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Who is your LEAST favorite companion?

Jun 26, 2010
Jun 07, 2009
Sep 01, 2011
akutaba10 on Dec 8, 2012 wrote:
My least favorite is Gaspard De Vole.
One, the translation of his name is Gaspard Of Rat.
Two, he is weak and dies too much.
Three, he doesn't critical much.

My second least favorite is Louis Le Bisque
One, he doesn't hit for good damage, usually like 29 for me
Two, he spawns too much
Three, he makes a weird noise when he hits

~Talon Everhart, The Sniper~

-Too cool for you-

I agree about Gaspard, but I don't know about Louis Le Bisque become I am a swashbuckler lol. But either way
Gaspard has terrible health, damage, critical rate, dodge and accuracy... yes he is terrible

Petty Officer
Nov 06, 2012
Mormo for me. He isn't too good.

Mason Brewster-lvl 56

Gunner's Mate
Sep 28, 2009
All Swashbucklers have terrible health, I don't see how that's much of an argument. And every swashbuckler has the same base dodge and accuracy, if not, different by one point or two. I honestly like Milo and Gaspard because they do a large amount of damage each turn :D

Nov 17, 2012
RachelTheWitchdoct... on Jul 26, 2013 wrote:
My least favorite companions would have to be Kan Po ( I just never really trained him that much and I don't want to... ), Batacuda, and Old Scratch. I just can't stand it when Old Scratch fizzles almost EVERY SINGLE turn!

Rachel - Level 33
Old Scratch is awful, I know. But Kan Po??? Despite his AWFUL health amount, he can get enemies within a few hits! I've seen him!

Romantic Hannah Devereaux

Jul 15, 2013
SirAnsie on Dec 6, 2012 wrote:
Ugh, thats my watermole spearman, Nanu Nanu...
He dies so quick. I never use my healing spells on him.

- Stormy Anna Everret
I agree I know a privateer who has Nanu Nanu he is no good because he has no power but my crazed water mole spear man Romba is EPIChe does tons of damage p.s. my least favorite companion is rat beard he is no fun he may be when he gets promoted another one I hate is Gaspard de vole he is terrible pp.s GO MUSKETEERS

Sep 09, 2010
Logansan on Dec 7, 2012 wrote:
I don't really dislike any of them, but the one at the bottom of my roster is Jane Canary, she just dosn't seem to ever do anything special.
My least favorite companion is the batcuda because he is not very good in battle and hits for a total of 456 damage at his 62 level

Gunner's Mate
Nov 21, 2010
Arceus and Zap on Aug 13, 2013 wrote:
1. old scratch
2... gaspard de vole
3.crazy monquistador
4.ratbeard noh
6.weasel gambler
7.crab hermit
8. cat ninja
9.martin valvida misses to much
11.ophidian auger like her cause has moursong but hate cause she freaks out my friends sometimes
12.nurse quinn
i made a song of this it took five minutes just to sing it it was hilarious but took to much energy

Aug 02, 2013
Monquistador Crossbowman, Monquistador Explorer, Crab Hermit, and Nurse Quinn. Honestly, I wish I never did the side quests for Quinn or Hermit...

Sep 03, 2009
Mine would have to be the crazy monquistan crossbowman you can get after fighting gortez. His attack simple, he just looks weird (yes I know he is insane but still), and he is one of the only people on my crew who has never gotten a single promo

Nov 26, 2012
my lest fav companion is old skrach and dead mike because thair lame to me :/

dark ivy west (wichdocter) lvl 23

Sep 10, 2011
Peabotz on Nov 19, 2012 wrote:
I would have to say my least favorite is Billy The Kid.
The Billygoat Gunslinger.

I'm just not a fan of goats for some reason.

He seems to draw attention to quickly and dies just as fast.
I have promoted Billy the kid on my level 65 buccaneer, and with the right epics I must say he is an excellent companion!

Sep 10, 2011
It's a true fact that the water mole slingman is the worst companion in the game, if you think about it. he's absolutely horrible. Here's why: reason no. 1: unlike most companions, he only gets 13 talents! I know this isn't huge but if you think about it, the better companions get 16 and the worse only get 13, which is kind of proof that he's not good. reason no. 2: he only gets one epic! he's the only companion with one epic and no promotion! however, before promotions, the very worst companion is *shivers* the monquistador crossbowman! only one epic: return fire. 13 talents at max level. however, he promotes and he can get overwatch, which is a good epic. everything I said about this companion goes the same for the crazed crossbowman. for me, currently, the best are a tie between zeena, kan po/keisuke yagi, and el toro. that is, if you train them all right.

Sep 03, 2012
xXplayer5123Xx on Nov 19, 2012 wrote:
For me its Bonnie, yeah sure in the beginning of the game she's cool and all, but later on she becomes SO SQUISHY

As a privateer I have to focus on her whenever we're in a battle and she gets in because usually in a couple hits she dies. The other complaint... she does soo little damage compared to my other companions ( I tried to train here equally, but when I did.. she still didn't do any good damage.)

So for me... any companion is better then Bonnie for now
Burst Fire

Nuff said

Cunning Caleb Stern Level 15

May 30, 2011
My least favorite compainion should be in between the Crab Hermit, ( of course because I don't like his moves for some reason ) Old Scratch, ( he's too week for me and he has less health than my other compainions ) and Milo Graytail. ( just too weak )

Gunner's Mate
Sep 28, 2009
Been reading these past comments on your opinions, and I gotta say, it's nice to see each others variety of choices. I've been thinking, could you guys be more specific as to why ya dont like a companion? Some I've seen are "too weak" or "low health" and sometimes, they are just common things that go for all companions in the same class. For example, I dont like my watermole slingman because he lacks epics. I think everyone can agree on that. If KI makes those smaller companions better next update, hopefully they'll be used more, because I think many of those "useless" companions have a ton of potential in them.

Sep 19, 2011
Well I keep Old Scratch dead until I can put him to sleep. Wait! isn't he already dead? Oh well I'll just put him to sleep then. I only leveled him up to max on my first pirate and found his misses annoying his minions are a good distraction for about one round. Don't like the mole witchdoctor either but he is way better than Scratch imho so I tend to use him more. The only witchdoctor I do like is the Mooshu pig one or the Snake lady both are great but come late in the game.
Now I'm not against Witchdoctors I have a level 65 one I really enjoyed playing but the companion ones I get I mostly keep asleep.

Sep 10, 2011
LadyClockwork on Jan 26, 2013 wrote:
I hate Kan Po. I upgraded him twice and he STILL dies every time. I also dont liek milo graytail. he rarely hits. - wicked scarlet, lvl 42 witchdoctor
If you hate Kan Po, then you must have trained him badly. As of now he is one of the best companions. Wanna make him awesome? Here's how: when you promote him at lvl 13, give him relentless rank 2. Remember to give him lots of dodge, accuracy, damage, and agility. When you promote him again at level 46, give him riposte 2. Keep giving him accuracy, dodge, agility, and damage. ( you're level 42 so you obviously haven't really upgraded him twice ) at lvl 65 he should have 4 accuracy, dodge, damage, and agility points trained for his talents. Remember in PVE ( not PVP ) to make him use walk in shadows really early, usually the first round of the battle. Then do his guaranteed epic hit, it does tons of damage He never dies for me since he dodges almost every hit, unless he's battling a musketeer but then his agility and heal protect him so he still doesn't die.
(remember, higher agility scores less to enemies with higher agility, so Kan Po/Keisuke Yagi use their high agility to take less damage from a musketeer's high agility. He also gets Rally, the owl healing spell once you finish his 2nd promotion, just like Wing Chun does) I recommend taking my advice, if you do you're gonna love Kan Po.

- Serious William Silver, lvl 65 One of many proud captains of Kan Po's crown clone, Keisuke Yagi.
- Helpful Brian Hawkins, lvl 63 One of many proud captains of the real Kan Po.
Happy pirating!

Nov 17, 2012
Infernosblaze on Aug 23, 2013 wrote:
I agree about Gaspard, but I don't know about Louis Le Bisque become I am a swashbuckler lol. But either way
Gaspard has terrible health, damage, critical rate, dodge and accuracy... yes he is terrible
I'd rather have Milo Gray tails on both my Swashbuckler and Buccaneer than HIM. (All my other pirates picked all the orphanages except for the Armada one)

Happy Esmerelda

Jul 27, 2011
Mine is gaspard De Vole I just always hated him.

May 16, 2011
CaptainJack74011 on Aug 23, 2013 wrote:
Mormo for me. He isn't too good.

Mason Brewster-lvl 56
Say WHAT?!?! Mormo isn't weak at all! Have you even seen what he can do after all his promotions?!

Ah, got to be nice. If you think Mormo isn't good you must have trained him badly. For my Witchdoctor, Mormo is one of my top companions, and is a huge power player. He's very useful in a jam, and he can be pretty dangerous in pvp.

As for my least favorite companion, I'd say.........Bones McGee and Sky Snake.

Jul 20, 2013
My least favorite companions are the sky creatures ( Sky Snake, Batacuta, etc.) I do not like them because they do not upgrade, they are VERY weak, and they are like a MAGNET to players, because my opponents ALWAYS attack them first. whenever I get the chance, I use a sleep button on them.

The one and only, Silver Hunter Hawkins Lv. 39 Witchdocter (also look at my favorite companion slot when you get the chance)

Feb 27, 2013
You guys are crazy...Crab Hermit Colin is my Favorite companion and my first mate...he comes with a crab crawlie that takes agro for me every fight keeping everyone couple that with old scratch with his skeleton...and those boots that also summon a skeleton and the enemy just picks on the pets all fight and leaves me alone

Dec 31, 2008
My least favorite is Louis Le Bisque. When you first get him as your third companion. He doesn't do a lot of damage even with critical hits. I haven't gotten him to his second promotion yet so my opinion might change when he does get promoted. I've seen some people with him in PvP do some major damage with his new ability with his second promotion to crab harpooner. In conclusion, Louis just doesn't do enough damage compared to my other companions until possibly his second promotion.