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What is your idea for a new companion?

Mar 31, 2010
Name Wrazar

Species Wolf

Class buccaneer

pirate species wolf brawler-wolf buccaneer-wolf warrior

weapon of choice double rusty swords promo1 double clean shiny swords promo2 double bejeweled swords

how to get he agrees to join you if you help him find his family and make sure they are safe

~Generous Chris Vane~

Gunner's Mate
Dec 26, 2013
Name: Chanel le Cinq
Species: Skunk
Class: Swashbuckler
Weapon: Backpack Flamethrower/Gas Emitter
Appearance: Skunk with a gas mask / hazardous material warnings on gear... always surrounded by a lingering cloud.
Speech: French accent? - but of course!

Typical Swashbuckler abilities but with an emphasis on poisons and the capacity to hamper the vision, damage potential and movement of enemies.

Special Ability: Osmophobia (Fear of Smells or Odors)
5% chance each round (based on Will) to cause adjacent enemies to panic and flee* for that round.
*Fleeing would simply be aborting any attack and moving away from Chanel as far as possible. Cheap Shot, Repel Boarders or Flanking action against the fleeing enemy will act as Hold the Line and stop the enemy's movement but they will not counter-attack.

Mar 08, 2013
Name: Stormzilla
Species: Stormzilla
Pirate Species: Hatchling | 1st Promo - Juvenile | 2nd Promo - Thunder Lizard
Pirate Class: Depends on the Pirate's Class (Swash if Swash, Musk if Musk, etc.)
How To Get: Finish the Quest "Go, go, Stormzilla!"
Weapons of Choice: If Melee Class - Tail Whip or Thunder Stomp / If Ranged - Summon Egg or Storm Breath
Starts at Level: One Level Higher than Pirate's Level

Hatched from the last surviving egg of Stormzilla fused with some random card laying around, when he hatches, he imprints on you and follows you around, becoming your companion. Slow to develop, Stormzilla is not one to be brought into battle until he is of sufficient level.

Skins: At Hatchling, he has an inverted color palette of an adult Stormzilla. At Juvenile he has some wood armor from spare tavern pieces. At Thunder Lizard he's at his normal palette with silver armor from pieces in Avernus.
Talents / Powers Available From Start: At his adorable and cute version of his bigger counterpart, he gets one guaranteed epic hit, and riposte if he's a melee class, but burst fire / mojo echo if he's ranged.
Talents / Powers Granted from Promotions: When he grows up a little to become a Juvenile Stormzilla, his epic hit transforms into a guaranteed mega hit and he gets a new power: Create Nest, plus one epic talent. Once he finally matures, his mega hit turns into a guaranteed super hit and he gets two of a new power: Summon Egg plus two epic talents.

Talent Pool

Riposte 2 / 3
Repel Boarders 1 / 2
Relentless 1 / 2
Flanking 1 / 2

Return Fire 1 / 2 / 3
Double Tap 1 / 2
Quick Adjust 1 / 2
Overwatch 1 / 2

Mojo Echo 1 / 2
Mojo Rising 1
Retribution 1
Intuition 1

Powers: Create Nest - An 3x3 area of tiles will become a 'nesting ground'. Any character in the grounds will heal up a small amount of HP; it lasts 2 rounds. Summon Egg - Creates Egg that hatches a Level 50 Hatchling. Note that at Thunder Lizard, you have two of these.

- Golden Boris Grant

May 16, 2011
Name: Rhailos
Species: Draconian
Pirate Species: Draconian Renegade - Draconian Challenger - Draconian Warlord
Pirate Class: Buccaneer
How To Get: Complete a quest in Dragonspyre
Weapons of Choice: Broadsword and Buckler - Claymore and Spiked Buckler - Greatsword and a huge, reinforced, spiked shield.
Starts At Level: Two levels higher than Pirate's level

After the downfall of Malistaire, the Terrorwings reformed, creating a new tyrannical society. Rhailos is the leader of a resistance, and will stop at nothing to free his people. He believes you can help him. He joins as a hesitant ally, at first, but soon grows to trust you.

Appearance: His scales will always be the same color as your first color for your flag. His clothing will match the second color. In his default Pirate Species - Draconian Renegade - he has simple leather armor, with some pieces of scrap metal over one shoulder, attached to one leg, and as a chestplate. After his first promotion, he will have a complete set of armor, made of an unspecified metal. After his second promotion, he will be dressed in shiny, reinforced, virtually indestructible armor.

Talents and Powers: He begins with Vicious Charge, Hold the Line 1 and Vengeance Strike 1. He can train 7 talents: Tough, Pirate, Armored, Accurate, Rough, Lucky, and Strong. He can train 6 Epics: Vengeance Strike, Hold the Line, Repel Boarders, Relentless, First Strike, and Leviathan's Call. When first received, he can train two epics, in addition to the Epics he already had. Upon completing his first promotion, he can train two epics. Upon completing his second promotion, he gains Highland Charge, and can train one epic.

It occurs to me now I may have made him a tad bit overpowered, but I'm not entirely sure.

Jun 30, 2013
Name: Rayzer
Species: Wolf
Pirate Species: Wolf Corsair - Wolf Sergeant - Wolf Guardian
Pirate Class: Swashbuckler
How to get: Complete the quest: Howling at the moon at level 62 from Ulysses
Weapon of choice: Sharp Teeth - Razor Claws - RazorClaw/RazorTeeth
Starts at level: 3 levels higher then your Pirate
After a long walk to the beach of shadows Rayzer is in trouble. you help him, then trusts you to protect him and helps you on your destiny to find el dorado
Apperance: Corsair - He will have the same color fur as your flags colors the first color is his main color the second is his trim Sergeant - He will have Strong Silver Armor Painted with your flags colors Guardian - He will have Rare, almost unbreakable, Diamond Armor his teeth will grow sharper as he promotes and always are colored pure white Talents and Powers: he can have 16 talents and 6 epics total starts with: Sneak attack, and Blade storm Promoted: Sneak attack into Back stab Promoted: Backstab Into Assassins Strike can learn Second chance Relentless First strike Riposte Bladestorm and flanking

Jun 06, 2009
dragonfire149 on Feb 2, 2016 wrote:
Name: Deadeye Deidre
Species: Mouse
Pirate Species: Mouse Fencer
Pirate Class: Swashbuckler
How to get: complete the quest "The Golden Flask"
Weapon/Weapon's of choice: Dual swords

Ok, so we all know the side quest "The Golden Flask" given by Rosey Harriot in Remmington's Steel, right? well, I got to thinking, what if, after you defeat Deadeye Deidre, and return the flask to Rosey, Deadeye Deidre sees the error of her ways and decides to join your crew? I thought to myself, "That would be an interesting twist to the quest, I should pitch that on the forum!" So here it is.

Dark Wolf Everhart, lvl 52
Fiery Wolf Holystone, lvl 12

Lvl 6: Basic (Mouse Fencer)
Lvl 16: Mouse Swashbuckler
Lvl 40: Mouse Corsair
okay, quick revision to the quest name and a mechanic in the quest. It's not "The Golden Flask," it's actually "A Flask Of Pure Gold." Also, once you defeat Deidre, you take her aboard your "ship" (cause I'm pretty sure everyone only has a raft at this point) to make her apologize directly for thieving the Golden Flask, and upon completion of "A Flask of Pure Gold," Deadeye Deidre joins your crew.

Dark Wolf Everhart, lvl 55
Fiery Wolf Holystone, lvl 15
Loyal Wolf Everhart, lvl 4

Jun 06, 2009
another idea for another Mouse Fencer companion! (as if we didnt have enough of those already, right?)

Name: Little Nelly Nickelby
Species: Mouse
Pirate Species: Mouse Fencer
Pirate Class: Swashbuckler
How to get: Pay 1,000 gold to recruit her in Flotsam after completing the Rat Pack quests
Weapon/Weapons of choice: Dual swords

Okay, if you're a completionist like me, you try to do all the side quests, and one of those side quest questlines deals with the Rat Pack. During this questline, you talk to Little Nelly Nickelby in Flotsam, where she directs you to their hideout in the Ancient Tunnels, where they've taken her partner, Benji, captive. Do that, complete the quest series, which I think talking to the Frogfather afterwards is the final objective, and go back to Flotsam. She will have a new "!" over her head, where she will ask for a payment of 1,000 gold as salary and join your crew.

Petty Officer
Jul 21, 2013
Skunk Moon Warrior

Skunk Knight (from avalon)

Comes with: Epic Hit (60+60+60+200), First Strike 1, Blade Storm 1, Riposte 1, Choice of 3 epics, coice of 10 talents


You get this companion from a side quest in aquila.

Petty Officer
Mar 23, 2011
I don't know about anyone else but I personally think it'd be cool to have a companion that starts off at a certain class and then when it promotes you could chose out of five quest lines (from the class teachers) and then when you finish he'd get the class and different talents and epics depending on what teacher you chose to do the quest for. I have an idea for a companion that would fit kinda well for this, might post a bit on it some time soon.

~ Nathaniel Lawson -

Oct 16, 2012
Hmm This was an interesting topic after some thought i came up with this enjoy!

Name: Ixtli { pronounced x til e }
Species: he is an Aztecosaur (Triceratops}
Pirate species Aztecosaur Club Man to Aztecasaur Fencer
Class he is a buccaneer
you get him from defeating Aztecasour Blood Lord 20 times { the one in temple of Toloc }
Weapon a spiked club and a sword {depends on witch promotion he is on}

and that's all i hope you like him

Apr 25, 2010
Name: random pirate name
Species: Pirate/Human
Class: Swashbuckler
promotion: one at level 22 from Pirate Skipper to Pirate Captain (gets walk in darkness at this point) Another at level 44 from Pirate Captain to Pirate Commander (gets black fog at this point)
Weapon: 2 stabby knives
Epics/Ablities: Comes with First strike 1 and a guaranteed critical. When promoted it can choose between first strike, riposte, flanking, relentless, blade storm, and repel boarders.
How to get: Side quest in Fin Dorsals Chamber in skull cave called "Trustworthy?" You get 10 XP and the companion I mentioned.

oh and he/she is promoted by gold 1700 for the first promotion, and 5000 for the next.

Oct 16, 2012
I realized I didn't explain much about Ixtle so here is my companion idea remastered PS i also changed a few things
  • Name is Ixtli pronounced (ex till e)
  • Species is an Aztecasaur Triceratops
  • Class Buccaneer
  • Pirate species Aztecasaur Club man/ Aztecasaur Warrior
  • Promotes at level 50
  • Weapon a Smashy club and a Smashy sword and shield
  • You get him from defeating Aztecasaur blood lord 20 times (the one in temple of Toloc}
  • His abilities are Relentless 1 and a guaranteed critical he can learn blade storm first strike riposte flanking and repel borders
  • when promoted {you give him 8000 gold} you get 2 more epics he also gets improved health strength agility and Weapon power
  • Well thats all hope you enjoyed

Aug 13, 2014
Pirate Name: Sid McSlime
Species: Slug
Pirate Species: Slug Necromancer
Pirate Class: Witchdoctor
How to get: Side Quest in Marleybone - Swashbucklers, Crown Shop - Buccaneers, Privateers, Musketeers, and Witchdoctors
Weapon of Choice: Gooey Wand

Joseph Yellowfish lvl. 64

Feb 23, 2011
Name: Zinia the StormLancer

Species: Mantis

Pirate Species: Mantis Lancer, (Level 57) Mantis Halberdier, (Level 68) Mantis Guardian

Classification: Buccaneer

How to Get: Side Quest in MooShu "Music of Shadows" (Get from Cao Tsu)

Weapon of Choice: Basic Lance, Looks like the Halberd Gaspard has without the Axe part, Buster Blade (A Buster Blade is a really heavy and huge Dual-Handed Sword)

Auto Epics: Epic Strike, Vengeance Strike, Blade Storm and Relentless (Add Buccaneer Strike on the second one then upgrade that one to Vicious Strike)

Choose-able Epics: Vengeance Strike 2. VS 3, Blade Storm 2, BLST 3, Relent. 2, Relent. 3, Riposte, Riposte 2, Cheap Shot, CS 2, CS 3, Repel Boarders, RB 2, RB 3. Flanking, Flank. 2, Flank. 3

Appearance 1: A Mantis with weak looking armor but sturdy enough to take hits.

Appearance 2: A Mantis with really sturdy Armada-looking armor. Looks pretty scary.

Appearance 3: A Mantis with Armada Dragoon-looking armor. Maximum Scariness

Oct 25, 2013
Name: Admiral Houndai

Species: Bloodhound

Pirate Species: Hound Admiral - Hound General

Pirate Class: Privateer

How To Get: obtain Admiral Houndai after completing the final task in marleybone, Admiral Houndai can
be found at the planning table

Weapon: Corsairs blade and gunnery

Start level: Two higher than the pirates lvl

Appearance: Has your flags base has his coat and his gear has your flags trim

Powers: Admiral Houndai has rally and Bomb Barrage

Jun 16, 2011
What I personally would love to see for swashbucklers is more undead and shady companions. I know many bucklers who like more of the assassin, Froggo Villa style of swashbuckling. I think we should get more companions with dark pasts, like Old Scratch. One of my ideas for a companion would be something similar to a lost soul from Wiz101 that has died and forgotten who it was. This could be received maybe from an Aquila or Mickey Dugan side quest. I just get a bit tired of El Toro ruining my dark and unseen assassin vibe sometimes. Please consider this KI!

Kevin Everhart-68

Jan 24, 2013
Hmm, well..

Name: Alice Spring

Species: Snow Fox

Pirate Species: Snow Fox Fencer

Pirate Class: Swashbuckler

How to get: A side quest in valencia 2 called, The darling rose and protector

Weapons: 2 small swords, that are very sharp and shiny.

Promotion 1- Snow Fox Swashbuckler Promotion 2- Snow Fox Assassin Promotion 3- Snow Fox Rogue

Name: Tom Spring

Species: Snow Fox

Pirate Species: Snow Fox Plunderer

Pirate Class: Privateer

Weapons: A spy glass and a long blade.

Promotion 1- Snow Fox Lieutenant Promotion 2- Snow fox Admiral 3- Snow fox commander

Explanation of quest: The quest starts with a very old snow fox, the snow fox claims that he lost his too

nephews, and that they've been taken captive on an armada ship, when you board the ship, the battle isn't that
hard, when you finish the battle, you'll be able to go inside the ship, when you talk to alice, she says, "Hello, thank you for saving us dear captain, May I join your crew?" then tom interrupts, "You're not just going to leave me in valencia for a pirates crew Alice." "Dear brother, how about you join as well, so you can watch me then."
Alice says, then finally, you recruit them both.

Nov 30, 2012
Name: Scervo

Species: mechanized skeleton hybrid

pirate species:Skelegear deckhand.
Pirate class: bucaneer

How to get: side quest in Polaris (when polaris gets added in)

Sidequest: Rusty: So, back during the Polarian war one of the first armada ships were shot down while attacking fort (you guys give it a name), but one valencian was one the ship, so he slammed the burning wreckage of the ship into the fort, allowing Rooke to get to Napolegin unharmed. In present time, Ratbbeard recomends you go there. Once gotten there You see tons of broken. clock works. But you strangely see foot prints in the snow. If you follow them you find scervo standing on the old armada ship dueling 2 battle angles eventually, both battle angles. After that he asks you not to fight him and explains hus backstory of the armada. He then asks you to recover his hook for his hand. If you do he will join youre crew. But the claw is guarded by Napolegin. Long story short he joins your team.

Weapons: Hook and Sword

Promotion: lv 88 skelegear Captain, no appearance change other than a gold hook, But his attack and health get raised. Lv 100 Pirate commodore. His sword will spin like a drill, and his attack will sky rocket to 789.

Epics and criticals: bladestorm, vengence strike, first strike, and relentless. Criticals are sweep, pushes all enemies around scervo back, and at comodore he gets drill run, an attack the by passes armor and destroys armor.

Starting level: 5 levels above you.

Oct 26, 2013
seeing how the worlds that have been hinted at in the first story arc i believe we will get the worlds krokotopia dragonspyre and darkmoor so i hope we get an increase in witchdoctors since they are from wizard. but nothing in particular.

Nov 22, 2012
Name: Kra'ia

Species: Eagle

Pirate Species: Eagle Champion

Pirate Class: Bucaneer

How To Get: A Side Quest From Captain Avery

Side quest: Mickey Dugan tells you Avery wants to see you, when you talk to Avery he is acting weird, almost scared..... He says someone is out for his head, talk to the frogfather for help. You go to the frogfather and ask him about it, he says that Kra'ia, the legendary gladiator champion is out for Avery because Avery refused him a home when he was traveling. He was sold onto a slave ship and sent to Kroktopia and had to fight in the krokosphinx, he won his freedom and then fought in the Coliseum and won again.

He hates Avery because Avery refused him a home, the frogfather says look in Marleybone for a man named, Chazau...... Chazau is an Aztecan and gives you the the location of Kra'ia in a vortex in Flotsam Skyway. Yip oh fight him and convince him not to kill Avery and he decides you have noble soul and joins you.

All Classes

No Promos

Feb 08, 2012
Name: Bearbarossa
Species: Bear
Pirate Species: Bear Mariner -> Bear Captain -> Bear Dread Pirate
Pirate Class: Privateer
How to get: Complete the side quest "Oruca Hunting", given by Knut Honeypaw.
In this quest, you have to head into the Redcloud Vortex in Khotan Skyway and defeat Bearbarossa, a Grizzleheim Pirate who is stealing Void Whales from Grizzleheim and Valencian Trade Ships. Bearbarossa escapes in a small skiff and heads to the Trigante Palace in Calabria, where you trick him into joining your crew.
Weapon/Weapon's of choice: Sparklock and Cutlass

Nov 30, 2012
Name: Mr. Pangwang

Species: Pangwang(deal with it)

Pirate Species: Pangwang Destroyer

Weapon: Gun Sword

Promotion: Pangwang Eradicator(lvl 93)

How to obtain: At level 74 Catbeard will give you the quest "A refill of pickled herring". Basically, this quest just gives gold and options for more companions. One quest is The Rebel. It is about a penguin warrior who turned into to a pangwang rebel. So you track this penguin to his fort, a crashed armada ship fused with a polaris ship.
So you get in and fight Mr. Pangwang. SURPRISE! He is 7 levels higher then you, and has 2 bombs, 2 traps, 3 snipes, and true grit 2/ burst fire 3/ and quick draw 3. Your meant to lose, and your taken to a jail sell with no gear if you lose. you then got to stealth through the fortress releasing 4 companions, Bonnie, Ratbeard, Catbeard, Contessa, and Toro. Once you do it, your employer, a penguin "warrior" comes in with a weapon and tells you the truth
He tricked you into opening up the defenses so he can sneak in and kill Mr. Pangwang. You stand up and try to stop him, and he almost kills you, but then Mr. Pangwang comes in, now as a guest fighting with you, with a ton of other pangwangs. He also has a group revive now. After the fight, blah blah blah, he joins your crew.

Epics/Critical: Same as when you fought him/ with him, and you can upgrade/ chose ONE epic.

Build: He is pure out offense but a trapper. His epics also give him the ability to counter Musketeers and Witch, so he owns the far range field.

Short Cass Bristol Lv. 70

Jan 16, 2015
Well, I'm glad you asked :)

Her name would be: Luna
She would be a: Astral Siren
Her class would be: Witchdoctor
You would get her from the main quest
She prefers to use the power of the stars to control her magic to help the captain (you)

Luna's home world, Celestia, was over taken by pirates, resistant to her voice. Not knowing what to do, she swam off, hoping to find someone of help. Over her journey her beautiful blue hair got shorter and shorter until it was past her shoulders, she often had it in a lose and graceful ponytail with a small starfish in it, her tail was a gradient of blue to white, with a star on the side, her eyes were a lovely purple, with stars in them. She swam and swam, trying to find a captain, until she reached (Your class teacher.) She put a spell on so she could hover over ground to travel places, she depended on magic from the stars to help her. Thats when she met you. You took her in. Luna always carried around a rather small conch shell, and when asked about it, she would deny to talk about it, but she alway seemed so protective of it. This mermaid was rather reluctant to join your crew, fearing you would be a pirate that raided her home, but she learned to trust you. She holds a clue to who your father was, for he was a prisoner on the ship, trying to fight off the evil pirates to attempt to save the sirens.
In her first promotion she talks about a pearl necklace she always had around her neck. It was a lovely necklace with a star in the middle, that started glowing and heating up at random times. Little does she know this is a warning for great danger ahead..

Jul 17, 2014
Dashing Roberto Sh... on Oct 11, 2012 wrote:
Post your ideas for new companions lay them out like this.

Pirate Species:
Pirate Class:
How to get:
Weapon/Weapon's of choice:

Then a bit describing the character

Good posting
Name: Armada ( what type depends on what class)

Species: Rewired Armada

How to Get: New side quest in Valencia pt. 2 ( like Moo Manchu)

Weapon: ( depends on what class you are)

= Dragoon
= Battle Angel
= Marine
= Musketeer
Sorry, you don't get anything, I'm very sorry!

Jul 17, 2014
SuperPirate2003 on Apr 10, 2013 wrote:
Name: Mousebeard
species: Mouse
pirate species: Mouse officer 1st promo Mouse commander 2nd promo Mouse captain
pirate class:
how to get: Crowns version of Ratbeard
weapon: double swords, keeps getting nicer through promotion
Yeah because we just needed that XD! What's next Lionbeard XD