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What is your idea for a new companion?

Petty Officer
Jun 19, 2014
name:king krab

species: crab

pirate species:crab basher

class: buccaneer

how to get: defeat 2000 crabs

weapon: mallet

description: he looks like the ranked pvp crab, but orange and a small mallet

origin: he was a crab who admires your determination to eliminate crabs and joins your crew

Petty Officer
Jun 19, 2014


pirate-species:dog rioter



how to get: complete quest. were man whereman

description: radical dog with a club

Petty Officer
Jul 22, 2014
SuperTolu on Nov 24, 2015 wrote:
Name: Ristoliniomat
Species: Kawil Raptor
Pirate Species:
Lvl 80: Kawil Agent
Lvl 88: Kawil Director
Lvl 95: Kawil Executive
Lvl 100: Kawil Cheiftain
Class: Privateer
How to get: Quest in Aztaca
Weapon: Knife
Origin: He was a vendor in the aztecan store of Rachasalon but then a Valencian takes him and you must fight to get him back.
Ummm.... he gets promoted every 7 levels. Other companions in the companions in the game get promoted every 20-something levels. I think you should spread out the promotions into better spans of time.

Feb 14, 2014
Name: Random name
Species: Raven
Pirate Species: Black Feather Coven Raven
Class: Witchdoctor
Weapon: Raven Claw Staff
How to get: Complete quest; Storyline or Side
Description: Basically what the Graea or Medea look like with the robes being whatever color your flag is.

Origin: This raven(ess) was a part of a traveling coven of Ravens in Grizzleheim called the Black Feather Coven. This raven(ess) was and is the most powerful of her coven.

Petty Officer
Sep 02, 2015
Ahoy there pirates!
Name: Lieutenant Bones
Species: Undead
Pirate Species: Skeleton Swashbuckler (Promotes to Skeleton Captain at level 46)
Pirate class: Swashbuckler
How to get: You have to do a side quest in Gullet, where you have to defeat Lieutenant Bones in his house, and then he joins you because he wants to become a pirate
Weapon of Choice: In one hand, he holds a golden cutlass, and in the other, he holds a glass of rum that is on fire, which he pours on enemies.

Lieutenant Bones wears a long, pirate tunic, and carries a satchel which contains a few spare bottles of rum. He lived in Gullet for 20 years, until the Frogfather's syndicate moved in and killed him. He has been looking for vengeance ever since, but decides to join your pirate after he sees that he can be good.

Dec 01, 2012
Name: Rogue
Species: Lion
Pirate Species: Lion Warrior 1st promo Lion Berserker (lvl50) 2nd promo Lion King (lvl60)
Pirate Class:
How to get: By Reaching lvl 40 (Only)

Weapon/Weapon's of choice: Mordakai's sword

by proving to mordaki that you are a fierce buccaneer he grants you the son of his old friend who was killed by the armada

Jun 12, 2012
Dashing Roberto Sh... on Oct 11, 2012 wrote:
Post your ideas for new companions lay them out like this.

Pirate Species:
Pirate Class:
How to get:
Weapon/Weapon's of choice:

Then a bit describing the character

Good posting
Name: Snake King
species: ophidian snake
pirate species: Lord of snakes
pirate class:
How to get: from avery when level 65 talking to buccaneer trainer paying 2000 gold
weapon/weapon's of choice: ophidian snake sword

Jun 05, 2012



Weapon:bamboo staff

Jun 06, 2009
Name: Deadeye Deidre
Species: Mouse
Pirate Species: Mouse Fencer
Pirate Class: Swashbuckler
How to get: complete the quest "The Golden Flask"
Weapon/Weapon's of choice: Dual swords

Ok, so we all know the side quest "The Golden Flask" given by Rosey Harriot in Remmington's Steel, right? well, I got to thinking, what if, after you defeat Deadeye Deidre, and return the flask to Rosey, Deadeye Deidre sees the error of her ways and decides to join your crew? I thought to myself, "That would be an interesting twist to the quest, I should pitch that on the forum!" So here it is.

Dark Wolf Everhart, lvl 52
Fiery Wolf Holystone, lvl 12

Lvl 6: Basic (Mouse Fencer)
Lvl 16: Mouse Swashbuckler
Lvl 40: Mouse Corsair

Nov 23, 2012
Name: Foxxy Malone
Species: Fox
P-Species: Fox
HTG: completing all side quests in book two. She is visiting Puerto Mico from WhoKnowsWhere and she sees what you have done, so you offers to join your crew.
Weapon: two tiny stabby knives

Foxes are known for their ability to be light on their feet, so why not? A fox that uses knives, a mouse that fences, a frog that spins with swords, now there's a crew worth fighting with! (The mouse is Sarah Steele and the frog is Fan Flanders)

Oct 03, 2012
Name: Professor Murphy
Species: Dog
Pirate-Species: Junior Inventor
How to Get: Completion Of The Quest: "Anarchy In The MB!"
Weapon: Wrench (Silver)
Description: A Tall Male Dog Engineer Like Ones Seen In The Cargill Foundry
Origin: A Marleybonian Inventor Trainee Who Is Sick of Creating Failure And Seeks Inspiration From The Thrill Of Adventure!
Powers: A Summon (Trap/Minion), 1000 Health Heal (Minion Only), Epic Strike
Epic Talents: (4 To Choose From), Second Chance
Repel Boarders
Hold The Line
Vengeance Strike
Second Chance 2
Witch Hunter

Jun 06, 2009
Name: Captain Jack Sparrow
Species: Sparrow
Pirate Species: Sparrow Captain
Pirate Class:
How to get: Side quest in Skull Island "Dead Man's Chest"
Weapon/Weapons of choice: Scimitar

This version of Jack Sparrow, from Pirates of the Caribbean, would have the same attitude and general hilariousness of the one we all see in the films, albeit a bird. He would appear in a side quest near the end of Skull Island before you go to Monquista. You would have to "Defeat Cutthroats and Collect Dead Man's Chest" first, then "Defeat The Floating Dutchman and Collect Chest Key." Yes, a return to Perdition's Cauldron. Just what we all needed, right? The Floating Dutchman would be stronger than the first time you faced him (obviously) and so would his undead crew. That's all I got about it for now.

Dark Wolf Everhart, lvl 52
Fiery Wolf Holystone, Lvl 13

Oct 13, 2012
Name: Aka Kitsune
Class: Swashbuckler
Species: Red Fox
Fox Assassin
How to get: Defeat 500 Ninja Pigs, and you will get a message telling you to come to Cavern of Infinite Darkness. Aka Kitsune will be waiting. He will say that he is impressed that the player has defeated so many ninja pigs, but says he/she cannot defeat the best ninja of them all- him. Defeat him 1 on 1 and he will join you.
Background: Little is known about his origins. It is said he ran away from a life of royalty in Avalon for adventure. He came to MooShu, where the Ninja Pigs raised him. However, he disliked their ways as he grew older, and created a rebel group, the Shadow Renegades. They had secretly been fighting the Ninja Pigs, and impressed with how many you've defeated, he joins you!
Weapons: Throwing Stars, Sai, and Daggers

Hawk General
Cawstantine fought for Aquila for many years, gaining them many great victories. He grew tired of warring with the local beasts instead of adventuring off in the Spiral. Impressed with how you've fought against the Aquilan monsters, Cawstantine decides he wishes to adventure with you to wherever you go as you begin to leave Aquila for who knows where.

Jun 01, 2014
Name: Coniglio Signore
Species: Rabbit
Pirate Species: Rabbit Explorer, Rabbit Captain (Level 32), Rabbit Lord (Level 58)
Pirate Class: Swashbuckler
How to get: Completing a quest in Grizzleheim
Weapon of Choice: Knife (and dagger)

Jolly Roger was a poor worker who was framed for destroying a sacred tree. The player takes a quest from the governor of Ursidae town (or something) to arrest Coniglio in his cave because the knights are too busy. Coniglio then convinces the player that he was innocent and they must find the real culprit. The first thing Coniglio wants the player to do is find Sherlock Bones in Marleybone, but the player only finds Watson sitting on a stump. Upset, Watson informs the player the Sherlock was kidnapped by Meowiarty in his ship, Ripley (or something) and the player must go rescue him. When Sherlock is saved, he tells the player he saw some suspicious activity in Nova Aquila earlier that day, a small group of bears with large bags creeping towards a pirate ship. Then, the ship went through the Grizzleheim storm gate. The player finds the group of people and see them discussing their next attack. The player tells the governor, ending the quest

Oct 30, 2012
Name: Leon King
Species: Snow Tiger
Pirate Species: Tiger Warlord
How to get: Unlock-able quest "The Warlord King" When Level 65+ has been reached. Given By Captain Avery for Privateer and Buccaneer only.
Weapon/Weapons of choice: Scythe

Petty Officer
Feb 06, 2016
Name: Random (something Avalon related)
Species: Soul
Pirate species: Haunted Squire Soul -> Haunted Knight Soul -> Haunted Guardian Soul
Class: Buccaneer
How to get: Side quest line
Weapons: Blade and Shield

Basically a rusty, floating set of armor, a sword and a shield. First promotion removes the rust, adds armor and improves the weapons. Second promotion adds some shine and gold lines to all of it.

Mar 05, 2016
Kyle Life Caster on Oct 12, 2012 wrote:
Name:captin ribbit

Species:minature humongofrog

Pirate species:what does this mean?

Pirate class:muskateer

How to get:by defeating fin ten times in a row without being defeated and get a badge called:Shark Hunter

Weapon its attack from wizard101

i think this could be a good companion that can use powerful attacks to change the tide around and post your opinion about my idea
I honestly have no idea because I have been with my level 100 friend who is in Aquila and have seen all the companions. But you should be able to get English bill at the crown shop or you just get the companion English bill sounds great

Petty Officer
Jun 19, 2014
Marleybone64065 on Jan 31, 2016 wrote:



Weapon:bamboo staff

Jan 14, 2015
1. Ivan the great (Polar bear strongman, Buccaneer, with Vicious Charge and Blade storm 2)
2. Captain Winters (Seal Gunner, Musketeer, with Sky spirit and Burst Fire 3)
3. Lord Minak (Moose Warrior, Privateer, with Reinforce, Battle zeal, and Cheap shot 2)
4. Inspector Clooso (Penguin Inspector, Swashbuckler, with Black fog and Flanking 3)
5. Ygor (Hunchbacked bear, Witchdoctor, with Jubu's Embrace, Big Juju and Witch hunter 2)
All of them come from Polaris.

Petty Officer
Jul 13, 2013
name: Clanker

species: clockwork

pirate species: malfunctioning clockwork

pirate class:

how to get: defeat Kane 7 times

weapons of choice: two spark rifles

After you defeat Kane 7 times he will appear and say, "thanks young pirate*glitch* *glitch* I fear more clockworks will come I would very much like to join your crew with your permission of course

Petty Officer
Feb 06, 2016
What with Valencia part 2, some ideas sprung into my mind!

Name: dunno
Species: Guinea Pig
Pirate Species: Demolitionist
Class: Musketeer
How to get: Sidequests, for all classes
Weapons: Blunderbuss, Explosives, has rain of mortarshells, a 3x3 AoE and ranged epic strike for abilites

Appearance: White-fur Guinea Pig with stains of black powder from blowing stuff up, wears a blast helmet and blast-resistant armor, most of it stained, blunderbuss is slightly rusty, with multiple damages, attacks by throwing bombs and shooting explosive bullets

Name: dunno
Species: Purple-shell Crab
Pirate Species: Crab Spellblade (uses same new and improved animations that 90% of the crabs have in Valencia part 2)
Class: Melee Witchdoctor
How to get: Sidequests, for all classes
Weapons: Lightning infused claws, magics, has melee epic strike, chain lightning and mojo storm for abilites

Appearance: Purple-shelled Crab with the typical witchdoctor related clothes and armor, wears a mask similair to Mormo's but fit for a crab, claws are pulsating with storm magic and his body has warpaint and injuries, a small crawlie-crab sits on his shoulder

Apr 07, 2011
Name: Random

Species: Lumbering Troll

Pirate Species: I do not understand what this one means

Pirate Class: Buccaneer

How to get: Available in the crown shop after you defeat Chief Antiphates

Weapon of choice: Club

Apr 07, 2011
Name: Random

Species: Gearhead

Pirate Species:

Pirate Class: Privateer

How to get: Received from Marleybone side-quest "Light A Candle"

Weapon of choice: Clockwork Staff

Nov 01, 2013
Dashing Roberto Sh... on Oct 11, 2012 wrote:
Post your ideas for new companions lay them out like this.

Pirate Species:
Pirate Class:
How to get:
Weapon/Weapon's of choice:

Then a bit describing the character

Good posting
Name: Dashing Midnight Hopkins
Class: Swashbuckler
Species: Panther
Pirate Species: Panther Pirate; on his first promotion, Panther Ninja; and on his second, Panther Warrior.
How to get/Quest on which he was gotten: Arrive Before Midnight. You have to find ancient Scrolls in MooShu and conquer the Elements (Wind, Fire, Water, and Earth) in Element Towers in four separate Worlds of the Spiral. His first promotion Quest is called: Find and Free. You have to find and free Panther Ninjas that are being held captive. (There is also a fight to get Midnight, and a fight at every Element Tower.) His second promotion Quest is called: Battle of the Skyway. There's a big battle on Broadside/Deckside combat.

Thanks and Good Hunting,

- The Dashing Swashbuckler, a.k.a. Helpful Aurora Parker, almost Level 42 Swashbuckler

(P.S. This idea was by a Pirate friend named Fearless Griffin Davenport. He's a Level 5 Swashbuckler. )

May 23, 2012
name: Something British
spices: Zebra
pirate spices: hunter promotes to trapper
class: Musketeer
weapon: Shotgun and bear trap after promotion gets silenced sniper and scatter spike
how to get: when Krokotopia becomes a world he is a side quest companion much like Zeena and Cat Ninja that all classes can get