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What is your idea for a new companion?

Dec 12, 2014
Name: Chrakkalla
Pirate:Species: Panther Warrior, then Panther Champion at lvl 36
Epics: Start with crit, riposte, and first strike, gets two more at promo(riposte 2, first strike 2, repel boarders, relentless, blade storm, and vengeance strike. Also gets one epic at lvl 40, 55, and 65
Looks: An upright panther with black fur and white eyes. After promotion, gets bands around his arms, legs, and a necklace with your pirate's colors(primary color is your main flag color, secondary is outline with ur secondary color
Weapons: Claws, hands, and feet, after promotion, claws look metallic and are slightly tinted your pirates colors
How to get: After you complete poet regal and talk to Catbeard the final time, he tells you that a member of his crew would like to speak to you, and Chrakkalla speaks to you and says he finds you honorable and would like to join you.
Lvl gotten: Same level as your pirate
Promo: He tells you about his backstory. His father was an assassin/spy for Marleybone, but was captured on an assignment in Monquista, where he was to spy upon the King and Queen(Ferdinand and Isadore). Before he made it to Monquista, though, the Holy Monquisition decided to capture him and murder him in cold blood because they believed it unholy for cats to be in Marleybone. The man said to be his killer was a Monquistador known as Father Montoya. Ever since he was a boy, Chrakkalla has tried to find him and kill him, so you help him and kill Montoya.

Hope you like it.

Short Dugan Maxwell Level 31

Aug 15, 2012
Name: Person

Everything else: Stuff :)

May 11, 2009
Oh man, I've been wanting to share this idea for a while! This sounds fun!

Name: Chloe Agnew
Species: Pixie
Pirate Species: Pixie Fencer
Pirate Class: Swashbuckler
How to Get: Side Quest (Privateer only)
Weapon of Choice: A rather large sewing needle (because she's really small)

Name: Orla Fallon
Species: Pixie
Pirate Species: Pixie Spellcaster
Pirate Class: Witchdoctor
How to Get: Side Quest (Witchdoctor only)
Weapon of Choice: Magic and hoodoo, of course!

Chloe and Orla are pixies that originate from Weirwood in Avalon. They're very "spritely" in personality (pardon the pun!)

Petty Officer
May 17, 2011
Well, if this is still a relevant thing that hasn't been forgotten about...

Name: Marlin Shadow
Species: Anglerfish
Pirate Species: Angler Ninja to Angler Backstabber to Angler Assassin
Pirate Class: Swashbuckler
How to Get: You get him at a certain point in the storyline at Celestia (if they ever add Celestia in Pirate101, of course)
Weapon of Choice: Two Daggers

To get a basic idea of his design, just think of the Angler Thugs from Wizard101 in Crab Alley, and think of it with a dark blue hood.

Marlin was from Celestia. Constantly made fun of because of his small size, he decided to use his short stature to his advantage, and utilized his speed to overpower bullies. Eventually gaining a reputation, he was often employed as an assassin, a job which he was very good at. After a certain clan of crabs heard of a pirate near their base, they hired Marlin to take care of the invader. However, Marlin secretly hated this clan, and instead of leaving to fight the pirate, he left to help him.

Aug 15, 2012
I did a post before, but I want to do a serious one.

Name: Zagoonza
Species: Zebra
Pirate species: Zebra Recruit - Zebra Ninja - Zebra Assassin
Pirate class: Swashbuckler
How to get: Available after beating Zafaria (If Zafaria comes to pirate)
Weapon: Zebra strikes (Blades: Slashy weapons)

Zagoonza was a recruit for a secret society in Zafaria. (He is the assistant of the final boss) When he first saw the pirate, he had interest in his/her battle skills. Later on, he realizes what he is doing is wrong, so he then went to join your crew.

Apr 24, 2016
I got one!

name: emerald falloning
species: dog
pirate species: dog rebel>dog warrior>dog battle master
pirate class:
how to get: side quest in marleybone
weapon: rapier blade plus mini handgun
what she looks like: imagine one of the redcoats from port regal, but as a girl, her hair is straight and is a deep deep deep red but hints of black through out. has a little black top hat that is perched to look like its slightly tipped and with a feather that corresponds to your pirates flag's main color wears a red-ish trenchcoat over a shirt that has a few gold decorations on it and the shirt corresponds to your flags colors, the main part is the main color and the edge is the trim color, wears pants like lucy sterling wears, but has a few rips in it from the fights she's done, wears knee high boots. 1th promo: trenchcoat changes to a coat like governor Stanley in port regal wears, pants changes and loses rips, boots gets little silver chains randomly placed on it.

to be continued,,,,,,,,,,

Petty Officer
Nov 10, 2013
I Got one for yall

Dead-eye Tim

Human/Dragon Hybrid

Dragon Hybrid


he cost 10k gold he spawns in 3 different places the morning one in the skull island tavern 12-8am marley bone tavern 8am-12pm 12pm-2pm


born from the dark ashes of darkmoor betrayed its world for dragonspyer(cant spell lul)defeated by a wizard pyromancer adam(WOAH gee-stack96 calm down stop connecting wizard101 with pirate101)his soul lost for thousands of years reborn as a pirate during his adventure he found his true origins he was originally from darkmoor his dragon soul,soon his dragon soul took over his body and his glowing red eyes was his past self from thousands and thousands years ago when the elder magic was fighting for control

health 3.5k
Armor 0
Magic Resist 145
Weapon Power 255
Mojo 200
Accuracy 104
Dodge 107
Elusive 1
Pirate 1
Witch hunter 2
readied spell 2
Mojo echo 2
Mojo Rising 1
Wraith(when below 50% of health his Mojo is buffed by 25%)


Mojo Storm X2
Jobu's Embrace.

Dead-eye Tim

Apr 29, 2014
Oh ok I'll try!

Name: X-125

Species: Robot Golem thing

Class: Privateer

Pirate Species: Rust bucket

Weapon: Its fists

Ok this bot is probably not gonna be the best but I thought it could be a main companion from Valencia (even though it never happened I kinda just imagining it). It's personality is like C3PO (however you spell it) from Star Wars! He would have a heal and some gunnery bombs normal Privateers have. Anyway just some thing fun to make up!

Nov 23, 2011
Name: Ki Ron

Species: Ki-rin

Class: Swahbucker ( given to buccaneer )

Weapon: a sword with a poisonous rose entangled onto it.

Powers: 1. Karma Shield- He grants a shield to a team member and when and enemy attacks them, they get poisoned ( worse poison than his poisonous Rose talent. ) 2. Lunge- He lunges his sword into an enemy also damaging anyone one square behind the enemy

Talents: 1. Poisonous Rose- every auto attack poisons enemy for three rounds ( not much damage though )
4. 360 tide- when he get below 40% health or ally dies, he infuriated and accuracy and critical strike percentage boost 3. Vengeance Strike- but also if an enemy close strikes a teammate

Appearance / character: He is very up tight, so he wears a tuxedo/business outfit kind of suit. His scales are your main colour and his fur is your secondary colour, also the rose poking out of his pocket is your secondary colour. The rest of his outfit is just black and white

Hope you enjoyed me and my imaginary companion

Feb 11, 2010
Here's a companion I created inspired by a dream I had:

Name: Adelheid Martinez (Name credit to musteatsoup)

Species: Crab (blue shell)

Pirate Species: Crab Magician

Pirate Class: Witch Doctor

How to get: Defeat in combat

Weapon/Weapon's of choice: Magician's Wand

Adelheid was always a fond of magic and over time, it became his career. However, upon losing his eye in a match, he vowed revenge against his world. He began to create mischief, such as scaring children, taking belongings, and crafting new kinds of hoodoo. Adelheid's attire includes a witch doctor's hat and a Cool Ranch style tuxedo.

Apr 24, 2016
here's a new one from me!

name: Alyssa wolfington
pirate species: werewolf warrior
pirate class: buccaneer
how to get: from side quest in which you help her escape from a prison in marleybone.
weapon(s) of choice: sword and claws.

(I know it would be hard but if she gets implemented, would it be possible for her to be able to change forms if you press a button?)

alyssa was once a normal wolf who lived with her parents in grizzleheim, one day, her parents were killed by a hunter, vowing vengeance, she hunted down the hunter who killed her parents, one night, there was a full moon in the sky, then, alyssa realized something she didn't know before: she was a werewolf! she changed into a human (like your p101 character), and she didn't need a full moon, she was a special kind of werewolf. As she hunted down that hunter, she realized something, she would need to search different worlds if she wanted to find the hunter, being able to steal stuff but no one knowing who did it, she made her own ship and sailed to marleybone first, but, she got arrested for breaking a rule she had no idea they had, when you find her, she asks if she join your crew, you say yes, you help her break out, she joins your crew,

appearance: red fur, but in human form she has red hair, wears black trench coat, wears grey boots, has a blue skull shaped earring on her left ear, has slight scar on her right cheek, wears a black top hat with a feather that is your pirates flags colors, wears a shirt that corresponds to your pirates flags colors, wears white pants as well, also has a necklace that corresponds to your pirates flag color and it has the icon of you pirates flag icon!

(I feel like I over did this way way way way way way way way way too much. did i? i hope not.)

fiery alyssa taylor 44
sly autumn 17
helpful Isabel Johansson 5

Jun 14, 2013
Oh boy have I been yearning to get these ideas out somehow.


Species: Penguin
Class: Privateer (Uses a spark thrower)
Talents: Valor's Armor + The Big Guns
Starting Epic: True Grit


Species: Polar Bear
Class: Buccaneer (Some kind of heavy melee weapon)
Talents: Highland Charge + Super Strike
Starting Epic: Relentless


Species: Qhat (White)
Class: Swashbuckler (Attacks with Dual Curved Knives)
Talents: Assassin Shroud + Assassin Strike
Starting Epic: First Strike


Species: Otter (Blue)
Class: Musketeer (Shoots with a Harpoon Gun)
Talents: Raise Barricade + Canister Shot
Starting Epic: Quick draw


Species: Winter Fox
Class: Witchdoctor (Uses a Lightning Rod)
Talents: (New talent that stuns single enemy for 3 turns) + Mojo Storm
Starting Epic: Improved Mojo Blast + Readied Spell


I bet most of you guys know what world they're from.

(I know they'll never be added but it was fun coming up with these ideas)

Jan 30, 2017
Name: (I can't come up with a good name)

Species: Human

Pirate Species: (Pirate musketeer, Pirate buccaneer, Pirate swashbuckler, Pirate witchdoctor, Pirate privateer)

Pirate class: Any

Weapon of choice: (Swash=dagger, Bucc=Mallet, Witch=staff, Musket=rifle, Priv=shield+sword

How to get: Side quest (or something)

Ok now to describe this character. See the reson why I'm making this is because despite the fact that pirate 101 is like 90% of my free time now days (the 10% is p101 forums) I have noticed an extream lack of human companions, so I would like to make this one! I don't care how you get it or it's stats or anything, I just wanna see a human companion. If this were to be granted then It's probably going to be a crown shop companion but that dosn't matter. I wanted this thing to be real ever since 2014 (I had an older account that I forgot my password to)

-Alejandro DeClark

Jul 11, 2014
Going for companions based off of real life just like half of our companions.

Name: Beowolf

Species: Wolf

Class: Buccaneer

Weapon of choice: Halberd

How to get: Defeat Tyrfing in Feasting hall of Hogarth

Talents: Turn the Tide

Starting Epic: Vengeance Strike

Feb 11, 2017
Name: Noble Kirk Thomson

Species: Dog?

Pirate Species: Dogs of Marleybone?

Pirate Class: Musketeer

How to get: Side quest in Marleybone

Weapon/Weapon's of choice: Dual Peacemakers

Pirate Species:
Pirate Class:
How to get:
Weapon/Weapon's of choice: