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A question for Blind Mew

Sep 29, 2010
Blind Mew, if you're blind, how can you read what players post on the message boards? Do you have someone read it to you then use a braille keyboard to reply?

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The say he posts by sense of smell!!

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Mar 23, 2009
That is a good question. I have wanted to reply to another one of his posts but did not want it to seem like I was picking on him.

He was talking about how beautiful an area is and giving directions. How can you see? are those just sunglasses?

Sep 22, 2012
Sep 29, 2010
Fearless Cole Arms... on Oct 31, 2012 wrote:
lol achilles nice.
Well I'm not trying to pick on him, I'm just curious. If I was blind having someone read the post to me and use a braille keyboard is what I would do.

Oct 01, 2010
Maybe he isn't blind at all! He might just be using that little Robin Hood trick of posing as a blind man when he actually can see. Of course, you never know really, he could be blind or he couldn't be, you never know.

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