Home of the Eagles

Few travelers have visited the realm of Aquila, but those that have found a bright, beautiful paradise of gleaming skies and mountainous isles, where mighty heroes and terrible beasts abound. Aquila is a land out of legend, of proud city states united under the rule of an Emperor, home of the mighty Eagles.


See the Eagles of Aquila


More than a thousand years ago, the Eagles of Aquila lived in a Golden Age, when the Immortals of Mount Olympus walked among them, working wonders and teaching them great secrets. Hephaestus Coppersmith wrought the Windstones, and the fleets of Aquila were the first to sail between the worlds. The Eagles brought language, writing, and philosophy to the scattered peoples of that bygone age - many worlds of the Spiral owe the foundations of their civilization to the early influence of Aquila.

But that golden age ended in wrath and chaos - Minos, last King of the First Empire, angered the Immortals: Zeus Skyfather and the rest of the Seven withdrew to Olympus, turning their backs on Aquila. The conquered provinces rose up in revolt, throwing off their overlords, and the realm of Aquila itself plunged into an age of chaos. The worlds of the Spiral shunned Aquila, and what was once the bright jewel of the Spiral turned into a rarely visited backwater, a half-remembered realm of legend.

Generations after the fall, a new hero rose: Aquilus, the Golden Eagle, who defeated the monsters that teemed in the ruins of proud Aquila and united the Eagles again. Aquilus forged the Second Empire and founded the shining city of Nova Aquila. In its High Temple the priests heard the voices of the Immortals once again: after centuries of darkness, the Olympians brought prosperity and good fortune back to their children.

The Second Empire has united the Skyways of Aquila, but the Eagles have yet to extend their influence into the Spiral beyond. They are content to look inward, living as they did long ago, embracing the legends of the Golden Age and honoring the will of the Immortals. A realm of marble cities, mysterious ruins, and breathtaking wilderness, Aquila offers visitors a chance to forge new legends, in a land of high adventure.