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What is your idea for a new companion?

Feb 14, 2014
Ok so I came up with this and I think it would be so cool.

Let's say at one point in the game you have to defeat some Armada boss. And when you defeat it there will be a surviving soldier. It's a defective Armada soldier and he/she if it's a battle angel, asks to join your crew. BAM.

I just blew your minds.

No I didn't lol.

Catherine Reade

Feb 11, 2010
Name: Tarl Moonhowler

Species: Wolf

Pirate Species: Wolf Barbarian, then Wolf Warrior, then Wolf Hero, then Wolf Warlord

Pirate Class: Buccaneer

How to get: Grizzleheim as where you were raised

Weapon of Choice: Double Spear

A black wolf with black and red armor with a gold trim and a torn cape. He seems very loyal to his captain and is very intelligent. Massive health, damage, and armor.

When promoted to Wolf Warrior, he learns Buccaneer Strike.
When promoted to Wolf Hero, upgraded Buccaneer Strike, learns Shark's Fury
When promoted to Wolf Warlord, upgraded Buccaneer Strike and Shark's Fury becomes Whale's Might, learns Super Strike

Wolf Warrior: Learns 2 Epics, Spear gets sharper, more armor on his body.

Wolf Hero: Learns 1 Epic, scar over is right eye, armor gets more designs on it, spear upgraded

Wolf Warlord: Leans 1 Epic, flecks of gray on his fur, upgraded armor and spear

Learnable Epics:
Blade Storm
First Strike 2
Vengeance Strike
Cheap Shot 2

Starts with First Strike and Cheap Shot

Feb 14, 2014
Name: Hafrin DoomWeaver

Species: Raven

Pirate Species: Raven Mystic

Pirate Class: Witchdoctor

How To Get: Some Special Quest

Weapon Of Choice: Mystic's Runed Staff

Name: Ali Ak'Ba

Species: Krok

Pirate Species: Krok Shaman

Pirate Class: Witchdoctor

How To Get: Some Other Special Quest

Weapon Of Choice: Krokotopian Golden Sun Staff

And the Krok companion would look like the transportalators. I think they look so cool.

Feb 14, 2014
Bikaneri on Jul 15, 2013 wrote:
Name: Steve
Species: Minecraftian
Pirate Species: Minecraftian Miner Promotes to Minecraftian Hero
Pirate Class: Buccaneer Promotes to Musketeer
How to get: Build something in Minecraft and submit to Kingsisle
Weapon: Pickaxe Promotes to Bow and Arrows.

Minecraft? Really? I love the game and all but that's a little to much. I still love the game though.

Mar 26, 2013
CaptainAureus on Nov 5, 2012 wrote:
Name: Big Wally

Species: Wolf
Pirate Species: Wolf brute
Pirate Class: Buccaneer
How to get: Board the jail warden's ship, defeat him and get the jail keys.
Weapon: His bare fists.

Big Wally is the really big, muscular type of pirate. He's not the brightest but he knows how to fight and is always very loyal to his captain. He doesn't have a physical weapon, instead he solves problems with his fists. His victory move is (when your companion kills an enemy they wave their sword or take a bow or dance) he flexes his bicep and kisses it.

He has dark grey fur, long dark brown hair that trails down his back, one green eye (left) one blue eye (right) and is very buff and very tall, almost bodybuilder size.

His clothes are: a horizontal striped bandanna, horizontal striped pants, a leather belt with a brass belt buckle, and large leather boots.

Sound good? ~Bloody Wolf Freeman~
GREAT IDEA! i had a similar idea

Name: Black fury
Species: Dark wolf warlord
weapon: bare fists and sharpest claws ever
how to get: Merciful omar armstrong (me) and boochbeard find that you are trapped in the care takers house in polaris, napoligan comes with,,, A FIRE CAT?! and wolf comes and kills the boss which is ice warlord (in wizard101) and wolf takes you to boochbeards hot house!

desc: he really likes you and he has killed duiling deago, malistaire, morganethe, dark rider, malistaire the undead, boochbeard AND ALL THE ARMADA BOSSES at one go!
though he likes to eat mighty eagle heroes for only a snack


Dec 21, 2009
Name: Crash Mcburn
Species: Possessed flying ship (Very very small)
Pirate Species: Haunted Ship
Pirate Class: Musketeer
How to get: Halloween Quest
Weapon/Weapon's of choice: Broadside cannons, and possible flying up and dropping an anchor on the targets head.

Looks like a mini hoodoo bundle ship, with abilities mojo blast at first thing (no promos) at first promotion they get hail of cannonballs, at second promo they get lvl 1 overwatch.

Nov 14, 2013
Name: Sebastian Vettel
Species: Armada
Pirate species: Armada Privateer
Pirate class: Armada Lieutenant
How to get: In Marleybone skyway, on the isle of fetch. Your fighting the armada when a stray bolt of lightning strikes him and causes his programming to reverse. So instead of fighting against pirates he will fight with them.
Weapon of choice: Bow-sword. A mechanical sword that has two blades that form a bow when certain levers switch it into position. (See Final Fantasy 13-2, Serrah Farron's weapon)

Lvl 64 Privateer Silver Aaron Ironsides

Mar 08, 2011
Name: Ark Opp Ta Ta
Species: Troggy
Pirate Species: (Start) - Troggy Blowgunner (1st Promotion) - Troggy Hunter (2nd Promotion) - Troggy Masterhunter
Pirate Class: Musketeer
How to get: After defeating Eep Ork ah ah, Sister Nek Nek te, says Ork Ork Ork! Which means come come come! She says it right after you try to exit the dark jungle. (She says this after you defeat Eep Ork ah ah. For former pirate 101 players they could enter the dark jungle and automatically get the quest. Then old scratch pops in the picture and says let me do my magic and translate the Troggy ( if witch doctor Mormo is also in the picture and says smart! But Mormo could have done it.....) Then Sister Nek Nek te says translated, help brother Ark Opp Ta Ta capture! By mean shark pirate. Skull island name fin! Then you could choose to go fight fin in his lair again. Once you are there, he will say we meet again pirate and battle you you could also see Ark Opp Ta Ta in the corner in a cage. Once you defeat fin again you free Ark Opp Ta Ta and bring him to sister Nek Nek te. the once again, translated, she says THANKYOU! Now me know that brother safe, he fond of you he go with you pirate take pirate take. Then you get Ark Opp Ta Ta. restricted to witch doctors only others have to buy with 4999 crowns in the shop. please Think about my request for this companion I adore troggies and seeing this companion would make me soooo happy! I put a lot of thought in this post please think about it. Just saying I play pirate 101 every free time I have its the best game in the world! Oops! Almost forgot! weapon: Blowgun and he comes with one already chosen epic - Parting shot. Thankyou for your time! Plz put thought in my suggestion

Petty Officer
Mar 23, 2011
Name: Andrew Windcaster
Species: Wizard
Promo: Apprentice Spellbinder > Grandmaster Spellbinder > Exalted Spellbinder
Weapon 1: Resplendant Wand (see on w101 wiki) 2: Pillar of Ice 3: Malistaire's Staff of Whatever it is
Quest: at level 75, yes, 75, Ambrose calls for you with his typical " Young Wizard come see me in my office I have dire new for you!" you have to find a strange world where you meet Morganthe's Child, Grandchild etc
and they want to know why Morganthe tried to take over the spiral. Ingnaya comes and opens up portals to the spirit world and you go into memories of Morganthe's past from lots of views. (Same transformation stuff as Radiance Reborn)

- Nathaniel Lawson lvl 65 Privy

Petty Officer
Mar 23, 2011
KingOfCoolRanch on Sep 8, 2014 wrote:
Name: The Duck Of Death
Species: Duck
Pirate Species: ?
Pirate Class: Witchdoctor
How to get: Defeat the duck of death (silver stallion) 11 times.
Weapon/Weapon's of choice: Pistol.
Pirate Species: Possesed body, he sold his soul to a spirit

Mar 07, 2009
Name: Arkele
Species: Bear
Pirate Species: Grizzleheim Warrior, 1st Promote Warlord, 2nd Promote Death Bringer
How To Get: Beat him in a dungeon at Grizzleheim
Weapon of Choice: Copper Sword, 1st Promote Giant Silver sword, 2nd Promote Giant Glowing Golden Sword with Tower Sheild.

Arkele Is the most ruthless, Merciless, Strongest, Grizzleheim Warrior ever. Some say he even beat Gladimous, the Viking Commander in an arm-wrestle, while battling on a half-built bridge. Any who beat him shall have the champion himself join their crew.

Jul 23, 2013
Name: Captain Blood
Pirate Species: Pirate Lord
Pirate Class: Buccaneer
How to get: Crown Shop
Weapon: Big Blade & Hook

You unlock him in the crown shop after defeating him 15 times.

Feb 10, 2009
Name: Random Name
Species: Penguin
Class: Musketeer
How to get: Main quest in Polaris ( if we ever go)
Weapon: Gun

Name: Random
Species: Polar bear
Class: Buccaneer
How to Get: Main quest in Polaris (if we ever go)
Weapon: Double bladed axe

Name: Random
Species: Grizzly bear
Class: Buccaneer
How: Main Quest
Weapon: Axe

Name: Random
How: Main quest
Weapon: Double bladed Axe

Name: Random
Species Krok
How: Main quest
Weapon: Sword

Name: Random
Species: Mander
Class: Buccaneer
How: Side quest

Species Werewolf
How: Main quest
Weapon: Teeth and claws

Nov 11, 2012
name: Pelican Bill

species: Pelican

Pirate Species: Normal: Pelican Gunner Tier 1:Pelican Sharpshooter, Tier 2: Pelican Expert Sniper.

Pirate Class: Muskteer

extra: damage from normal: 30-65dmg tier 1 dmg: 65-115 tier 2dmg: 115-275 final damage 300dmg

how to get: finish all skull island quests

weapon from normal: a gun like bonnie anne in the Sniper promotion weapon from tier 1: sniper rifle *like bonnie anne's again from highlander promotion* from tier 2: small but really powerful revolvers with scopes on it

well, the companion is like lefty i cannot really put detail to it sorry but that's my idea

Jun 12, 2013
Ok,so i know my last reply to this was a little hard to understand and i apologize for that.So to make up for it i have some new ones

Name: Nights

Species: Nightmaren

Class: Privateer

Weapon: Dark Magic

How To Get: Side quest in Darkmoor, all classes

Back story: He was a member of a mercenary group that hunted their opponents down in there sleep until you show him the error of his ways.

Powers: Like Bonnie Anne,he comes with his own powers, first is a healing move called "Healing Field," a small area he can summon for three turns, any teammate that comes into it get health and regeneration for as long as they are in there, but nights can't be healed by it neither can a teammate after an enemy steps into it. His second power would be called "Eclair De Larms" where he shoots a ball of black flames at one opponent,giving them burn damage for one turn.And his final power would be called "Crystal Lance" which kinda speaks for itself,it's a lance he shoots made out of a crystal that slows an enemy for two turns.

As for talents and epics he can learn everything Gracie can.

Name: Shantae

Species: Genie (Promotes to Genie Hero)

Class: Witchdoctor

Weapon: She whips her hair at enemies

How To Get: End of first dungeon in Mirage,all classes

Back Story: She's been trapped in a lamp for thousands of years and your Presidio companion finds her lamp,and says "Whew!It feels good to be out of there,so what are your three wishes" the first two are one for her to give you a piece of the El Dorado map, and two to help you get out of the dungeon.She answers "Hmmm,I can' do anything about your map piece but i can get you out of here" She teleports you and your crew out of the dungeon safely and gives you one free extra wish which you use later to wish her to be on your crew.

Powers: She gets a critical strike and a summon of either a siren,elephant,or monkey. (Don't ask why.)
And after her promotion a heal.

She also can learn the same talents and epics as Mormo.

Nov 25, 2010
I have a pretty good idea.

Name: Blade

Species: Tigershark

Pirate Species: Cutthroat Tigershark

Class: Buccaneer (I've started to like buccaneers more. Is there anyway to change my username?)

How To Recruit: Blade will be a buccaneer only companion. If there ever were to be a new world, or an unused area, Blade would be a crashed Tigershark at the wreckage of a cutthroat ship.

Bio: Blade was originally one of many Tigersharks. However, long ago the Tigersharks launched an expedition to an unexplored area of the spiral. Sadly, the ship was shot down and it crashed somewhere in this unknown land. As years went by, many of the Tigersharks died, and now Blade remains the last one looking for a way home, or even better, a captain...

Nov 25, 2010
Sorry. I forgot one last thing.

Blade's weapon of choice would be a great sword or cutlass.

Petty Officer
Mar 23, 2011
Name: Jelly the Firefighter

Species: Narwhal Engineer

Class: Witchdoctor

Weapon: Fully Auto Water Pistol

How to get: After Defeating Kane it Turns out Kane was Jelly in a suit.

Bristy Dylan Offington

Petty Officer
Oct 31, 2012
Oct 12, 2012
I want a beast when we go back to Valencia sidequest for a mechanical bird.
Pirate type privateer (no beasts as companions I can think of privateers) starts with relentless one can choose relentless 2 bladestorm repel boarders, first strike, and flanking. Can be used by the Beastmaster banner.

Next up a sea dragon (you know the one from celestia) he slaps you with his fins and gets a pet epic unlocked when your ship gets shot into an underground lake. They go with natural instinct and attack. After you find out its a zoo ran by Blind Mew (You know he travels) He gives you one of them.

Oct 25, 2013
Name: Wolf Raider

Species: Wolf/Hound

Pirate Species:Normal; Wolf Recruit, Promo #1: Wolf Stalker ,Promo #2 Wolf Elite : Promo #3 Wolf Master Assassin

Pirate Class: Swashbuckler

How to get: Marleybone side quest "after defeating rooke in the last dungeon, lvl 58 get quest in the sewer

Weapon: Cutlass and Dark dagger

Abillity's: Wolf recruit: critical boost, Wolf Stalker: critical boost, hidden, Wolf Elite: critical boost, hidden, Assassin strike, Wolf Master Assassin: critical boost, hidden, Assassin strike, Call Of Brothers: summons wolf ninja Allies


First Mate
Dec 13, 2009
Name: (Randomized Name)
Species: Monquistan
Pirate Species: Monkey Trainee -> (LV. 80) Monkey Ninja -> (LV. 100) Monkey Assassin
Pirate Class: Swashbuckler
How to get: Sidequest in Valencia part two (I know it isn't released yet.)
LOCATION: (?) Skyway, (?) island.
Find the Ninja Hideout dungeon.
Defeat three Armada soldiers to clear a path.
Enter Dungeon.
Defeat Armada Soldiers
Talk to Ninja Leader
Defeat Armada boss (Companion is allied)
Talk to Ninja Leader
Exit Dungeon
Talk to Quest Giver
Receive Companion
Weapon/Weapon's of choice: Dagger -> Katana and Dagger -> Dual Katana

Jun 09, 2013
Kai Alcott on Jan 30, 2015 wrote:
Name: (Randomized Name)
Species: Monquistan
Pirate Species: Monkey Trainee -> (LV. 80) Monkey Ninja -> (LV. 100) Monkey Assassin
Pirate Class: Swashbuckler
How to get: Sidequest in Valencia part two (I know it isn't released yet.)
LOCATION: (?) Skyway, (?) island.
Find the Ninja Hideout dungeon.
Defeat three Armada soldiers to clear a path.
Enter Dungeon.
Defeat Armada Soldiers
Talk to Ninja Leader
Defeat Armada boss (Companion is allied)
Talk to Ninja Leader
Exit Dungeon
Talk to Quest Giver
Receive Companion
Weapon/Weapon's of choice: Dagger -> Katana and Dagger -> Dual Katana
Would these ninja be followers of the Iron Monkey?

Petty Officer
Jul 18, 2012
I had an idea to turn the trainers on Skull Island into companions right before the fight against Kane. They will then not train you for new moves in their buildings but they will always be in the tavern cellars to train you new things.

Name: Mordekai
Species: Hammerhead Shark
Pirate Species: Master Buccaneer
Pirate Class: Buccaneer
Weapon: Great Sword
How to get: Storyline Quest (Buccaneer Only, Not available in Crown Shop)

Name: Madame Vadima
Species: Human (Possibly)
Pirate Species: Master Witchdoctor
Pirate Class: Witchdoctor
Weapon: Crystal Ball
How to Get: Storyline Quest (Witchdoctor Only, Not available in Crown Shop)

Name: Commodore
Species: Admiralty Dog
Pirate Species: Master Privateer
Pirate Class: Privateer
Weapon: Sword
How to Get: Storyline Quest (Privateer Only, Not available in Crown Shop)

Name: Ol' Fisheye
Species: Pelican Sharpshooter
Pirate Species: Master Musketeer
Pirate Class: Musketeer
Weapon: Sparkshooter
How to Get: Storyline Quest (Musketeer Only, Not available in Crown Shop)

Name: Morgan Lafitte
Species: Cat Burglar
Pirate Species: Master Swashbuckler
Pirate Class: Swashbuckler
Weapon: Long Daggers
How to Get: Storyline Quest (Swashbuckler Only, Not available in Crown Shop)

Hope you enjoyed reading my ideas!
-Stormy Oliver Zabra Level 58

Jul 09, 2013
Name: Constantine Contago
Species: Unicorn (Male)
Pirate Species Lvl 23 Unicorn Heavy. Lvl 43Unicorn Blademaster
Pirate Class: Buccaneer
Weapon of Choice: Claymore. (Greatsword)
How to Get: Side Quest (All Class) Break and Entry

-After Phule's Battalions Fight, talk to the Unicorn (Constantine)
-Talk to Captain Steed in Captain Steeds Villa
50 XP, 100 Gold, Unicorn Heavy Companion.

Starter Epics: Turn The Tide, Relentless
Trainable Epics: Blade Storm, Vengeance Strike, Second Chance, Relentless.

Idea by: Crafty Tristan Collins (Lvl 65 Swashbuckler , Lvl 30 Privateer )