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What is your idea for a new companion?

First Mate
Sep 13, 2010
Picture I made on Pirate101Central:

Name: Batbeard
Species: Fat bat guy that doesnt fly
Class: Swashbuckler
Pirate Title: Bat Pillager
How you get the character: In whatever the next world is, he is there and he joins you 'cause he likes gold and you're going after El Dorado.
Weapon/Weapons of choice: Straight stabby knife and old walking stick
Epic Ability Options: Starts with Pirate (1) and Relentless (1), and two of your choice: Riposte (1 to 3), Blade Storm (1 to 3), First Strike (1 to 3), Witch Hunter (1 to 2), and Flanking (1 to 2).
Powers: Guaranteed Epic Strike and Walk in Shadows.

Promotion 1

Name: Batbeard
Species: Fat bat guy, now with a fedora
Class: Swashbuckler
Pirate Title: Bat Raider
How you promote the character: Rob people when sword and sticks break at level 71.
Weapon/Weapons of choice: Long, narrow cutlass and fancier walking stick
Epic Ability Options: Starts with Pirate (2) and Relentless (2), and one more of your choice: Riposte (1 to 3), Blade Storm (1 to 3), First Strike (1 to 3), Witch Hunter (1 to 2), and Flanking (1 to 2).
Powers: Guaranteed Mega Strike, Walk in Darkness, and Big Juju.

Promotion 2

Name: Batbeard
Species: Fat bat guy, now with more gold lining and also golden teeth
Class: Swashbuckler
Pirate Species: Bat Baron
How you promote the character: Rob richer people when sword and sticks break at level 82.
Weapon/Weapons of choice: Really awesome curvy falchion and a superior staff with a little golden bat head on the top
Epic Ability Options: Starts with Pirate (3), Relentless (2), and one more of your choice: Riposte (1 to 3), Blade Storm (1 to 3), First Strike (1 to 3), Witch Hunter, (1 to 2), Flanking, (1 to 2), and Relentless (3).
Powers: Guaranteed Super Strike, Walk in Darkness, Great Juju, Widow's Touch, and Assassin's Strike.

Dec 12, 2014
Name:Primus Ape (preemus apae)
Pirate species:Ape Brawler
Epics:Begin with a crit, vengeance strike
Promotions: Ape Boxer at 10, and Ape Master at 28
Weapon of choice: Bare fists and feet
Get: I don't know
Victory move:Flexes Biceps and cracks knuckles
Looks:Giant white, hairy body, with small brown arms and legs, with giant black fists and feet.

Dec 12, 2014
Name:Kat Deenever
Pirate Species: Cat Scout
Weapon: Longbow and Hunting knives
Promotion:Cat Hunter at level 30
Gets a cooler-looking bow and longer knives with her promotion
Epics:Overwatch and double tap when gotten
Can get burst fire, quick draw, stock assault, and true grit, as well as upgraded double tap
Looks:Black cat with bow and quiver over her back, and sheathed knives in her belt
Reference to: Katniss Everdeen
Get:Fill in the blanks KI

Oct 12, 2011
Name: Captain Hund
Species: Dog
Pirate Species: Dog Commander
Pirate Class: Privateer
How to get: Completing all side quests in jonas town will make him like you enough to follow you
Weapons: Slashy sword and a blunderbuss.

Hope you like this idea!

Nov 11, 2012
Name: Captain Pluton
Spicies: Eagle
Pirate Species: Eagle Buccaneer
Max Damage: 400
How To Get: Destroy His Ship and you will have a 1% out of a 150% to get the companion.

if im forgetting something i'm sorry

Jun 13, 2012
Name: Polar Silverfang
Species: Bear smasher
Promotion: Bear Captain of the Guard at level 35 (wearing Grizzleheim armor)
Look: like Balder Goldpaws wearing a tunic with the color of the pirate's flag
Weapon of choice: Giant war hammer
Pirate class:Buccaneer
How to get: anything "KI" wants
Powers: Mighty charge,
Promotion Powers:Vicious charge, Epic strike

Hope you liked my ideas, fill in the blanks "KI"

Feb 02, 2013
Species: polar bear
Name: Ralof
Weapon: Switches between 2 handed axe and bag of throwing axes
Class: Buck
Epics: Relentless/Burst fire, Vengeance strike/True grit, Repel boarders/Overwatch, 2nd Chance/Quick Adjust, Epic Strike, Turn the tide rank 2+
Powers: Bag of axes/Giants axe can switch between melee and ranged attacks, Reduce accuracy and strength (Melee), Reduce dodge and agility (Ranged)
Character use: Switch between melee and ranged for defensive and offensive fighting, 4 range, switching attack type takes a turn
Looks: Polar bear with Baars axe and a bag of throwing axes
How to get: Beat 10 bear legends in single combat to earn his respect
Promos: Polar bear Scout (light armor like yohr) Polar bear skirmisher (Add helmet), Polar bear Huskarl(Baars armor look)

Nov 11, 2012
Name: Cap'n Blackbeard
Species: Super Pirate
Pirate Species: Pirate Legend, Pirate Lord
Class: Bucceneer
How To Get: Finish Smuggler's Arena (if not possible then if you go to level 5 on smugglers arena)
Maximum Damage(s): Pirate Legend: 500 Damage, Pirate Lord 620 Damage
Also Known As: The Best Pirate In Pirate101 History.
/ \

Nov 11, 2012
ok wait wait, forgot his story...

He Went To Pirate101 Somehow, And Was Bored. So He Went To The Smugglers Arena And Passed Some Of It But He Got Stuck There Waiting for Someone To Help. So You Come and he says... "Help Me, And I'll Fight By Your Knee." and you pass the level Blackbeard was trying to pass and when you win You Get Blackbeard

May 06, 2011
Name: Fallen Asterion
Species: Minotaur (one of the brothers from the Labyrinth)
Pirate Class: Buccaneer
How to get: Complete the Labyrinth 25 times (unlocks in Crown Shop)

First Promotion: Forgotten Minotaur
Weapon: Rusty Axe
Appearance: A beat-up kind of look

Second Promotion: Legendary Minotaur
Weapon: Axe of the Wildest Thunders
Appearance: Normal self from Labyrinth (what he looks like in the Labyrinth) with purple glowing eyes and axe with sparks

I dunno, I was bored.

Feb 10, 2009
I think a new satyr companion would be great. Especially for witchdoctors.

Feb 14, 2014
Name: Amara
Species: Rajan Gypsy
Class: Witchdoctor
Pirate Title: Snow Tiger Gypsy
How you get the character: Either side quest in Marleybone, or if we go to Rajah, part of main quest or side.
Weapon/Weapons of choice: Silver Staff of the Moon
Powers: Mojo Storm, Soul Reaver and Big Juju

Catherine Reade- Lvl 65
Erica Reade- Lvl 27

Mar 24, 2013
Here is an interesting one from Darkmoor,

Name- Nicolette
Spices- Gargoyle Enforcer > Gargoyle warrior
Weapon of choice- Stone claws and sky dive when she super hit
Powers-relentless, first strike
Talent- Vicious Charge, Walk in Shadow, Critical hit
How to get- Main storyline or Crown shop

Nicolette is a gargoyle pirate, that might join our crew. She was once a noble lady, until one day a mad scientist caught her and made her drink a potion and become a gargoyle Then flee to darkmoor from her hometown of unkown origin.

Mar 07, 2015
Species:Polar Bear
Pirate Species:Polar Enforcer-Frost Enforcer-Subzero Enforcer
Weapon: Shield with Axe
Quest:Story Quest in Grizzelheim

Petty Officer
Aug 30, 2014
Dashing Roberto Sh... on Oct 11, 2012 wrote:
Post your ideas for new companions lay them out like this.

Pirate Species:
Pirate Class:
How to get:
Weapon/Weapon's of choice:

Then a bit describing the character

Good posting
Name: Wrinkles
Species: Pug
Class: Buccaneer
How to get: Defeating Gortez 50 Times (Only Available For Buccaneers. Others Need To Pay In Crown Shop.)

First Promotion
Pug Mercenary
Looks: Little weared out knight armor with no helmet
Weapon: Long axe with little cracks in it

Second Promotion
Pug Hero
Looks: Brand new gold knight armor with a non-masked steel helmet
Weapon: Long axe of pure gold and a epic design made with steel on it

Jan 30, 2013
Dashing Roberto Sh... on Oct 11, 2012 wrote:
Post your ideas for new companions lay them out like this.

Pirate Species:
Pirate Class:
How to get:
Weapon/Weapon's of choice:

Then a bit describing the character

Good posting
name: Griffin Cutler
species: german shepherd ( or wolf)
Pirate species: doggus sharpus XD or whatever admin can come up with
pirate class: ( for all to get?) or mussketeer
How to get maybe before the battle with Kane? or sometime in that area
Weapon: a special sword of some kind...
i know i am not specific but if admin might use it the will perfect it

Brave Alexandra Armstrong

Petty Officer
Aug 30, 2014
Dashing Roberto Sh... on Oct 11, 2012 wrote:
Post your ideas for new companions lay them out like this.

Pirate Species:
Pirate Class:
How to get:
Weapon/Weapon's of choice:

Then a bit describing the character

Good posting
Name: Blaze

Species: Cheetah

Pirate Species: Cheetah Scientist

Pirate Class: Witchdoctor

How to Get: Defeating the tower of Moo Manchu 2-3 Times

Weapon: Glowing staff with star at the tip

Jul 11, 2011
Name: Byarnus

Species: Yeti

Pirate Species: Yeti Warrior, Yeti Champion (Level 28), Yeti Warlord (Level 52)

Pirate Class: Buccaneer

How To Obtain: Sidequest in Polaris

Weapon: Punches with charged icy fists

He starts off with Blade Storm 1, Turn the Tide 2, and Frozen Tide
you can choose 1 epic when obtained

Promoted (Yeti Champion): Upgrades: Turn The Tide 3, Frozen Tide, and gets Buccaneer Smash
choose 1 epic among promotion

Promoted 2 (Yeti Warlord): Upgrades: Turn The Tide 3, Frozen Tide, Buccaneer Smash, and gets Whale's Might
choose 3 epics among promotion

Possible Epics:
First Strike (Max 2)
Vengeance Strike
Blade Storm
Second Chance (Max 2)
Repel Borders (Max 1)

Lucas Dodger,

Jul 11, 2011
Also: We need this guy in the game

Name: Napoleguin

Species: Penguin

Pirate Species; Penguin Mastermind, Penguin Commander (Level 79), Penguin Emperor ( Level 96)

Pirate Class: Privateer (Shooty Privateer)

How to get: Main Storyline character in Polaris

Weapon: Rifle

Starts With: Elusive 1, Valor's Armor, Revive
choose one epic

Penguin Commander: Elusive 2, Valor's Armor, Revive (x2), Great Juju
choose one epic

Penguin Emperor: Elusive 3, Valor's Armor, Revive (x3), Great Juju, Summon Terra-Cotta Warrior

Possible Epics:
Return Fire
Quick Adjust

Level 100: Max (Health): 5572
Level 100: Max Weapon Power: 316
Level 100: Max Dodge: 155
Level 100: Max Accuracy: 245

Max Will: 201
Max Strength: 74
Max Agility: 40

The Will Overload is real

Jun 29, 2011
Name: Qabel
Species: Krok
PirateSpecies: Krokomummy he-witch
Pirate Class: Privateer
How to get: Pick him up in a side quest in Darkmoor
Weapon/ Weapons of choice: A trident with water on one prong, fire on the middle one, and lightning on the last.

Qabel used to be a ruler of a long forgotten civilization of the spiral, before his residents commited mutiny and threw him out of the society. He seeked revenge, but before that, he had to travel to Darkmoor, where he died and he was mummified. His ghost would appear to you, through a quest requesting you to travel throughout the spiral and kill his former friends. You will fail to destroy all of them, but Qabel would still join your crew.

Nov 11, 2012
Name: Boochbeard
Species: Pirate
Pirate Species: Legendary Pirate, Pirate General Commander
Pirate Class: All Of Them
How To Get: Get To The Next World *After Aquila*
Weapons: 1. Old Flintlocks,Rain Of Mortarshells, Broken Cutlass 2. Fancy Cutlass, Marleybonian Flintlocks, Tempest Of Torpedoes

he's a legendary pirate that got you out from the armada ship. without his help you would've never gotten out.
so you want him to join you. Boochbeard has a 99.99% to say yes or no

Weapon Power: Normal Flintlocks: 230 - 390 per hit
Rain Of Mortarshells 400 Damage Per Block
Cutlass: 300 - 415 per hit
2. Fancy Cutlass 460 - 590 per hit
Marleybonian Flintlock: 450 - 550 per hit
Tempest Of Torpedoes: 650 damage per block
Epic Attack: Everything. Deals 4000 dmg

Extra: i guess boochbeard finnaly decided to befriend you
Extra 2: i took a lot of time thinking this out.

Gunner's Mate
Feb 26, 2013
Name: Bloody Maria, Yorkie Lunatic
Species: Yorkie [Dog]
Pirate Species: Swashbuckler
How to Get: Erika the Red has been found in Monquista, the most unexpected place for a bear, and is hiding from the head of a small Marleybonean colony from Darkmoor who wants her piece of the map so she can overthrow the queen. Her name is Bloody Maria and she and her personal guard have tracked down Erika into Monquista and are terrorizing St. Bonobo's Abbey. They have already struck Puerto Mico, burning the cathedral, and are targeting the Monquisition due to their religious beliefs, which is ironic. Erika the Red has sought refuge, and is staying with Gortez and Eleanor. She promises to give you her piece of the map if you get rid of Bloody Maria, who will be the secondary antagonist (behind the armada, obviously) for the remainder of this part of the arc. After finally defeating Bloody Maria in a burnt church, she begs for your forgiveness and promises to serve you to undo the destruction she has brought forth.
Weapon: Fencing Foil, Dirty English Broadsword, Jeweled English Broadsword, Flaming Jeweled English Broadsword
Character: She acts very proper as a companion but she definitely has moments where you see her villainous and bloodthirsty side. As the story progresses, she starts to fit in with the crew and becomes more likeable.
She promotes to Yorkie Noble, Yorkie Dutchess, and Yorkie Queen. At Yorkie Queen she recieves a full crown from the Queen herself (who never found out about the conspiracy).

Cpt. Cruel Owen Quarrel, Level 65 Dehydrator

Gunner's Mate
Feb 26, 2013
Name: Abe Ruthless, Baboon Baseball Player
Species: Baboon
Pirate Species: Buccaneer
How To Get: There would be a new world that takes after WWII Era-New England, and you find Abe in New Yorkie Stadium, he is a baseball player. He is an integral part of the storyline because his uncle has gone missing searching for El Dorado, so he joins your crew to search for him and to help you reach El Dorado.
Weapon of Choice: Wooden/Aluminum/Spiked Titanium Louisville Slugger.
Character: Very Funny, always cracking jokes but also has a serious side after his promotions sometimes. He speaks with a Monquistan accent because he is from the Spiral-equivalent to the Dominican Republic, and his homeland was colonized by the Monquistans.
He gets promoted to Major League Monkey, and then Professional Primate.
Crit Animations: Epic Hit- He grabs his bat, swinging it in the same way a baseball player does when they're waiting to bat, and then he spins in the air, screeching like you would expect a baboon to and slamming it into the enemy. Mega Hit- He glares down the enemy and takes out a baseball, throwing it into the air in slow motion, and when it comes down he hits it straight at the enemy. When the ball make contact with the bat, it makes a loud crack to show just how hard Abe hit the ball. Super Hit- Abe roars and crouches down, jumping into the air and raising his bat over his head before he slams it down on the enemy, breaking the bat. The sight of his broken bat angers him and just when you thought it was over, he angrily kicks the enemy before taking out another bat. So yeah. Tell me what you think :p

Cpt. Cruel Owen Quarrel, Level 65 Defender of the Defenseless

Jun 27, 2010
Name: Generous Jake Strong
Species: undead bison musketeer (not a spirit)
pirate species: musketeer
how to get: Privateers and musketeers would go to haunted skyway and help him kill the person who killed him before. after you kill him he would like to join your crew on the way to el dorado.
weapon of choice: Shot Gun with a knife in his back pocket (for epic hits)
Crit animation: takes knife out throws at enemy then rolls and shoots his shot gun. for a level 40 does around 380 damage.

Gunner's Mate
Feb 26, 2013
Name: Nurse/Doctor/Surgeon Doomlittle
Species: Unicorn
Pirate Species: Mad Unicorn Nurse/Mad Unicorn Doctor/ Mad Unicorn Surgeon
Pirate Class: Witchdoctor
How To Get: In the next world, which I'm predicting is Valencia, the PC comes across a burning house that the Armada have destroyed, and you must save Doomlittle. His family has already been taken by the Armada, and Doomlittle seems very unstable. He swears vengeance and forcibly joins your crew so that during your hunt to bring down the Clockwork menaces, he can find his family.
Weapons of Choice: A Walking Stick, A Crutch, and then a Caduceus. He uses defibrilators but only for crits.

Doomlittle, despite his instability, is a very kind-hearted Unicorn and he admires Gaspar and Birgus, his fellow countrymen. During his promotion to Mad Unicorn Surgeon, you find his family and save them, and Doomlittle becomes a bit more soft-spoken. You take his family back to Steed's Villa, who promises to keep them safe from the Armada. As a Surgeon, he gains scrubs. He is similar to Nausica in that he has 3 move-and-crit cards. His Epic hit shows him charging his defibrilators and raising them to the sky; lightning strikes down and passes through the defibrilators, then he quickly shocks the enemy, his body jolting and being suspended in air from the electricity. He pulls back and dusts himself off. For Mega, he slaps the enemy with his Walking Stick/Crutch/Caduceus and then shocks them with his defibrilator. For Super, he whinnies like a horse would and snorts in anger, jumping into the air with his defibrilators. While in mid-air, he chucks the two defibrilators at the enemy and uses his walking stick/crutch/Caduceus to conduct lightning. Combined with the defibrilators, he sends a massive jolt of electricity towards the enemy.

Cpt. Cruel Owen Quarrel, Level 65 Armada's Most Wanted