's time for Pirate101 to have it too.

~The Law.
I'm really hoping mannequins come with Crafting!

Dec 18, 2010
Housing furniture requests. So many possibilities, where to begin? Hmmm....

I really liked the musical instruments back in W101, maybe bring those over here too?

More food, variety is the spice of life!

One I really want to see, being able to place our spare ships. Not an actual size version though, that would take up A LOT of space. Perhaps a miniature version?

You know how back in W101, we could have games in our house like Food Fight and Wildfire Tag? Maybe we could have something like that, but a little more piratey.

Perhaps paintings of our companions? Oh, or maybe of our pirate. Actually, I think that one might be a bit hard to do. I wouldn't know for sure.

Maybe statues representing each of the 5 classes. For example, a fencing sword with a rose wrapped around the handle for swashbuckler.

Something else that came to mind, statues representing each world. Maybe a Monkey for Monquista, for example. And perhaps interacting with them can take you to the world they represent.

Maybe a crystal ball that you can see ghosts inside. That would look great in my witchdoctor's house.

Maybe portraits that have the characters moving around inside them. (Yes, I did get this idea from Harry Potter.)

Ok, I think thats all I got time to type at the moment. More to come! (If I remember that is, lol.)

Nov 05, 2011
More Grizzleheimy stuff or different treasures to decorate our house with, like the trophies in wiz.

Jan 23, 2011
I would like to see more tools and things from Valencia. As I went through the Clockworks dungeon I saw a little compass on the nightstand near the bed that would be cool. Also I saw clockwork wings that could be hung on the wall just like in Gazpaccio's tower in the clockworks. Some tools, gears, and maybe some of Gazpaccio's other inventions would be cool.

Jan 23, 2011
Signs that we could put messages on like they have in Wizard101. Also I saw a cool row boat in the Black Market that would be a neat addition.

Jan 23, 2011
Music Players
World/Class themed music players
And of course music scrolls to go with them, or maybe records instead of scrolls

Jan 23, 2011
  • Being able to put our Weapons on the walls (I know many people already said this).
  • Being able to put our Battle Standards down and around our houses.
  • Interactive Musical Instruments
  • Teleport Tapestries (but with a piratey spin)
  • More Monquistian Furniture (Like various Piles of Bananas)
  • I saw this cool knocked over brazier with lava spilling out of it in the Hall of Minos (I think it was there)
  • Some wrapped aquilan packages (I saw them in the Palace of Ulysses)
  • Some meat cooking over a fire (like in the Palace of Ulysses)
  • Red Aquilan Vendors Hut (I have only gotten blue ones so I don't know if they are already housing items or not)
  • Each item we have to find for Zeke's Quests (Rolling Stones, Funky Bunch, Seagulls, Shonen Knives, ect.)
  • House Guests (I know we can put our companions in our houses but I don't want them to not be in battles)
  • Statue of Athena (I haven't found one yet so I don't know for sure if it is one or not)
  • More Voodoo/Spell ingredients (like weird things in jars and the Glass Vials from The Miracle Shack)
  • A Bow and Arrow (would be a superrrrr cool weapon also)
  • Small Wooden Boats (Like in the buccaneer's den
  • Scorpion's Tail Wall Mount (Like in buccaneer's den)
  • Yum Making Machine (Like in Captain Gunn's Tomb)
  • Aquilan Wallpapers
  • Pestle and Mortar (On the Aztecan looking table in Witchdoctor's Sanctum)
  • Interactive Crystal Ball
  • A Cage (looks like a lobster cage, like the one in Captain Avery's Office)
  • Bird Nests w/ eggs in them (Like in Captain Avery's Office)
  • Krokotopian Pillar (Left of the door when you enter Captain Avery's Office, its on a plinth)
  • The 3 things on the purple table in Captain Avery's Office (Compass, Bowl of Fruit, and some gear looking things)
  • Mannequins
  • Blessed Coins (from the quest in Skull Island)
  • Things found on Skull Mountain (Troggy Boat, Troggy Tree w/ a hut, dream catcher looking thing, ect)
  • Vine Wall Hangings
  • Trees with Sap Dripping out into a bucket
  • Sap Bucket
  • Rocks from every world
  • Rocks form Skull Island with yellow moss (same quest from sap)

Jan 23, 2011
  • Ship wreck parts
  • Coconuts (green ones from trees)
  • Model Life Fountain
  • Fishing Rod w/ fish on it (Like the ones that pelicans carry in Jonah Town)
  • Signs on top of each building telling you what it is (Tavern Sign: bottle of yum, ect)
  • Captain Hats
  • More Bounty Posters (Like the ones in Cool Ranch but have them be for other worlds too)
  • Fog Machine (like snow globe but makes fog)
  • Bobble Heads (Big Bosses, Companions, Important NPCs, ect)
  • Cool Vortex Housing Dungeon (Each battle is on your ships)
  • Letting our friends unbottle their ship in our house also (Not really a housing item just a cool thing for houses)
  • Footprints in various grounds (sand, grass, ect)
  • Shark Huts (from Devilfish Hollow)
  • Bone Barriers (Devilfish Hollow)
  • Flags from Each World (like the ones in the Pirate Den aka the Captain Hande Instance)
  • Amphora, Vase, and other things that are in the battle during the Captain Hande Instance
  • Pirate Jenny's Diary (our mother's notebook)
  • Crib (from Pirate Den/the Captain Hande Instance)
  • Stacked Barrels (Behind the table in the Captain Hande Instance)
  • Hanging Skeletons
  • Skeleton Chess Board (like the one in Wizard101)
  • Maps of Each Zone (Wall Hangings)
  • Eye Patch Case (Put our eye patches in it)
  • Gear Vault (Put gear in it)
  • Disassembled Armada Soldiers

Jan 23, 2011
  • Grave w/ Raven on it (Like in Shady Hollow)
  • Broken Graves (Hoodoo House)
  • Wooden Cross Graves (Hoodoo House)
  • Grave w/ Hat of it (Hoodoo House, Ned's Grave)
  • Bluebell Plants (Hoodoo House)
  • Apples (Middle of the hut Old Scratch Stands on inside Hoodoo Hut)
  • Voodoo Dolls (Hanging on a tree on the way to Ned's Grave in Hoodoo House)
  • Flowers in a Vase (On top of the piano in the Black Spot)
  • Painting in Black Spot (Near the Piano)
  • Various Bottles on the shelves (Black Spot
  • Sword and Shield (On table near Minigames in the Black Spot)
  • Knocked Over Stools (Black Spot)
  • Windstone Cabinet (Wooden Cabinet with Windstones in it, Every time we get a new one a replica is added to the cabinet)
  • Pickax in a Hole (Bounty Island)
  • Shovel in Sand (Bounty Island)
  • Stray Gold Pieces (Captain Gunn's Tomb)
  • Coffin (Captain Gunn's Tomb)
  • Wicker Mantlet (Waponi Wu)
  • Big Campfire (Waponi Wu)
  • Volcano Grafiti (Random marks on the volcano in Volcano!)
  • Waponi Witchdoctor's Fire (Volcano! near the battle right after the Lava Fish)
  • Portrait of Ratbeard dangling over the Volcano (Volcano!)
  • Various Bones and Skeletons (Traitor's Cave)
  • Poisoned Food (Traitor's Cave)
  • Captain Chair (Chair at the end of the table in Traitor's Cave)
  • Sewers Housing Dungeon
  • Monkey Barrels (The Presido)
  • Spices (The Presido)
  • Monquistian Weapon Rack (Presido Barracks)
  • Monquistian Bunks (Presido Barracks)
  • Monkey Carpet (Presido Barracks)
  • Wall Bunks (Forward Cabin of the Marie Celestia)
  • Gold Bars (Captain's Cabin of the Marie Celestia)
  • Various Paintings of the Captain's Cabin of the Marie Celestia
  • Portrait of the Volcano!
  • Model Skull Mountain
  • Model Scrimshaw
  • Model Port Regal
  • Model Flotsam
  • Model Jonah Town
  • Model Puerto Mico
  • Model Fort Elena
  • Model Waponi Wu
  • Pile of Dead Fish w/ Flies (Scrimshaw)
  • Orange Wagon (Puerto Mico)
  • Small Palm Trees (Puerto Mico)
  • Small Benches (Puerto Mico)
  • Small Chairs, Carpets, Tables, Velvet Barrier, and Plants (Governor's Palace of Puerto Mico)
  • Ink and Feather (Governor's Palace of Puerto Mico)
  • Small Books (Governor's Palace of Puerto Mico)

Jan 23, 2011
  • Monquistador Statue (Puerto Mico)
  • Lighthouse
  • Manhole Covers (Port Regal)
  • Food Stands (Port Regal)
  • Boochbeard and Gandry Portrait (Governor's Office of Port Regal)
  • Tea Cups (Governor's Mansion of Port Regal)
  • Bacon and Eggs Pan (Governor's Mansion)
  • Pots and Pans (Governor's Mansion)
  • Cutting Board (Governor's Mansion)
  • Plates (Governor's Mansion)
  • Pies, Bread, and Jelly (Table of the Kitchen in the Governor's Mansion)
  • Sivella Library Painting (Governor's Mansion)
  • Albion Cottage Painting (Governor's Mansion in Mabel's Room)
  • Beds, Painting above the Fireplace, and the Fireplace in Mabel's Room (Governor's Mansion)

My last posts were everything I found in Skull Island that I thought would be a good thing to have as furniture. I did have a few extra things that weren't found in Skull Island. I will be running through Monquista and maybe Valencia tomorrow to look for more furniture possibilities.

Oct 27, 2009
How about the tiny Monquistan furniture found downstairs in Puerto Mico's governor's palace? It's so cute, and our monkey crew would like it.

Feb 27, 2010
A music player where you can play music of your choice just like on wizard101

Jan 27, 2014
Housing items i would usually expect are from wizard101, some of them are actually ones i made up, but here's my requests.

-house party games.
-music player and pvp music player (+ music scrolls)
-a bell that you can interact with.
-a roulette table (not interactable, just for decoration. i thought of cool ranch when it came to playing card games)
-more cool houses like smuggler's cove, where there are four sigils for pvp.
-more housing dungeons like smuggler's arena.
-playing cards and poker chips (just for decoration, once again)
-bottles of yum.
-interactable cannons (kinda like at musketeer's citadel, or at fort Elena with those interactable cannons but mostly fort Elena).

-interactable dummies.
-interactable instruments.

i would also point out what other stuff besides housing decorations should be added. like for example a house where you can travel to different islands by ship, maybe a little hard. if it is forget about this idea.

Feb 19, 2013

Hi i was playing the game last night and i was in Marylebone. i saw this cute baby kitten come up to me and stayed there for a minute then went back home. So i was gonna make a suggestion or ask if theres a way you can put it in the crown shop so. We can buy it? Its soo adorable or it cpuld be an housing item.

Aug 23, 2017
I'd like to see a statue of Captain Gunn that looks the way you find him.

Jan 23, 2011
We could really use all the items that Zeke has us searching for such as the Funky Bunches.

Jan 05, 2015
Any sort of interactive furniture would be fun!